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DICE Is Giving All Battlefield 4 Expansions Away For Free Until Next Week News 1

News 1 As developer DICE celebrates the upcoming launch of its World War I-themed shooter, Battlefield 1, the studio is showing some love to its older titles and long-time fans by offering a pretty sweet deal on some previously-released downloadable content. Right now, all expansions packs for Battlefield 4 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, […]

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Coming to Non-Premium Subscribers Today News 15

News 15 Naval Strike, the third multiplayer expansion to hit Battlefield 4 since its October launch, brings ocean combat to the forefront in all out naval warfare and is now being offered to non-Battlefield 4 Premium members on all platforms for $14.99. Rolling out today in Battlefield 4’s in-game store, Naval Strike introduces the following new content: […]

Screens of Battlefield 4’s New Phantom Camo on All Vehicles News 22

News 22 Yesterday, the Battlefield community managed to solve the hidden phantom trainee challenge, which you can learn more about through here. Now, Battlefield fan, NorwaySpruce, published several images of Battlefield 4 vehicles with the camo applied.

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Images Rendered in 4K News 18

News 18 Can’t get enough of Battlefield 4 Naval Strike‘s stunning visuals? Without a doubt, the four ocean combat-themed maps offered in Battlefield 4’s latest expansion are among the most beautiful ever seen in the entire franchise. From the stormy weather of Nansha Strike to the setting sun of Operation Mortar, Battlefield has never looked this good. […]

Battlefield 4 Non-Premium Subscribers Get Naval Strike April 15 News 20

News 20 Over the past week, despite a few hiccups, Battlefield 4‘s third multiplayer expansion, Naval Strike, launched for all Battlefield 4 Premium subscribers across all platforms. Today, developer DICE announced that those who are not subscribed to Battlefield 4’s Premium service will get their hands on the ocean-warfare add-on this April 15. That’s not quite the […]

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Now Available For PC Premium Members, Patch Notes News 55

News 55 Battlefield 4 Premium members on the PC who have been patiently awaiting the release of Naval Strike since it’s delay earlier last week can rest easy. According to the latest Battlelog update, the ocean-combat themed DLC featuring four new maps, five new weapons, two new gadgets, a new vehicle, the new Carrier Assault game mode, and […]

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC Now Rolling Out on Xbox One for Premium Members News 40

News 40 Battlefield 4‘s ocean combat-themed Naval Strike expansion is beginning to roll out on the Xbox One for Battlefield 4 Premium subscribers. It was announced yesterday that the the add-on would be delayed to early April due to “issues in the animation system that hinder players from engaging targets in set circumstances using popular weapon configurations”. […]

Xbox Live Interruptions Affecting Titanfall, Forza 5 Servers [Updated] News 8

News 8 Xbox Live services are currently “limited” on the Xbox One and Xbox 360, causing issues for those trying to connect to Titanfall and Forza 5 servers. According to Xbox Live’s status page, affected services include: Accessing all game features Accessing or retrieving data stored using cloud storage Capturing game videos Joining other Xbox Live members in […]

New Battlefield 4 Console Updates Roll Out, More “Netcode” Fixes and Balance Tweaks News 37

News 37 Along with today’s launch of Battlefield 4 Naval Strike for Premium subscribers, developer DICE is rolling out a significant new game update for the console versions of the game. The PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 are all receiving the update today, with the exception of the Xbox One patch that DICE has stated […]

Battlefield 4 Premium Members Get Naval Strike Today, New Battlelog Update News 11

News 11 With the exception of the PC version that we recently is being delayed with no ETA as of yet, Battlefield 4’s third multiplayer expansion centered around intense naval combat is arriving today for Battlefield 4 Premium members. Users on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3 can expect the new content, a […]

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC Delayed on PC, No ETA [Updated] News 62

News 62 Battlefield 4 Naval Strike won’t be coming to PC tomorrow. On the Battlelog, developer DICE announced that the studio has decided to delay the launch of Battlefield 4’s ocean combat-themed Naval Strike multiplayer expansion on the PC after discovering an issue. They also intend to hold off on release until work on a “larger update” […]

Battlefield 4 – Incoming Battlelog Improvements With The Launch of Naval Strike News 2

News 2 The Battlelog, Battlefield 4‘s social, stat-tracking browser and mobile service, is getting a shiny new update March 25, bringing improvements to portraits, emblems, and other mobile app upgrades. You’ll also notice a brand new Battlelog background video image that ties in with the launch of Battlefield 4 Naval Strike for Premium members on the same […]

DICE Details All Four Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Maps, New Images News 34

News 34 With the Naval Strike ocean combat-themed expansion, developer DICE aims “to expand on what players loved with the naval warfare from Battlefield 4.” The studio recently took a moment to formally introduce all four of the new maps launching with Naval Strike; Lost Islands, Nansha Strike, Wave Breaker, and Operation Mortar. “It’s our hope you’ll […]

There Are More Battlefield 4 Easter Eggs to Find, Says DICE, Naval Strike Balance Tweaks Detailed News 59

News 59 The keen Battlefield 4 community may have found the T-Rex on Rogue Transmission, the exploding ship on Hainan Resort, and solved the mysteries of the Phantom Prospect, but there’s still more to find, according to DICE. Co-hosting a portion of today’s Battlefield 4 Naval Strike live stream with Alex “GoldenBoy” Mendez, DICE associate producer David Sirland talked about some […]

Official Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Trailer, Launches March 25 News 44

News 44 Following up after the video teaser earlier this week, Battlefield 4 developer DICE is showing off the game’s upcoming ocean combat-themed DLC, Naval Strike, in a brand new gameplay trailer. Naval Strike, Battlefield 4’s third DLC drop after China Rising and Second Assault, will be the last multiplayer expansion developed by DICE Stockholm as production moves to DICE […]

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Gameplay Round-Up News 19

News 19 Naval Strike is coming to Battlefield 4 late March. A number of Battlefield community members who’ve gotten some hands-on time with the ocean combat-themed expansion have posted their thoughts and gameplay of the new maps, mode, weapons and vehicles. For more, be sure to tune in to today’s Naval Strike live stream right here at 12pm […]

DICE Teases Battlefield 4 Naval Strike In This Short Video, Full Trailer On Wednesday News 33

News 33 Battlefield 4 developers DICE are giving us our first glimpse of the shooter’s third multiplayer expansion, the ocean combat-themed DLC, Naval Strike. Naval Strike will launch for Premium Members on all platforms later this month, two weeks afterwards for non-Premium subscribers, and will familiarize Battlefield fans with a whole new theater of war with game […]

Battlefield 4: Naval Strike Map Layouts Leaked News 43

News 43 We’re counting down the days until the third expansion for Battlefield 4, Naval Strike, is released sometime this month for Premium Members. Meanwhile, bits and pieces of information regarding the ocean-themed add-on have been slowly released/leaked over the past few weeks, such as weapon assignments, achievements and the first images of Naval Strike’s 4 maps, as well as the […]

BF4 Naval Strike Levolution Is About Interactivity, Weather Effects, and Shifting Time of Day News 30

News 30 In Battlefield 4: Naval Strike, dropping later this month for Battlefield 4 Premium members, DICE wants to do Levolution a tad differently. Rather than wowing audiences with spectacle or destructive events, the studio has “been focusing on how the player can interact within the levels to create and block paths for vehicles, or make other […]

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Map Preview Images News 35

News 35 Naval Strike, Battlefield 4’s third multiplayer expansion, is arriving later this March. Earlier today, we learned about some of the new assignment rewards that the ocean combat themed DLC will offer, as well as more info on the mysterious “Phantom Trainee” assignment. Now, reddit user Jrb1x has posted these brand new images of Naval Strike’s four […]

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