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Here Are the Last Big PS4 Exclusives Being Released in 2020 Before the PS5 Is Out News 0

News 0 In case you didn’t know, the next generation of video games is almost upon us! Before the year is done, we’ll be getting our mitts on the Xbox Series X, and the PS5. Now before PS4 gamers do that, there’s still a lot of big PS4 exclusives left to be played, and we rounded up […]

Get This Free Ghost of Tsushima PS4 Theme Available for All Regions News 0

News 0 If today’s God of War Holiday 2019 freebie didn’t do the trick for you. then maybe a free PS4 theme will do? Sucker Punch has just given every PS4 owner a Christmas present with a free Ghost of Tsushima PS4 theme! Thankfully, the studio accounted for everyone in the world, as the Ghost of Tsushima […]

Ghost of Tsushima Release Date Set for Summer 2020 News 0

News 0 Ghost of Tsushima release date is being targeted for the Summer of next year, as revealed by the latest trailer by Sucker Punch Games. Debuting during The Game Awards show 2019, Ghost of Tsushima’s latest trailer features both in-game and cinematic footage. And while the game certainly looks gorgeous, the big surprise came right at […]