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Black Ops 2 Documentary Sets The Mood For A Dark Future News 13

News 13 Along with the recent reveal trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Treyarch has also released six episodes of a gritty and startling documentary that puts the setting of Black Ops’ sequel into perspective. It also demonstrates that while the tech that we saw in the trailer looks to be of the far future, […]

The Weapons of Halo 4 News 7

News 7 How do you stop an Alien invasion? With Spartan IV armor and guns. Plenty of guns. 343 Industries gives us a glimpse at the type of bad-assery you’ll be handling in Halo 4 in order to take on some of the most ruthless alien creatures in the galaxy! Gameinfomer has put together this lovely list […]

Black Ops 2 – No Beta, 300 People Behind It, No Word on Dedicated Servers for PC, and More News 37

News 37 To catch you up to speed,  Call of Duty Black Ops 2 was officially unveiled last night with a debut trailer, zombies mode was confirmed, the trailer holds many secrets, the first multiplayer screenshot was leaked recently, and Treyarch emphasized the importance of eSports. With all of that in mind, Treyarch’s boss, Mark Lamia, explains why Black Ops […]

Ubisoft Extends Ghost Recon Future Soldier Multiplayer Beta News 10

News 10 Today is a lucky day for Ghost Recon Future Soldier fans. Ubisoft has officially decided to extend the multiplayer beta by one week. “Ghosts – we’ve been working hard to incorporate your feedback into the beta. We want more. The beta period is extended for 1 week. Looking forward to seeing you on the battlefield, […]

Treyarch is “Taking E-Sports to the Mainstream” With Black Ops 2 Multiplayer, More on MP Design and Zombies News 70

News 70 Studio Head at Treyarch Mark Lamia and Game Design Director David Vonderhaar discuss Black Ops 2 multiplayer, E-Sports and everyone’s favorite: Zombies. In case you haven’t heard, Black Ops is kind of a big deal again, what with the recent Black Ops 2 reveal trailer which we highly recommend checking out. If that’s not enough for you, […]

Leaked Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Screenshot Might Be Real News 64

News 64 The one Black Ops 2 leak that got away. Throughout the last two week, many of you have sent in a leaked screenshot of the mutliplayer HUD in Black Ops 2 that we couldn’t verify. We were lead to believe it was fake, so we decided not to post it. However, this screenshot might have […]

[Updated] Black Ops 2 Trailer Analysis Reveals Potential Killstreaks, Weapons, Vehicles and Timeline News 36

News 36 With the official Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 trailer having just gone live, it’s time to break it down and discover what Treyarch has to offer in this instalment of the Call of Duty franchise. We discover the weapons, vehicles and potential multiplayer killstreaks that players will be using in this brand new, near-future […]

Black Ops 2 Zombies Mode Confirmed, “Non-Linear Gameplay Elements” in the Campaign News 67

News 67 Now that you’ve seen the reveal trailer, you might be wondering whether zombies will make it back to Black Ops 2.  To ease your concerns, Treyarch has confirmed that Zombies will be back, which comes as no surprise as since World at War it has been become one of the most popular modes in Treyarch […]

Official Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Reveal Trailer is Live News 74

News 74 After an intense couple of weeks of hints and teases, we finally get our first glimpse at real, in-game footage from Treyarch’s next Call of Duty title, Black Ops 2. You may remember, it all began with FPSRussia’s video showcasing a rumored killstreak, the Prototype Quadrotor, which was later confirmed to make an appearance in Black Ops […]

Rumor – PlayStation Plus Could Potentially Include Call of Duty Elite and New Releases News 8

News 8 Sony has started a new survey asking PlayStation users for feedback on different potential plans for PlayStation Plus. The two most intriguing options are free new releases and Call of Duty Elite. The survey aims to perfect PlayStation Plus with varying options, and takes 15 minutes to complete, as IGN notes. The survey starts with a base question to […]

Starhawk Has Officially Gone Gold, Free Gifts For Beta Testers News 4

News 4 North America, it’s official. Starting May 8th, you’ll be able to get your hands on the anticipated Playstation 3 exclusive, Starhawk. Here’s some news for those who’ve participated in the beta. For your efforts and support, you’ll be receiving some exclusive gifts that won’t be available to anyone else. The first gift is The Hand […]

Black Ops 2 – The Return of Sgt. Frank Woods News 52

News 52 Apparently, Woods isn’t surprised… Only a few moments ago, Treyarch unveiled a new Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 image revealing a well-loved character from the original Black Ops, Sgt. Frank Woods, who will most likely be returning in the sequel. Additionally, what we think is his face can be seen in the recently leaked […]

Max Payne 3 DLC Detailed News 8

News 8 Rockstar games have released their full content lineup that will be releasing later this year for Max Payne 3. For those of you who do plan on buying some Max Payne 3 DLC, then Rockstar will be offering a “Rockstar Pass,” which will grant access to all upcoming DLC. The price of the pass is […]

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is Official, First Screenshots and Box Art News 130

News 130 Black Ops 2’s UK site has leaked some screenshots and what seems to be the final box art of the game. Black Ops 2 is developed by Treyarch and will release on November 13th. The only confirmed platforms are Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Black Ops 2 is described as follows: “Pushing the boundaries of what […]

PSN Maintenance on May 3rd Might Affect Some First Party Titles News 7

News 7 Sony has announced on the European PlayStation forums that a scheduled maintenance will take place on the 3rd of May, 2012 between 05:00 and 11:00 BST. Sony expects, “disruption to be kept to a minimum with most titles being unaffected.” It’s unclear at this point if other territories will be affected by this maintenance. However, these Sony published titles might be affected during the maintenance: Blast Factor […]

[Update] A Better Look at the Black Ops 2 Poster Boy, More Intel Teases Mysterious Character News 66

News 66 Update: Yesterday’s image has been revealed, clearly confirming the return, or at least an appearance, of one of the original Black Ops’ lead characters, Sgt. Frank Woods. The tattoos on his arm are a dead giveaway. Original Story: At last, we’ve managed to get a good look at the blurred poster boy that we’ve seen on […]

Ghost Recon Future Soldier April 30th Multiplayer Beta PS3 Update News 5

News 5 A few days ago, the Xbox 360 version of the Ghost Recon Future Soldier beta was updated with a hefty number of tweaks and improvements. Today, PS3 users are treated to the same, according to the Ubisoft forums. Here’s a quick recap of the improvements that were included in this 15MB update: Riflemen Rebalance: Increased […]

God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Announced, First Details News 9

News 9 After being rumored for nearly a year now, one of Playstation’s most beloved franchise, God of War, is making into the competitive world of online gaming. Today, Sony Enterntainment and Santa Monica announced that God of War: Ascension would feature full, 8-player competitive online multiplayer modes. The game will be heavily focused on team interaction, […]

Ghost Recon Future Soldier on PC “Isn’t a Straight Port,” Says Ubisoft News 3

News 3 The PC version of Ghost Recon Future Soldier stirred controversy as it went from being announced, to then being cancelled until it was confirmed once again but with a slight delay compared to consoles. As for why it was delayed on PC, speaking to BeefJack, creative director Jean-Marc Geoffroy explained “it’s the fact that it isn’t a straight port.” He continued, “You have to […]

Is Battlefield 3 Finally The Game It Was Meant To Be? DICE Admits, “We Can’t Win” News 116

News 116 DICE Executive Producer Patrick Bach takes a look back at the patching process of Battlefield 3, its current state and how the gaming public views DICE’s AAA shooter six month later. Is it now, finally, the game it was promised to be? Speaking to Eurogamer, Bach admits that Battlefield 3 could have seen a better launch. […]

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