Video Games and Mental Health

Playing video games is an incredibly popular leisure activity nowadays, and to have a smart and happy life, people play games such as puzzles or slot machines at casino online. Playing them releases a chemical hormone called Dopamine which is responsible for providing us with a happy mood and giving a sense of gratification to our brains.

Thus playing slots, strategies, any other kinds of computer games gives us an instant sense of achieving and winning. This fills us with positivity and makes our life easier to lead. Along with this people can also earn a good amount of money by playing slot machines, poker versions, and other betting choices at any leading online casino.

How Games Can Keep You Healthy

As per recent research by Pew Research Centre, playing video games helps a person in gaining focus and improves their efficiency in performing multitasking activities. This also comes with improving working memory and a better recalling efficiency. Players keep spending their time for video games as they tend to enjoy the social relations that they have developed in the virtual world. In their gaming spheres, they have a healthy competition among their peers. This is a very important behavioural attribute that is missing in our workspace, schools, and other social gatherings. Thus video games, slot machines, card versions, etc. help us gaining certain psychological benefits.

A Negative Tradeoff

However, as all the things in our life, playing video games can also have a side effect. If a person starts spending a very significant amount of their time in gaming, then they face an almost certain chance of losing focus on career. Excessive video gaming also reduces physical activity and mobility. Players are 10% to 15% more likely to be impacted by non-chronic diseases like Diabetes. Many reports in leading journals and newspapers have highlighted how parents are severely worried about their child becoming ‘addicted’ to certain game titles. Researchers have also proved that playing excessive games leads to social distancing and growing apathy.

Playing for Free

Despite certain flaws, the positive impact of playing video games on our lives has been acknowledged by one and all. As a result, the video gaming industry has developed into a mega phenomenon. Many of the giant players of this business are listed on leading stock exchanges like NYSE and London Stock Exchange. Most of these games are often played by paying a certain fee. However, players need not pay the fee for playing them in all the cases. Many of the incredible gaming choices are often made available for free and can be played without any registration.

Introducing Slot Machines

There are many kinds of free versions that are easily available on the internet. These include slot machines, casino choices, poker machines, card versions, and others. Among them, the slots are the most popular category of free entertainments. They are often played on a mobile device and need no download. Slots are an evolution of the classic arcade machines that were once played in the brick and mortar casinos.

Their principium is based on the matching of several symbols, and according to that match, the players are awarded a prize. The gameplay is made even more interesting by including innovative features like a wild card, scatter, free spins, and jackpot rewards. The winnings associated with these games can often run into thousands of dollars.

Some of the most popular slot machines of the present times are Thunderstruck, Mega Moolah, and Gladiator. Microgaming, NetEnt, Merkur, Play’n Go are some of the biggest names in this industry. A large number of people, from all the corners of the globe, play them to relax after a tiring day.


Playing video games is just like a double-faced coin. On one side they have many positive things that are almost going to make your day even better and improve your mental state. On the other hand, an overdose of the same can push you in harmful waters. Hence, the prospects of gaining or losing by playing them depend entirely on the player. If the players can strike a healthy balance between their work-life and gaming activities then playing video games can surely make them happier in life.

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