The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide for Esports Enthusiasts

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In the recent past, eSports has grown to be a popular hobby and a thriving betting market. Betting on eSports has attracted interest from many people due to its simplicity. Many online betting platforms offer eSports betting to their users. For instance, once you download the Betway Mobile app and create an account, you’ll access eSports betting. If you are a newbie in eSports betting, then this guide will get you ready to begin.

Focus On the Game You Understand Best

There is a myriad of eSports games you can bet on. Furthermore, new titles are being produced every year. However, it would help if you only placed bets on games that you understand. For instance, if you’ve spent some time to get to know all the heroes in Overwatch, then you’ll be better placed to determine what is likely to happen when the match kicks off. Also, if you don’t know the rules of a complex game like League of Legends, you will not be in a position to know which bets will give the best chance of a winning result. 

Follow Your Preferred Esports Teams

The same way you follow football teams like Manchester United to win your bets on Betway, it is imperative that you know the talents in the teams competing in eSports before placing your bets. Furthermore, if you don’t know the past performance of the eSports team that you are staking on, you’ll not be able to tell whether the betting site is offering decent odds. 

Take Advantage of Live Esports Betting

It is imperative to stick to simple prematch eSports bets if you are a beginner. But as your confidence and experience grows, it is more interesting to give live eSports betting a try. When you bet on eSports after a match has begun, you get the chance to take advantage of any inconsistencies between live odds and the actual game. 

To do this, find an eSports betting site that offers free live streaming. You can then keenly follow the live-action and monitor the changing odds. You could be lucky and place your bets before the betting platform adjusts their prices on the bets. 

 Have A Budget and Stick to It

To enjoy your betting experience, you must have a budget you can afford. Also, you must stick to the set budget for this strategy to work. Esports is very unpredictable, and you might find yourself losing money now and again. You should be in a position to handle the occasional loss and keep betting in the long run.    

Shop Around For the Best Esports Odds

Don’t place your eSports bets before ensuring that you’re wagering on the best odds available. Check odds on different eSports betting sites like Betway to know what is being offered where. You must be aware that this exercise might take some time. The disparity in the odds could look small, but it can boost your profits significantly. 

 Bottom Line

Many eSports punters are usually tempted to start placing their bets without much planning. However, it would help if you considered the factors mentioned in this guide. Your success in eSports betting will not come instantly; it will take time. But, it will require that you be well prepared before you begin.