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PlayStation Awards 2018 Winners Listed News 0

News 0 Remember when we told you that there was going to be a PlayStation Awards event for the Asia and Japan region? Well, that happened today, and in case you’re curious, we have the PlayStation Awards 2018 winners list! Check out the list of winners and category straight from the press release sent by Sony. Quadruple […]

Here’s the Fastest Way to Take Down Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Scorestreaks – Here’s the Loadout to Use News 0

News 0 In every Call of Duty game, there’s always an instance wherein the enemy gets to call in scorestreak rewards one after another. While you can use the Hellion Salvo rocket launcher to take them down, that will normally take you quite some time since you have to lock-on, wait for your rocket to hit, reload, […]

Overkill’s The Walking Dead Gets a Cheaper “Starter Edition” and Here’s What’s Included & What’s Not News 0

News 0 Just last week, we reported that Overkill’s The Walking Dead video game has performed as expected, and as a result, publisher Starbreeze is now aiming to reduce costs. If you’re interested in the game, or want to give it a try but you’re balking at the full price, then you’re in luck! Starbreeze has announced […]

Anthem Gets a Teaser Ahead of Its The Game Awards Trailer News 0

News 0 While BioWare hasn’t exactly been shy in showing off Anthem, those who are looking forward to a new trailer need not wait long, as a new Anthem trailer will be making its way to The Game Awards next week! To whet appetites, BioWare has released an Anthem teaser, which you can watch below. If you’d […]

Rumor: Mortal Kombat 11 Info Leaked, Set to Be Revealed at The Game Awards News 0

News 0 We’re almost done with 2018, but it seems the rumors aren’t done with us yet. With Mortal Kombat X released back in 2015, it looks like the time is ripe for Mortal Kombat 11 (Mortal Kombat XI?)! In a new post on 4chan (via GearNuke), an apparent Mortal Kombat 11 leak has been posted mentioning […]

Best Online Cheap Xbox One Games and Deals of the Week Listed – XBL Gold, Cheap Wireless Controller & More News 0

News 0 Same as with our PS4 online bargains round up, this week’s cheap Xbox One games round up for the week is a day late, but’s here nonetheless! Below you’ll find discounts for the GamePass, Xbox Live Gold memberships, and of course, games! Games: Mutant League Football – Dynasty DLC – Free (Microsoft) Halo Wars 2 […]

Rocksteady Studios New Game Confirmed to Not Be Superman, No Announcement Planned at The Game Awards News 0

News 0 Just a few days ago, a rumor cropped up that Rocksteady Studios, the developer behind the Batman Arkham franchise, was actively working on a Superman game called Superman: World’s Finest, and that the Rocksteady Studios new game was planned for reveal at next week’s The Game Awards. Well, it seems that’s all been debunked by Rockteady! […]

Best Cheap PS4 Games and Deals Online for the Week – Battlefield V, DualShock 4, Nier: Automata & More! News 0

News 0 It’s a day late, but MP1st is here once again to bring you the latest and best cheap PS4 games online deals! For this week, there’s Battlefield V, Spider-Man and lots more at discounted prices! Games: Detroit: Become Human (digital code) – $19.99 (Amazon) Dissidia Final Fantasy NT – $9.99 (Amazon) Spyro Reignited Trilogy – […]

Battlefield V Known Issues Listed by DICE, Game Patch Next Week to Be 14 Pages Long News 1

News 1 If you noticed a few key issues with Battlefield V, chances are, it’ll be fixed with next week’s game patch that also introduces the first chapter of Tides of War. In case you want a brief summary of the Battlefield V known issues, check out the list below. DICE Global Community Manager Dan Mitre has […]

EU PlayStation Store Christmas Deals Games First Batch of Discounted Titles Listed News 0

News 0 While Sony rolled out a PlayStation Store flash sale for NA gamers, EU players aren’t being left out. There’s an EU PlayStation Store sale going on right now, and it’s called the “Christmas Deals!” Want to know what’s included in this week’s first batch of discounted games? Check on the list below. Game Price % […]

Watch 25 Minutes of New Anthem Gameplay Showcasing Fort Tarsis and More News 0

News 0 Just yesterday, BioWare conducted an Anthem livestream where the studio attempted to showcase new gameplay footage from Fort Tarsis, and a new mission. I say attempted since the livestream was unfortunately riddled with tech issues. If you weren’t around to watch it, don’t fret. Here’s the archived footage. There’s not a lot of actual action […]

Hot Take – Bethesda Is Nuking Its Goodwill News 1

News 1 Note: The views expressed in this article are solely that of the author’s and does not represent the views of MP1st and its staff as a whole. A Hot Take is a piece of commentary deliberately written to be provocative and is based on shallow moralizing in response to a recent news story. Bethesda has […]

Red Dead Online Tips Listed by Rockstar Games – Character Creation, Treasure Maps & More News 0

News 0 In case you didn’t know, the Red Dead Online beta is now live for everyone who owns the game! Now’s your chance to either become a badass outlaw, or be a gunslinger fighting for honor and justice! To help players in their trek in the Wild West, Rockstar Games has listed a few key Red […]

PlayStation Store Flash Sale Post Black Friday Now Live, Here Are the Games News 1

News 1 While some might be recuperating from the Black Friday madness, Sony isn’t letting up as a PlayStation Store flash sale is now live! Same as before, the full list can be seen below with each link leading to the browser version of the PlayStation Store (via weebae). Game Price % Off Adventure Time Pirates of […]

BioWare Is Teasing a New Dragon Age Game Announcement for Next Month News 0

News 0 While BioWare is still toiling away at Anthem to make its expected February release date, it seems the studio has other stuff brewing aside from it. In a new studio update, BioWare talks about Anthem, the Mass Effect franchise, and even hinted at a new Dragon Age game! Here’s the quote: If you’ve been following […]

Battlefield V Upcoming Changes Included in Next Week’s Patch Previewed by DICE, TTK & TTD Addressed News 0

News 0 As mentioned previously by DICE, the Battlefield V Tides of War first chapter, titled Overture, will be dropping next week on December 4. Coming along for the ride with the new content are a bunch of new gameplay tweaks, and bug fixes. If you’re looking forward to what’s going to be changed, DICE has you […]

Asia PlayStation Plus December Free Games Lineup Revealed, Includes Free Dynamic Themes News 0

News 0 While we already know the list of games making its way to North America and EU PlayStation Plus members this December, it seems those who have active PlayStation Plus memberships in Asia will have a better selection of games. Over on Facebook, the Asia PlayStation account revealed the Asia PlayStation Plus December free games lineup! […]

Battlefield V Bug Shows You on the Mini Map Every Time You Get a Kill, DICE Says It Will Be Fixed News 0

News 0 Have you been playing Battlefield V? Have you noticed how hard it is to flank compared to past entries in the franchise? If so, it’s not you, but it’s the game. It seems there’s an unintentional (or is it?) bug that causes players to show up on the mini map every time they get a […]

Anthem Closed Alpha Dated, Here’s How to Register News 1

News 1 BioWare has announced that it’s upcoming title Anthem is getting a closed alpha in December, and sign ups are open right now for all platforms. The closed alpha runs from December 8th to the 9th and is open to anyone who signs up and grabs an invite. Here’s how to get in. Head to the […]

Anthem Livestream Now Live, BioWare Takes Us a Tour of Fort Tarsis and Lost Arcanist News 0

News 0 BioWare is once again doing an Anthem livestream! This time, we have an all-new look at Fort Tarsis, and the revamped Lost Arcanist mission! The Anthem livestream will be hosted by Lead Proudcer Mike Gamble, and begins 4 p.m. ET/1 p.m. PT! Watch it unfold below. Watch live video from anthemgame on www.twitch.tv The other […]

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