The Division 2 Enemy Type “True Sons” Detailed, Archetypes Listed

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Ubisoft is slowly starting to lift the lid on The Division 2 it seems, as we now have a new update from Ubisoft Massive about The Division 2 enemy types “True Sons.”

Check out a super detailed look and explanation for the True Sons’ motives and lore here. If you’re more interested to know about what kind of True Sons you’ll see in The Division 2, check the list to know more.

True Sons Archetypes

Like in The Division 1, each faction has multiple archetypes in their arsenal and depending on the type, they have a higher and lower kill priority. With the new combat-design, the enemy soldiers also are more layered and each of them not only have more abilities, but also tactical weak-points that make the combat more interesting. This is not the final lineup, these are just the archetypes that were shown in the E3 demo:

  • AssaultThey are the normal soldiers and are responsible to circle around the players and attack them from the side.
  • SniperThe Snipers are classic glass cannons that do a ton of damage from far away. This unit can also prone (lie down) and that makes them even harder to hit because she has such a low profile.
  • ThrowerAn old favorite from The Division 1. This guy throws grenades and tries to blow the player up. But keep in mind, you can also shoot these grenades down and the grenade-belt on his hip is also his weak point. Once the grenades are shot – he will not be able to use them anymore.
  • MedicImage

    The Medic is the new Necromancer on the battlefield. He has the ability (besides healing NPCs) to resurrect fallen comrades from the dead. He uses the shock pads for that and these are also his weak points. When you shoot his backpack, it will disable that ability and shock the NPCs around him. Also don’t get too close to them, because they also shock the player. Keep this guy very high in the Kill-Order.

  • ImmobilizerThis guy is responsible for crowd control. His weapon has a secondary firing mode, that shoots Riot Foam that immobilizes the player and makes him vulnerable to enemy attacks. Once a player is hit by the Riot Foam, the Immobilizer switches to autofire to burn him down. Other players can destroy the foam and release the captured player. When you destroy his riot foam tank, it will encapsulate the entire NPC.
  • TankThis is the classic tank – he has a ton of armor and is very hard to take down. But there are also multiple ways to kill him. The Signature Weapons are – for example – deadly against him because it pretty much tears away his armor. You can also chip away his armor and then shoot the vulnerable points below or you can focus on the grenade pack on his back. When you destroy his grenade pack, it will explode, expose his chest and then you can tear him down easy. Besides that, when you destroy his grenade pouch, he also throws away his grenade launcher and switches to his shotgun. From this point on, he is no longer a long-range threat and then he can be killed from afar.

You can read up on the entire True Sons backstory, motives and more right here.

The Division 2 is set for release this March 15, 2019 on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.