Ubisoft Nano Launches Rabbids Wild Race, a Free Fun-Sized Browser Game

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The Rabbids are back! This time in a free competitive online race that’ll have you soaring through the sky as you race to collect coins.

Dubbed as “Rabbids Wild Race,” the game is developed by Ubisoft Nano and is currently available for free, via  Poki.com. The best part? No download required whatsoever ever as it runs directly from your browser! You can access the title directly right here: https://poki.com/en/g/rabbids-wild-race

Rabbids Wild Race

From the press release:

Rabbids Wild Race, the new fun-sized, free and instant game from Ubisoft Nano, pits you against other players in a jetpack race where you’ll avoid obstacles, collect coins, and bounce on a few heads on your way to the finish line. The Rabbids are known for getting themselves into plenty of wacky situations, from making a mess in space to invading popular streaming services, but this time it’s your job to help them jet to success. Nano games require no downloads and run straight from your browser on PC or mobile, and with single-touch control, Rabbids Wild Race is simple to pick up and fun for players of any age.

We played a bit ourselves and found it to be a nice little time killer. There’s isn’t whole lot to it in terms of mechanics, so anyone of any skill level should be able to play it just fine. Again, this works directly from your chosen web browsers, including those found on certain mobile devices.