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Killzone: Shadow Fall Gets New King of the Hill Game Mode News 7

News 7 The free update is now available on the PSN store. It officially introduces the classic competitive game mode, King of the Hill, to Killzone: Shadow Fall‘s multiplayer. Here are a few of the specifics that Guerrilla Games’ Stefan Satchkov outlined in a recent blog update on the official website. 16 Player Limit – The community has requested […]

“Online Collectibles” Coming to Killzone: Shadow Fall Multiplayer in Upcoming DLC News 5

News 5 Guerrilla Games is adding new gameplay elements to Killzone: Shadow Fall‘s multiplayer in an upcoming expansion detailed a few weeks ago, the Insurgent Pack. “In the upcoming Expansion Pack we’re introducing a new pastime for you during your online matches: Online Collectibles,” wrote the studio in a recent Facebook post. “When playing in a Warzone, […]

Killzone: Shadow Fall – Introducing The Support Class News 20

News 20 We are at the finish line with the last unveiled player class for Killzone: Shadow Fall‘s multiplayer component, the Support Class. Killzone: Shadow Fall boasts three playable classes, you can read about the previously revealed Scout and Assault classes and what they provide. Looking for a high win/loss ratio in Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer? You […]

Killzone: Shadow Fall – Introducing The Scout Class News 4

News 4 With about a month to go until Killzone: Shadow Fall releases, Guerilla is slowly releasing more and more information on the PlayStation 4 exclusive. Having covered the first playable class, the Assault Class, in our last post, we move on to the Scout Class. Prefer stealth over strength? This is the class for you. The […]

Killzone: Shadow Fall – Introducing The Assault Class News 14

News 14 Guerilla took to its official blog to release some brand spanking new information regarding one of the three playable classes in its new Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer. The Assault Class boasts some similarities you’d find from other shooters, with a futuristic Killzone twist to them. Up next, presumably, will be the last two classes, Support […]