Halo MCC Update 1.2094.0.0 Brings Season 5 “Anvil”

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343 has dropped the first major patch for Halo: The Master Chief Chief Collection (Halo MCC) for 2021! Xbox gamers will see this as Halo MCC update 1.2094.0.0, and this brings Season 5 called “Anvil” into the game and more.

Halo MCC Update 1.2094.0.0 Patch Notes:


Today’s game update is more akin to a “hotfix” patch that is very lightweight and includes a short list of bug fixes, and as previously stated – a new option for turning on and off the visibility of new armors and weapon skins for Halo 3, for those that want to preserve the legacy experience. (If you opt to turn off cosmetics, any players in your game who are wearing new armor will appear as default Mark VI.)

Install Size by Version 


  • Max size of 258 MB

Microsoft Store and Xbox Game Pass for PC

  • Max size of 6.3 GB


  • Max size of 9.9 GB

New Features

  • Season 5, “Anvil,” begins with this update. It includes a variety of new unlockable cosmetics for Halo 3 and Halo: Reach, including new skins for armor and weapons, new nameplates, and a new Mongoose skin.
  • The New Skins in Halo 3 toggle in settings has been expanded. Players who want to maintain a classic Halo 3 experience can flip this setting to “disabled” to avoid seeing any new cosmetic items while playing Halo 3, including weapon skins, vehicle skins, and armor. While cosmetics are disabled, any players in your game who are wearing new armor will appear with the default Mark VI.


With Season 5, “Anvil”, we are bringing online over 100 total items for player customization across a 100 tier (and, entirely free) Season Pass where you use Season Points to unlock each tier. This season will include the following types of content:

  • All New Armors for Halo 3 & Halo: Reach, including the long–lost GRD.
  • New Weapon Skins for Halo 3 for your Battle Rifle, Assault Rifle, Magnum, and more.
  • And a slew of new Nameplates to customize your online persona.

To acquire and unlock the 100 tiers for Anvil, you will need to obtain Season Points just like in previous seasons. For newcomers, Season Points can be earned by ranking up your Global Rank for the first 100 Tiers in MCC or by completing daily, weekly, and some of the seasonal challenges.

It’s worth noting, you do not have to unlock these immediately. Season Points are retained indefinitely and can be used on any and all previous seasons interchangeably

For the timed nameplates, head on over here.