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Borderlands 2 – New Server Side Tweak Unlocks All DLC Raid Bosses Temporarily News 10

News 10 Those affected by a recent Borderlands 2 bug locking out DLC raid bosses will be happy to know that the people over at Gearbox Software are rolling out a server side tweak addressing the issue. This tweak in which will be in effect immediately, the next time you boot up Borderlands 2. Will unlock Hyperious, Master […]

DayZ Standalone Development Report: New Engine, Possible Delay and Console Port Discussion News 32

News 32 With the current target release date still set for 2012, but with the game running on a new engine and with the servers now going into a MMO Client Model, Dean Hall, creator of the DayZ Mod has discussed some new development updates that could possibly lead to some delays. The new engine has truly […]

Halo Series Sells 50 Million Games, Win an Appearance in Halo 5 with Halo 4’s Infinity Challenge News 7

News 7 Chalk one up for Master Chief and friends as Microsoft has just announced an impressive milestone reached by the Halo series as of today. Since the launch of the original Halo: Combat Evolved on the classic Xbox back in 2001, the series has now sold 50 million games. This includes the titles Halo: Combat Evolved […]

EA and Crytek Team Up With Filmmaker Albert Hughes to Debut “The 7 Wonders of Crysis 3” News 8

News 8 EA and Crytek will be teaming up with renowned filmmaker Albert Hughes to produce an online video series inspired by Crytek’s upcoming FPS sequel, Crysis 3. “The 7 Wonders of Crysis 3” will be a series of videos meant to set the stage for latest installment in the series by introducing the weapons, enemies and […]

Activision Puts Its Pinky to Its Mouth, Black Ops 2 Earns $1 Billion in 15 Days News 61

News 61 With his pinky to his mouth, CEO of Activision Blizzard Bobby Kotick grinned as he looked to his team and said with satisfaction, ‘1 billion dollars.’ Well, not quite. But, he that what he was thinking, surely. Today, Activision Blizzard announced that Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has cross the $1 billion mark in […]

The War Z Officially Enters Beta Stage, Over Half A Million Players Playing News 13

News 13 Today, Hammerpoint, the devlopers behind the zombie survival MMO The War Z, announced that the title has finally moved out of Alpha and into it’s Beta testing phase. Some new additions have been added to the beta build, which are: New Characters – new playable characters Clan Support – in-game clan tags, in-game clan chat, […]

PlanetSide 2 Devs Message To Hackers and Cheaters: “We’ll Hunt You Down” News 8

News 8 Why do people feel the need to cheat online? Well, whatever the reason, the devs of PlanetSide 2 won’t have any of it in their game. Just days after release, hackers have already created third-party software that have allowed such things as Aimbots. President of SOE issued a statement to all those hackers and cheaters […]

Report – Star Wars: Battlefront 3, The Reasons Why The Project Failed News 10

News 10 A former, anonymous Lucas Art employee has shed some more light on the matter as to why exactly Star Wars: Battlefront 3 had been cancelled. “This 99 percent complete stuff is just bullsh*t,” this former LucasArts employee told Gamespot in reply to the statement of the game being 99% done before being cancelled. “A generous estimate would be 75 percent […]

Black Ops 2 Multiplayer – The Fine Line Between Greatness and Failure News 63

News 63 This article is more of a message to Treyarch and a place to collect your feedback for them than it is a “hey, this is what I think” article.  So if you could, please do us a favor and leave a comment and share this with Treyarch! It’s almost ironic that something as critical and […]

Far Cry 3: High Tides DLC Announced As PS3 Exclusive, Releases Next Month News 58

News 58 While Far Cry 3 has just gotten into the hands of gamers as of December 4th (for North America), Ubisoft is already revealing just some of their DLC plans, starting with a new co-op pack set to launch next month exclusively for the PS3. The DLC co-op pack is titled “High Tides” and will feature […]

Dumb Ways to Die: Battlefield 3 Edition News 19

News 19 YouTuber jackfrags shows you the dumbest ways to die in Battlefield 3 in this hilarious and charming remake of the original public service announcement, “Dumb Ways to Die.” This is just awesome, so I’m not going to say much more. Enjoy! For another chuckle, you can view the original “Dumb Ways to Die” here.

EVE Online: Retribution Expansion Trailer, Put A Bounty On Your Enemies Head News 2

News 2 CCP is gearing up to release a new EVE Online expansion pack and this brand new trailer introduces just some of the new content you’ll find within. Remember that when DUST 514 launches later next year, both EVE and DUST will join together, allowing each player to help one another out. You can read more […]

Crysis 3 Has Hi-Tech Grass, Advanced PC Graphics Settings Revealed News 18

News 18 Yesterday, we told you that Crytek wants to melt your PC. Today, we’re going to show you how. In a follow-up to yesterday’s reveal of Crysis 3’s minimum, recommended and high-performance PC requirements, PC gamer has learned how you’ll be able to tweak Crytek’s upcoming graphical power-house with its advanced graphical settings. If you remember, […]

Halo 4 Crimson Map Pack Xbox 360 Achievements – Flying Spartans Everywhere News 7

News 7 343 Industries details what kind of shenanigans you’ll be up to when Halo 4’s Crimson Map Pack drops this December 10. Below are eight brand new Halo 4 Xbox 360 Achievements that should keep you busy later this month. Of course, along with these achievements, players will be treated to three brand new maps – […]

League of Legends Preseason 3 Patch Notes News 1

News 1 League of Legends’ Season 2 has been officially over for about a month, and to move on to next season, Riot Games has made some huge changes in the game. With these changes, they have even decided to launch a new website dedicated to informing player of the latest updates. As we head into the […]

Black Ops 2: Be A Better Teammate – Episode 3 – PTFO! News 17

News 17 Hello MP1st readers and fellow soldiers on the digital battlefield! In the previous two episodes of BABT, I covered understanding/identifying your playstyle and winning gunfights.  This week I take a look at playing the objective in the various game modes of Call of Duty: Black Ops II. I guess being a hardcore objective player makes me dumb to the […]

Killer Instinct Trademark Renewal Refused Due To Trademark Confusion News 19

News 19 Last September we reported that Microsoft and Rare had filed a trademark renewal for their hit fighting title, Killer Instinct. It’s been a while now, and finally a response came back, which sadly isn’t what many had hoped for. Originally found by Neogaf users, the official documents show that the FOX, the broadcasting company, actually owns […]

Crytek Wants to Melt Your PC, Official Crysis 3 PC Requirements Revealed News 34

News 34 Crytek wants to melt your PC. These system requirements for Crysis 3 prove it. Crytek has released minimum, recommended and high-performance specifications for the PC version of Crysis 3, releasing this February, 2013. Last April, Crytek said, “we’re just going for making the best looking game that’s ever been made, basically, and I think we’re well […]

New BF3 Server Update Rolls Out, Adds Gun Master Weapon Progression Presets, PC Patch Now Live News 20

News 20 Before we get into today’s brand new Battlefield 3 server update, we’d like to remind all PC players that the latest Battlefield 3 client update, (multiplayer update 5) is now live. This is the same patch that the consoles received last week. You can view the full update list right here. DICE’s instructions on how […]

Far Cry 3: Transmission and Domination Multiplayer Introduction and Gameplay News 21

News 21 Check out these brand new multiplayer gameplay videos, provided by our good friends over at WreckedPixel. Learn all about Transmission and Domination mode in these videos, as we take you through a complete match. You’ll be able to watch more Far Cry 3 videos, including the First 15 Minutes, from Wreck’s official Youtube Channel.

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