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Mass Effect 3: Rebellion Pack is Real, Free and Dropping Soon News 3

News 3 While rumors of an upcoming Mass Effect 3 multiplayer DLC titled Rebellion were recently deemed “not true” by BioWare, it appears that they were only referring to certain details as BioWare confirms today that Mass Effect 3: Rebellion Pack is, indeed, real. Most of the details reported earlier were, in fact, correct, save for the […]

Rockstar Switches Up XP and Cash Values in Max Payne 3 Multiplayer News 3

News 3 Rockstar has recently made some adjustments to the experience and money values in Max Payne 3. The update is serverside, and is intended to “further balance gameplay,” according to Rockstar Games. Here are the new values: New XP values: Kill: 50 XP L2 Burst: 25 XP L3 Burst: 50 XP Territory First In: 25 XP Delivery/Grab […]

Mass Effect 3 – Operation: Shieldwall Presents New Challenges News 2

News 2 With BioWare’s last N7 Bounty Weekend challenge Operation: Silencer ending in failure, they are giving ME3-heads another chance in this weekend’s Operation: Shieldwall, but not without its consequences. “The Reapers are targeting our training centers, and your mission is to draw their fire and attention. Put them on the defensive! Buy us time, and the reinforcements in […]

Far Cry 3 Insane Edition Announced, Includes Bobblehead and Lots of DLC News 11

News 11 Ubisoft has revealed a special edition for Far Cry 3, titled “Insane Edition,” which packs in a Vaas Wahine bobblehead, hints and tips guide, three DLC packs, and access to all store specific pre-order bonuses. Here’s what going insane nets you: A 12cm Vaas Wahine with bobblehead Monkey Business – Discover Hurk, a new memorable character and […]

Diablo III Terrorizes Day-One PC Sales Records News 9

News 9 Diablo may be evil as evil can get, but he still somehow manages to maintain a certain level of popularity among the PC crowd. Could it be his charm or, perhaps, his dashing good looks? Either way, Diabo III manages to smash day-one sales records on PC. Within 24 hours of its release, Diablo III […]

Resistance: Burning Skies – Become Infected, Infect Others and Earn More XP News 1

News 1 For those who are familiar with the Resistance series storyline, then you’ll know that the game revolves around the Chimera Virus. This deadly virus spreads out to humans, infecting and changing them into Chimera monsters. While this may not be the exact same case here, it has been revealed that gamers will be able to […]

ShootMania Storm E3 Gameplay Trailer News 5

News 5 Ubisoft games and Nadeo have released their first E3 trailer for ShootMania, a new Online First-Person-Shooter that is set to release later this year on the PC. Though players can engage in 1v1 or team-based battles, emphasis is placed on player creativity to craft even more game modes to share with the ManiaPlanet gaming network. Check […]

Black Ops II – Weapons Are “Balanced From The Ground Up,” More on Map Design and Social Integration News 79

News 79 Treyarch Studio Head Mark Lamia discusses Black Ops II multiplayer, including how maps are conceptualized, Treyarch’s interest in the social aspects of multiplayer, and most importantly, weapon balance. “We really enjoy creating distinct, unique locations,” Mark Lamia tells Now Gamer. Many Treyarch fans might not know that story and background play a large role when […]

Scheduled PlayStation Network Maintenance This Thursday, May 24th News 8

News 8 Sony has announced that this Thursday, The PlayStation Network will be undergoing yet another maintenance. This maintenance is schedule to run from 8:00am PDT till 11:00pm PDT (14 hours). Details from the Official Playsation Blog: During this maintenance period, you may receive a message that states “PlayStation Network is undergoing maintenance” when attempting to access […]

MW3 Double XP Starts Now on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, Lasts Until May 29th News 32

News 32 Modern Warfare 3 double XP is pretty cheap to come by these days with Infinity Ward celebrating DLC releases on different platforms quite often. Modern Warfare 3 Collection 2 was released yesterday on Xbox Live, putting an end to double XP for Elite playlists, but MW3 players are in for another treat. Infinity Ward took to Twitter to announce […]

Bungie Prepares “New Universe” Published Under Activision For a 2013 Release News 12

News 12 Bungie, original creators of the well-loved Halo franchise, are hard at work on their next (and first) title set to release under publishers Activision. Contract details reveal new information regarding their mysterious project. So, yeah. While we’re not ready to show you what we’ve been working on, we can reconfirm that we are hard at […]

Danger Close Addressed “a Lot of Things” with Warfighter Through MoH Feedback, Especially the Multiplayer News 9

News 9 Danger Close’s creative director, Rich Farrelly, touches on Medal of Honor 2010’s critical reception, and emphasizes the importance of feedback that the studio has received over the last couple of years in shaping MoH: Warfighter. “The Metacritic rating was a lot lower than what we would’ve liked,” reckoned Farrelly. “I’m gonna save my comments on what I think about that […]

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters Will Not Cost $30 According to Fact Sheet News 38

News 38 If you’ve been keeping up with the Battlefield 3 rumors lately, you’ll most likely have heard about the $30 price tag that was recently said to be slapped on DICE’s upcoming Battlefield 3: Close Quarters DLC. This all began when Gamefanshop.com listed Close Quarters at $29.99, most likely by mistake. This, of course, alerted much […]

DUST 514: Welcome To New Eden – CCP Developer Diary Part 1 News 3

News 3 A brand new video for DUST 514 has been released, which gives you a good look at some brand new gameplay along with details of how Dust 514 fits in with Eve Online. If you haven’t known this yet, Dust 514 will be a free-to-play first person shooter that will be releasing exclusively on the […]

Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection 2 Hits Xbox 360, Collection 2 Playlists Now Live News 5

News 5 The second content collection for Modern Warfare 3 is now available to purchase on Xbox 360. Modern Warfare 3 Collection 2 will set you back 1200 MS points, and packs in the following: 3 mutliplayer maps, Sanctuary, Foundation, and Oasis 2 Face Off maps, Getaway and Lookout 2 Spec Ops missions, Iron Clad and Kill Switch With the release of Collection 2, […]

Counter-Strike: GO Beta Receives Major Update, Now Supports Up to 30 Players News 20

News 20 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive now supports 15v15 on official maps. Increasing the player limit has been “one of the most requested map features,” according to the latest dev blog. “The spawn locations have been prioritized to accommodate various numbers.” The developers noted, “server operators, if you allow for more players, you may want to play with the bot […]

Ghost Recon Future Soldier Multiplayer Review Reviews 69

Reviews 69 It’s been exactly 5 years since we last saw a Ghost Recon title on consoles. When Ghost Recon: Future Soldier was first announced back in 2010, you could just see the hype meter skyrocket across the internet. The Ghost Recon series has been among one of the most beloved shooter franchises ever, and rightfully so. Given the […]

Ghost Recon Future Soldier Requires 6.5 GB Install on PS3, Stats Reset Tonight, and More News 17

News 17 Ghost Recon Future Soldier PS3 install size has been revealed, servers go down prior to midnight launch, and much more. According to German site PlayFront, the PS3 version of GRFS requires a mandatory install of 6.5 GB. Sorry PS3 gamers. Update: Xbox 360 users, should you choose not to manually install the game (7.7 GB), you can expect an […]

Black Ops II Engine Upgrades Include “More Destruction,” Better Lighting and Richer Details News 85

News 85 Treyarch’s director of online Dan Bunting goes through some of the engine upgrades Call of Duty fans can expect in Black Ops II, including better lighting techniques, more detailed environments and “more destruction.” Speaking with OXM, Bunting explained that “lighting is the first area of emphasis,” when it comes to engine upgrades. He added, “lighting is […]

Battlefield 3 – A Simple Message of Teamwork News 16

News 16 Teamwork: An aspect of team-based war games Battlefield 3 does exceptionally well compared to other first-person shooter. That is, when it’s done right. Our friend, TheEnd, has recently put together (well put together, I might add) this video stressing the importance of teamwork in Battlefield 3. The message? Simple. Drop those med kits and lay out […]

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