The Video Games That Must Make It to Your Weekend List

It is rather difficult to kill boredom when all you have to do sit at home, work from home and stay inside your house all day long. It might have sounded like a really amazing idea in the beginning. But sooner or later, the blues shall start hitting us and leave us wondering what else to do to spend all the time that we have in the world. You might have watched everything that the OTT platforms stream. You might even have brushed off the dust from the books on your shelf and read them all. The real question now is, what can you do next? Off the top of our heads, how about playing a few video games this weekend? Video games help in cutting the tension of life and provide a quick and fun escape from the grim realities. 2019 has seen several releases and the year so far has fared quite well in terms of gaming. We shall thus, provide you with a comprehensive list of all the games that you sit back and play this weekend after you get off work and find your own ways of escaping from the tense atmosphere around. 

man of medan multiplayer

Man of Medan:

Man of Medan is developed by Supermassive Games and takes place against the backdrop of a haunted ship where players are required to make choices to complete the campaign, as a part of the gameplay. It is not much of an elaborate game that would eat up your entire weekend. Invest four quality hours in the game, and you are good to go. Plus, this is also the very first release by Supermassive Games in the long list of the games that the company is developing and the genre, as is clear from the description, is that of survival horror. The last man standing wins, and it makes for an excellent choice of game in this time. The similarity of the game with that of the phase we are all in is uncanny and eerily similar. So, you might as well try to play the game and connect with it. 

The Witcher:

The Witcher has always been a fantastic (and in all sense of the word) video game series, so much so that one of the most popular OTT platforms decided to make a series out of it. The game is replete with elements from the Witcher world and has amazing graphics that would make you want to come back to it hours after you have finished playing one or more parts of the franchise. The Witcher 3 has stolen the thunder from its counterparts in more than one ways, and in a way is a competition to itself. It has motifs of the casino and revolves around gambling quite a lot, so much so that you might want to check the website to play some games yourself after being inspired by the video game. With the introduction of the card game Gwent and a hoard of others, The Witcher franchise just keeps getting better and better.


Soma, yet again, is an underwater survival horror video game that puts the players in a research centre, yes you guessed it right, underwater! Now we do not want to ruin much of the game by getting into the details and destroying the fun for you. All we can say is that the player assumes the role of Simon Jarrett who must uncover the truth behind all the machines in the research facility, that have gone completely berserk and rogue. The machines might even have acquired human characteristics, somewhat eerily, and you need to adopt your game persona to understand what went wrong. Get your hands on this brilliant survivor horror game and tune your weekend to something horrifying and cathartic at the same time.

Gone Home:

The title of the game itself is enough to pique your interest, and the game shall do complete justice to your curiosity. This video game particularly belongs to the genre of adventure, and you are required to play from the perspective of a young girl who is back home from her vacations, only to find that her parents are missing. As a player, you need to launch your own search to find your missing family by collecting the clues left in the rooms of the gothic-looking mansion. Having said that, you must not be deceived by the simple-looking plotline of the game as the game is meant for mature audiences and has much more than what we just gave away.


There are several video games that are waiting for you to explore them. Some of these games make it to the frontline, while some others, no matter how well they have been developed, never see the light of the day and perish without getting the exposure that it quite deserves. Hopefully, these games that we have mentioned in the article shall be tried and tested by the gamer in you and make your quarantine a little less unbearable.

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