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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Leveling And Unlocking System Detailed News 82

News 82 Treyarch very own, David Vonderhaar, gives the community an insight as to what to expect from the unlocking system of Black Ops 2. Black Ops 2 will feature a total of 55 ranks, and in terms of how much XP that is Vonderhaar has said that it’s expected to be much like World At War and […]

Modern Warfare 3 – Collection 4: Final Assault Review Reviews 48

Reviews 48 The end of Modern Warfare 3 content season is upon us. With the final Collection 4 pack arriving tomorrow for Xbox 360 users and soon for PlayStation 3 and PC users, the devs behind the DLC wanted to go out with a bang. How might they do that, you ask? By hitting all of you […]

Battlefield 3 – Traditional Map Rotations Now Live For Consoles News 29

News 29 DICE has been listening to fan feedback and today they acted with more traditional map presets for consoles. The brand new map rotations can be found below. Conquest Classics Live now on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, conquest only with a mixture of vanilla and Back to Karkand expansion maps. Caspian Border Operation Firestorm Noshahr […]

What Battlefield 4 Needs to Get Right, On Console Mostly News 165

News 165 As suggested to me in the comments of a previous post (which one I’ve of course forgotten), someone asked if I could round up a list of all the major bugs plaguing BF3.  While I think the idea of exposing the gritty dirt of all the bugs and glitches is a good one, I don’t see how it could […]

Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection 3 Coming To PS3/PC September 13th News 35

News 35 Rejoice PlayStation 3 and PC users, Content Collection 3 for Modern Warfare 3 is almost at your fingertips. To those of you waiting for more multiplayer maps to master and have fun on, you’ll have to wait. Content Collection 3’s main primary focus is on improving the Spec Ops experience, although Face Off get’s some […]

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron ‘Havoc Pack’ DLC Available Now News 3

News 3 Featuring 5 playable multiplayer characters, including all of their parts is the brand new Havoc Pack. These new body parts can be interchanged within all the other Transformers sharing the same class. With this addition of 5 new Transformers and new body parts, it adds to the impossibly high number of possible combinations you can […]

Resident Evil 6 Demo Confirmed For September 18th News 7

News 7 Capcom has officially revealed the dates and details of the upcoming Resident Evil 6 demo. The demo will be arriving on September 18th for PS3 and Xbox Live Gold Members (25th for silver). The demo consists of three story campaign modes that can either be played Solo or you can take it online in Co-op […]

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron – Dinobots Are Coming To Multiplayer Next Week News 6

News 6 If you played Fall of Cybertron multiplayer you would have notice that it’s missing one of the biggest things about the game, the Dinobots. While they are apart of the single player portion of the title, the reasoning behind leaving them out of Multiplayer sadly had to do with just how would they incorporate it […]

Battlefield 3: Armored Kill Launch Trailer News 49

News 49 Battlefield 3’s massive expansion pack, Armored Kill, is finally releasing today on the PlayStation Network for those who are Premium subscribers and to celebrate, EA has released the official launch trailer.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter Hands-On at PAX Prime, Camaraderie and Authenticity Set This Shooter Apart News 21

News 21 Many shooter fans might be asking themselves, why pick up Medal of Honor: Warfighter this October 23rd among the handful of other AAA shooters arriving this fall? Competition is stiff when you’ve got games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Halo 4 and the continued support of Battlefield 3 with its numerous expansion packs. After […]

Borderlands 2 Mechromancer Character Class Dated And Priced News 4

News 4 During the PAX Prime event that was held last weekend, Gearbox Software, developers behind the Borderlands 2, have finally announced the release date to it’s fifth playable character, the Mechromancer. Randy Pitchford, the president of Gearbox Software, has stated that Borderlands 2 players will  get to experience The Mechromancer character class when it drops on […]

All Battlefield 3 September Premium Content Outlined News 40

News 40 DICE lays it all on the table, detailing all of the content that Battlefield 3 Premium members can expect for the month of September, 2012. On top of the Battlefield 3: Armored Kill expansion pack, due out for PS3 Premium members tomorrow, September 4th, all Premium members can expect a number of content drops including […]

Battlefield 3 September 4th Official Patch Notes News 64

News 64 We have all been waiting for it and DICE has finally delivered the long awaited notes for tomorrow’s patch, which weighs in at around 1-2GB (depending on system, more info below), and that’s without the Armored Kill download! Battlefield 3: Armored Kill will also go live for PS3 Premium members tomorrow along with the patch. […]

Battlefield 3 Armored Kill Assignments and Dog Tags Revealed News 32

News 32 The Battlefield 3: Armored Kill DLC release is just around the corner. Trophies and achievements for the DLC pack have already been revealed here, but now, finally, the new Dog Tags and Assignments have also been released for your eyes to feast upon. Dog Tags   Armored Superiority Unlocks the Armored Superiority Basic Dog Tag […]

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Minimum PC Specs Detailed and FAQ News 61

News 61 Treyarch outs the official minimum system requirements for the PC version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, as well as answers a few questions all PC players need to know. What are the Minimum System Requirements? OS: Windows Vista SP2 or Windows 7 CPU: Intel Core2 Duo E8200 2.66 GHz or AMD Phenom X3 […]

DayZ – Introducing The Shepard News 9

News 9 DayZ players have been waiting anxiously for the upcoming DayZ patch, which is set to bring many new bug fixes, along with the introduction of Dogs to zombie filled world. Dean Hall sits down with IGN in their latest “Let’s Play DayZ” video, showing off a very early stage of the next update. If you […]

Playing Ball in Halo 4 War Games – 343 Industries Updates Oddball and Grifball News 4

News 4 343 Industries shows off some brand new features in some old favorite game modes during their panel at this year’s Pax Prime, Halo Reborn. This November 6th, Halo 4 War Games will see the return of the classic Capture-the-Flag game mode, as well as the franchise’s more quirkier but popular modes, Oddball and Griffball. However, […]

Report – God of War: Ascension Beta Begins In November News 13

News 13 Sony Computer Entertainment recently released yet another God of War collection titled “Saga”. The collection came packed with God of War 1-3, Ghost of Sparta, and Chain of Olympics. There were also some bonus content such as skins and a free month of PS+, which may have revealed the date of the multiplayer Beta. Labeled […]

Halo 4 – More War Games Footage, Stunning Screenshots Inbound News 22

News 22 343 Industries satisfies our crave for more Halo 4 media with these awesome screenshots and game play footage of it’s new and improved War Games, Halo 4’s competitive multiplayer. It offers in-depth character customization, such as armor specializations that gives your Spartan IV warrior a unique combat enhancements to make it fit your play style. Any […]

Borderlands 2 Gets a Brand New Introduction Trailer News 10

News 10 With Gearbox Software’s highly anticipated FPS RPG Borderlands 2 nearing it’s release date, a new trailer has been released that goes over the basics of what’s new and what people should be expect in this new installment of the Borderland series. In this video, Sir Hammerlock serves as your survival guide for new and old […]

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