Why Smartphone Game Apps Are So Popular

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While in the 90s it was still unthinkable to play on a small screen that you carry around with you, in 2019 it will be taken for granted. In the past, gaming was an activity limited exclusively to console and PC games. Today, smartphone games are part of everyday life and have long since arrived in our modern culture. Whether for children and teenagers or adults and even seniors have discovered games for themselves.


Versatile, creative and exciting – mobile games let us switch off from everyday life and take us into other worlds. They challenge us and amaze us again and again. But why are smartphone games so popular? After all, the market has now grown to more than 3 billion euros.


Rapid development of smartphone games

Game apps for smartphones are popular all over the world. The boom of apps for cell phones really started a few years ago. More and more new and sophisticated mobile games were developed. They range from action and adventure games to strategy games, puzzles and multiplayer games.


The often played Idle Games (Clicker Games) are based on simple actions. They also run comfortably in the background, require little attention and fit perfectly into everyday life. But there are also lifelike simulations that let the user dive into unknown worlds and lovingly designed worlds that are full of details and gimmicks.


Better graphics than ever before

The sophisticated technology of current games also provides a new playing experience. Parallel to this, the graphics of the screens have undergone significant development over the last 5 years. The 4K and Quad-HD displays show games more realistically than ever before. Thus, content is displayed much more fluently and in a higher resolution. Our modern smartphones are more than just “small computers”. In recent years, smartphones have become so powerful that they are adapted to certain laptops in terms of processing power – yet small enough to fit in your pocket.


Convenient and available everywhere

Today, it is becoming increasingly popular to be able to access your content from anywhere. This is probably the first reason why so many people love smartphone games. So a boring train and bus ride or a postponed appointment can become an adventure. It seems like an eternity ago, the times when games were explored on the computer from home.

A big advantage is that they save space in your pocket. For example when traveling or on the way to work. Instead of books or newspapers, the little games serve as a distraction and can also be used for further education, contrary to the opinion of critics.

Skill and memory can be trained as well as logical thinking and imagination.


Social networking in games

Many people not only play alone, but also invite their friends. Thanks to the new social media, this is now even easier. With just one click, the user can invite others to play along. In this way, a whole network of gamers develops in a short time. This is one factor that has made smartphone games famous. Just think of the hype surrounding the game of Pokémon, which took place worldwide within a few weeks. The popular augmented reality mobile game released by Nintendo had 650 million downloads worldwide.


Exciting quests are waiting

It is precisely the free mobile games that include lengthy quests and challenges. In addition, almost every game offers bonus material that does not cost a cent. With every success and level fun and curiosity grow. The games of the future will be more

The gaming industry is already getting involved with the big online giants. Mobile online casinos as well as mobile games and virtual reality are the main contributors to this growth.

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Free play pleasure

In addition, the greed for bargains plays a role. The advantage of mobile games is that they are so cheap, especially compared to the cost of popular console games.

There is a large number of free downloads in the AppStore as well as the Google Play Store.

Free games invite you to try them out and are installed on your cell phone in a few seconds. They are a pastime, put you in a good mood and are becoming increasingly complex thanks to demanding developers. In short: They are simply fun!



We summarize: The smartphone has become the most popular gaming device. As a result, the market has changed dramatically and there is no end in sight – on the contrary. Experts firmly believe that apps for games on the smartphone will continue to develop even more rapidly.

Developers predict that in the future, traditional PCs and console games will also make the transition to mobile devices. Genres like idle (idle without levels), puzzles and simulation will continue to grow. More stories and storylines will also be integrated into games. 2019 will no doubt be an exciting year for mobile games. We are excited to see what great novelties await us in the coming months!