Top 5 PUBG Tips for Beginners (and Veterans!)

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This time on Pixel Enemy, I’ve published a video that details the best tips for beginners. These include setting up your HUD, the best ways to stay alive, and how best to practise with weapons. 

Click “play” on the video above to give it a watch, and be sure to leave any thoughts of your own in the comments below.

“This is Mack, for Pixel Enemy, here to help you get better at PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. This video is mainly intended for newer players, but I imagine a lot of these tips will be useful to veterans, as well.

I’ll be avoiding the more obvious pointers like “taking things slow,” “lower your graphics settings” and “wear headphones,” since that’s all pretty much common sense. No, this video will focus on the more useful tips that should actually help you get better.

And so, without any further ado, here are my top five PUBG tips for beginners (and some veterans, too).”

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