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E3 2012 – Call of Duty Black Ops II Gameplay Demo Debut News 29

News 29 At last, the first gameplay footage of Call of Duty: Black Ops II was shown on the E3 stage, presented by Microsoft’s President of Interactive Entertainment Business Don Mattric. Here, we get our first glimpse at some of the new characters and settings as well as some of the new weapons and technology that players will […]

E3 2012 – Call of Duty: Black Ops II DLC Will Land on Xbox 360 First News 56

News 56 Microsoft’s President of Interactive Entertainment Business Don Mattric took the stage at E3 2012 to show off debut gameplay trailer of Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops II. If you haven’t yet, make sure to check it out right here. Along with this brand new footage, it was also announced that Microsoft will once again […]

E3 2012 – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Slated for August 21st Release News 7

News 7 Valve has narrowed down the prospective “Summer 2012” release window of Counter Strike: Global Offence to August 21st. On August 21st, you’ll be able to purchase Counter Strike: Global Offensive on Steam (PC/Mac), PSN, and Xbox 360 for $15. Currently, CS:GO is only available through closed beta form on PC, which received a major patch recently.

E3 2012 – Splinter Cell Blacklist Officially Announced, Co-Op and Multiplayer Confirmed News 5

News 5 During the Microsoft E3 presser, Ubisoft announced the next title in the Splinter Cell franchise by showing a single player gameplay demo of Sam Fisher infiltrating a terrorist cell. Kinect functionality for the title on Xbox 360 was demonstrated. In addition to single player, the title will include co-op and multiplayer in the form of spies vs. mercs. […]

Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Update 3 Reveals Premium Content, Calendar and Dog Tags News 33

News 33 Just recently, Battlefield 3’s Multiplayer Update 3 went live adding a number of new features including content related to Battlefield 3 Premium. Remember, you can read up on the latest patch notes here. While players will not be able to access Battlefield 3’s multiplayer until after EA’s E3 2012 press conference, we’ve put together this little guide […]

Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Update 3 Now Live, Close Quarters Maps Revealed, and More News 63

News 63 DICE has released another patch for Battlefield 3. The patch packs in a slew of fixes and balance tweaks. You can find the complete list of patch notes through here. The new patch is currently not available on all platforms (only PS3 and Xbox 360), and is not live in all countries. Not all users […]

Battlefield 3 Premium Trailer and DLC Analysis, Everything You Need to Know News 111

News 111 The newest Battlefield 3 Premium trailer was packed with information and screens of upcoming Battlefield 3 DLC including maps, weapons, vehicles, and customization options. We also find further clues to what Aftermath and End Game are all about. If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out the incredible Battlefield 3 Premium trailer right here. […]

Gears of War: Judgment Multiplayer Details Surface News 5

News 5 Thanks to some leaked information from the upcoming issue of Gameinformer, we’ve been able to learn about the recently confirmed Gears of War title, Judgemnt, and how the multiplayer might play out this time around. Epic Games forum user NFI recently posted the following information about Gears of War: Judgment’s multiplayer, though it still seems […]

Treyarch on Black Ops I: “We Felt Like We Could Push It So Much More,” Treyarch Promises More PC Support News 40

News 40 Treyarch Studio Head Mark Lamia wants Black Ops fans to know that the team behind Black Ops II has much more to offer this time around, feeling that the Original Black Ops was just “base-level.” He also touches on the PC versions of Black Ops II, ensuring that it will be well supported and will […]

Battlefield 3 Premium Announced, First Trailer News 79

News 79 After being rumored numerous times and even being accidentally revealed by Sony, Battlefield Premium is finally announced. Here’s the very first trailer confirming everything that was listed in the recent Battlefield Premium fact sheet. (Because we had to replace the YouTube trailer several times, a working non-Youtube trailer was provided to us from an undisclosed source below.) […]

Dead Space 3 Removing Competitive Multiplayer, Adding Co-op News 6

News 6 Details from the next issue of Gameinformer have been leaked  by a user over at NeoGaf. The leaked information confirmed that Visceral Games would be dropping the competitive multiplayer that was introduced in Dead Space 2. As to the reason why, this has not been revealed yet. However, many have speculated that the aim is to […]

The Integrity of the Halo Franchise: A Cause for Concern? News 21

News 21 343i replacing the autonomy of a world renowned developer like Bungie is a huge undertaking. Implementing their changes to expand upon a beloved Halo universe is a monstrous one. From what small footage I’ve had a chance to see of Halo 4, many would unanimously agree that it is probably the prettiest and most glamorous […]

Arma 3 E3 2012 Preview Video, Showcases Vehicles and More News 13

News 13 Bohemia Interactive has released a sneak peek of what the studio has in store for Arma fans at E3 2012. Check out the stunning video below: We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for more Arma 3 news and videos during E3 2012.

Xbox 360 June Patch, PS3 Patch 1.15 Will Enhance MW3’s System Link News 5

News 5 The competitive Call of Duty community has been asking the team behind Modern Warfare 3 for proper LAN support since launch. Thankfully, it looks like Infinity Ward will soon flesh out System Link with “Competition Mode.” Infinity Ward announced, via Facebook, “Competition mode is coming to System Link in the next Call of Duty: Modern Warfare […]

Medal of Honor: Warfighter Might Make Its Way to PS Vita, According To French Retailer News 6

News 6 It looks like Danger Close’s highly anticipated sequel, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, could possibly be making it to the PS Vita on top of the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. French retailer CDiscount recently listed Medal of Honor: Warfighter for pre-order on the PS Vita among other platforms. EA and Danger Close have yet to announce whether […]

Battlefield 3 Premium Pops Up On PSN Store, Not For Sale Yet News 42

News 42 Earlier today, Battlefield 3 Premium banners have turned up on PSN stores in some territories, confirming the logo of the recently leaked fact sheet. It seems that the rumored Battlefield 3 Premium fact sheet might be real, as MP1st readers SchwartzJesuz and H’m have posted images of Battlefield 3 Premium PSN banners on our forums. The Battlefield 3 Premium logo displayed […]

Robert Bowling Working On Human Element, Zombie Survival Game Due in 2015 for Next-Gen News 25

News 25 Former Call of Duty creative strategist, Robert Bowling, has announced that his newly formed studio, Robotoki, is working on Human Element, a zombie apocalypse survival game. “Their greatest strength is the fear that [zombies] instill in us, the survivors, that unreasonable fear. Unreasonable fear that leads us to do unreasonable things to survive,” Robert Bowling, the president of Robotoki, […]

Starhawk Patch 1.02 Now Live, Brings Stability To The Network News 0

News 0 Today, LightBoxInteractive deployed a brand new Starhawk patch. The patch is aimed to fix some network connection issues along with adding new network tools and fixing certain bugs. The official patch notes: Fixed for the prominent Crashes & Locks Added automated network disconnect error-reporting Fixed missing sound FX for when missiles are dodged Fixed XP […]

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters Xbox 360 Achievements Hint At New Game Mode News 44

News 44 A list of Battlefield 3: Close Quarters Xbox 360 achievements have been outed hinting at a new Battlefield 3 game mode called “Gun Master.” Close Quarters is just around the corner and is said to release along side Battlefield Premium June 4th. PS3 Trophies have yet been revealed but it’s safe to assume that the […]

Modern Warfare 3 – Shipment and Rust Remakes a Possibility News 71

News 71 According to the official Infinity Ward Facebook account, remakes of classic Modern Warfare Shipment and Rust are, indeed, a possibility for future DLC. Only a few moments ago, Infinity Ward made this statement via their official Facebook account. We just put in some requests to our MP design team which could lead to some of your […]

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