YouTuber LevelCap Says Battlefield 2018 Won’t Be Bad Company 3 According to His Sources

Just the other day, we posted a story on how someone on YouTube named AlmightyDaq leaked that the next Battlefield game will be none other than Battlefield: Bad Company 3. While we usually don’t post every rumor, this one has a bit more merit, given Daq leaked details about Battlefield 1 months before its official reveal.

Now, before anyone gets too excited, another YouTuber has responded and said that this it not true! Prominent Battlefield YouTuber LevelCap has made a video listing his Battlefield 2018 wishlist, and in the first part of the video, he mentions how he thinks AlmightyDaq’s info is not true since he has a few “sources inside” that said the info (BC3) is incorrect. Check out LevelCap saying it below (it’s literally the first topic he touches on in the video).

We’re in a weird spot here. Could it be  a case of LevelCap’s sources trying to bamboozle him? Maybe it’s not titled “Bad Company 3” but it’s a spiritual successor? Lots of stuff are still in the air, and the only people who knows for sure are from EA and DICE.

We’ve asked EA to give a statement on the rumor, and once we hear back, we’ll be sure to let readers know.

What do you think? Would you want Bad Company 3 or something else entirely for 2018? Which person do you think has the more accurate info, LevelCap or AlmightDaq?

  • sircolby45

    I hope Levelcap is wrong. I have 2 most wanted games on my list and 1 of them is BC3 and the other is Portal 3.

    • BeastEvil

      To be fair, LVL said himself that we’ll have to wait and see, so he’s aware that we just don’t know yet 🙂

  • Matt Wilson

    can we have a Battlefield 2142 style?

  • RedKnightOH

    For God’s sake… no Vietnam or Cold War gaming crap! Get back to a current Modern Day War game like BF3 was! The vehicles and aircraft were great!

    AND…. My Must Haves For The Next BF Game, for my 100+ member Clan to even consider buying the next Battlefield game. We skipped BF4 and BF1.

    1. Complete and Total Clan Support for larger groups of friends to play together. I won’t go into details. The Developers know what that entails. Look at BF3 or the Great SOCOM games like Socom Confrontation. BF3 had decent Clan Support. SOCOM:

    2. Pre-Game Private Squad Party Up Rooms With Good Clan Options. We start the next game when ‘we’ choose too, after our enemy team friends have arrive. BF3 allowed for this.

    3. A Comm mic system for Clan and large Platoons to communicate for great TEAMWORK play. A “Push To Talk” comm mic system instead of the OPEN mic system within the BF4 Squads. And a workable SQUAD and TEAM Chat system like we had in BF3.

    4. A User Custom Clan Private Server system, with real Clan options for Private Clan War Competitions, Ladder Competitions and a complete system for holding Sanctioned Tournaments for Private and Public MP online game play.

    5. A long enough BETA testing time, to sell a finished game on release day! I can accept patches, updates and DLC… not a half finish game at full price and not coming out as advertised. EA’s Battlefield games are becoming known as… “Make a game half finished… get it out quick to beat some other game to market… fix and finish the game later as needed.”

    6. A Proximity Chat system is an excellent idea. We had Proximity Chat in the old SOCOM games and it worked great.

    ** NOTE: Proximity Chat: where the enemy can hear the player’s team conversations
    if they are nearby. Whatever is said while wearing the headset is
    relayed to the world, regardless if the “Talk” button
    has been pressed. Team players can communicate simply standing near each other without pushing any buttons to talk. The SOCOM games could handle this on the PS3 10+ years ago!

    7. Also a “Push to Talk” communication system. Push to Talk, meant only one person at a time would speak on the mic. Instead of 12 or more all talking at once. “Push to Talk” was also in the old SONY SOCOM games. Push to Talk gave you about 12 seconds to speak before you were cut off on the mic. This, made clear, to the point and concise communications a must.

    8. For Jets… Required take off and options for landings. None of this BF4 crap
    of… “hit the start button and your thousands of feet in the air!!” Go back to the BF3
    idea of aircraft control!!!!

    Now… can EA and DICE handle all this… I doubt it. Pretty graphics seems to be more important today. Great inclusive gameplay… not so much. Cut down on the ‘Pretty Graphics’… and give your customers a GREAT GAME!!

    • Sull Abernathy

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