Major Battlefield 3 Patch Planned For Spring, Will Include New Features – Possible DLC Announcement at GDC

Karl Magnus Troedsson, General Manager at DICE, talks about the upcoming Battlefield 3 patch and hints at some new features to be revealed shortly.

According to an early, German version of the new series, Inside DICE, the upcoming Battlefield 3 patch (which will be released across all platforms) will include some brand new features on top of the already announced fixes and updates. Details of these special features will be unveiled at the upcoming Game Developers Conference as well as in the next instalment of Inside DICE.

Troedsson promises the next patch to be a major update. Many are still wondering, however, when will Battlefield players finally get to add it to their download queue? Troedsson couldn’t reveal a date but was able to give some reasons for the long wait, the first and most obvious being the content which should include these new, aforementioned features. In fact, he admits that the patch was originally planned for a February release. However, due to the addition of further content, it had to be pushed back. DICE is now planning for a Spring release. Second were issues on the technical side as well as with console manufacture regulations. Troedsson also claims these to be the reasons DICE’s has decided to release larger, spaced-out patches rather than smaller, more frequent patches. He did, however, mention that quick updates are more appropriate for immediate fixes, like the recent PS3 VoIP issues for example.

If announcements during the GDC and in the next Inside DICE instalments are anything like Troedsson make them out to be, fans should find out why 2012 will be a great year for Battlefield. Troedsson stated that he had some great news in store for Battlefield fans and it is quite likely that we will be hearing something of DLC. According to him, February was also supposed to be the month in which DICE made an announcement of their DLC plans. Unfortunately, due to quickly changing circumstances, this became impossible. He also reflected that this, unfortunately, led to many disappointed Battlefield 3 fans when these hinted announcements did not arrive. Troedsson stated with hope that the upcoming GDC should mark the next milestone in terms of new Battlefield 3 information.

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Let us know in the comments below, what new features do you think might be included in the next patch? Could it have anything to do with the recently talked about spectator mode and private servers? Do you think we’ll be hearing of DLC at the GDC?

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  • Akidnamedclay

    Knowing this, I am now content…. Not that I ever was angry but I am definitely excited to see how this patch plays out, as well as see all of the NEW content and features, my biggest hope is for a new faction I am tired of this BC2 Americans vs Russians its pretty old.

    • Akidnamedclay

      What I don’t understand is the whole thing about February because didn’t zhNt0 say that February was the wrong date?
      Or did I misread something?

      • David Veselka

        Well, a member of DICE did tweet out that he was prepping a patch for February. This was probably during the time that it was indeed planed for Feb. However, his tweets were deleted at a later date and zh1nt0 clarified that it wasn’t meant for February after all. I think that’s the incident that Mr. Troedsson is referring to here.

        • Akidnamedclay

          After reading this again I’d say you’re correct. Previously Danny Matros made it seem as if February was never the initial date for the patch and that was what made everyone misunderstood when they delayed it. Guess we know why now.

          • Bam3737

            Bring on the patch pleas its been long enuff wait!

    • Sickofwaiting

       I’m completely sick of waiting for the game fixes though.  The frag crap, FAMAS and MAV roadkill thing is well, WELL overdue to be nerfed back to the stoneage.

      BF3 are just losing players who are sick of waiting for DICE to properly patch content they were too lazy to playtest properly before they put them into the live environment.

      Sick of the excuses.
      Sick of the waiting.

      Release a friggen patch already to fix the broken/exploit loopholes ffs!!!

  • Miggz

    S.O.B. With all the increasing delays & unannounced teased announcements this Spring Patch better deliver. 


       Yeah, ‘deliver’ like the Vietnam DLC for BC2?

      I have very little faith in DICE and their promises of DLC content that’s enough to get excited about.

      Screw the DLC crap, FIX THE FUCKING GAME FIRST?

  • SimplyChalky

    Hopefully private servers will make it in the DLC, It seems crazy not having one, we have nearly a full server on Mondays and making it private would be great.

    • hiro

      Private servers should not have to be for dlc only. should be available to eveyone, it should not turn into a gears of war 3 situation.

  • Chris Stacy

    I just want the bug/exploit fixes for console already. Put those in a patch and release it already. I’m fine waiting on some gun balancing and stuff, but the bugs/exploits are killing me.

    • PC`EliTiST

      Indeed. It’s shame such a beautiful game to be so unpolished.  Fix all the bugs/glitches and we’ll be more than fine. A few people want VOIP, other Battle Recorder, other DLC etc…

      But IN FACT, the majority doesn’t give a shit about, while the bugs and glitches affect every single player.

      • Lee

        Couldnt agree more, I dont care about VOIP, DLC or Battlecorder I want to know when we will get fixes for known issues, hit reg fix would be nice too because right now its terrible why should someone with 250+ ping have the advantage over someone with a 25 ping

  • Adrian Ward

    Sorry, but it is completely unacceptable to delay fixing known PC issues to allow for addition of new content or because of delays incurred by meeting console regulations for their fixes.

    • Rada Rada

      So….you make no sense.

    • Colin_368

      you realise the PC is 2 updates in front of PS3 and PS3 is one ahead of xbox right?

  • Anonymous

    I’m getting more and more tired of waiting for the USAS to be neutered. Feels like this patch is never happening.

  • Anonymous

    By the time the patch comes, the amount of BF3 players playing online will probably drop by 40% because they are getting tired of DICE. I’m already seeing differences in player activity on BF3.

    • Anonymous

      Why would they stop playing?
      There aren’t any good alternatives: the COD franchise has the exact same problems. Issues that have been there for years, never get addressed by the devs.
      At least, DICE will fix the major issues eventually. Although I agree the time they take, is really astonishingly bad.

      If you aren’t glad with the current quality of BF3, I propose you should just stop playing FPS games because no other game comes near what Battlefield games offer. (huge maps, 64 players/server, sweet graphics, guns have recoil, immersive sound, ground/air/sea vehicles, etc)

      • Brocass

        You answered your own question. I stopped playing over 2 weeks ago because I became bored after 160 hours. I’m looking forward to the patch and hope with the added commorose that the new dlc map design caters for the PC’s potential = much bigger! If it doesn’t then I will no doubt stop playing completely.

        I’m not complaining about it, if that’s the direction the franchise wants to go. I’ve only ever played Battlefield FPS since BF1942 as I always preferred that gameplay style.

      • Krazee Mon

        For many of us, the only reason we held out this long was because there was no other good alternatives.  Sadly, even that is not enough for many players any longer.  I dropped my PS3 copy in the trash last week because my intent is to play these kinds of games for immediate entertainment and enjoyment, not for long-term irritation and frustration.  Sadly, moving to the PC version of the game is only slightly better.  

        If fixing VoIP on the PS3 in February ’12, a problem EA/DICE was well aware of at the start of the open beta last Sepetember ’11, is what they consider ‘quick’ (roughly fours months) then it doesn’t bode well for any future upcoming patches.

        • an0n0mus

          i call bullshit on this.  i highly doubt u “dropped in the trash” a $60 dollar game like BF3 just because u had a hissy fit……  if you did, then you are just retarded.  you could’ve at least taken it to gamestop and gotten some money for it if you ‘hate’ it that much

      • Jonathan Stoffregen

        There aren’t any good alternatives: killzone2 and 3 BC2 BF2

      • Arendsb

        Why would they stop playing?

        VoIP doesn’t work
        Squads don’t work
        Teamwork w/randoms doesn’t happen (it did in other bf games)
        Hacking is systematically killing the game
        +issues with hardware conflict

        • Michael Oakley

          yau think u have voip probz trie playing on the ps3 about 2 weeks ago and i play ps3 and if my plaontoons are not on and i play with randoms we use team work and can win 

        • an0n0mus

          I agree they need to fix the squad system on PS3 as wel.. I’m tired of trying to get a 4-person squad into a game that we ACTUALLY stick together.  most of the time it splits us up onto different teams, different squads and all that crap.

      • Afrothunderkat

        Why would they stop playing??? 

        Are you high? why WOULDN’T you stop playing…. the game is trash, geared to bros on consoles looking for a cheap action shooter. Dice dropped the ball hard, they boned PC players HARD. Battlefield started on PC, and has since went downhill since Badcompany.

    • DrOs


    • TrollHunter

      I have not seen a full 12 on 12 match in days!  Makes me a little sad.

    • TrollHunter

      I have not seen a full 12 on 12 match in days!  Makes me a little sad.

    • Jonathan Stoffregen

       i already sold BF3 :/ there wasnt a patch in sight and i was tired of waiting so yeah

      • Michael Oakley

        its childes shit like that and other things that brack companys and the community

  • Jackson

    I like this game and am over the age of 12, so I can wait for things that I want. Thank you DICE.

    • Moocrew247

      Finally someone mature^
      Spring is obviously in march or april, i don’t mind waiting longer for something even better

    • Colin_368

      yes but u forgot the “i am over 12″ meaning hes 13.

    • Michael Oakley

      thanks bro made my day to see someone like me

  • Anonymous

    maybe if they can tweak weapons, loose the bugs and add new features such as spectator mode and private servers, include some cool dlc then maybe lots of people who’ve left the game will come back. if you truly love battlefield then these improvements could add up to bf3 2.0 and turn out to be what we where expecting the game to be like in the first place.

  • Asdfasdf

    Sick to death of waiting for the ‘next big thing’ from DICE.

    Just fix the god damned USAS12 Frag BS, The JOKE that is the FAMAS and the MAV Roadkilling / Elevator BS ffs…

    A BALANCED GAME should be the first priority for DICE, delivered as quickly as possible.

    Then you can add all the fun stuff afterwards.  Right now the game is dying an ugly death amid the cheap crap the pathetic playerbase is exploiting endlessly… you know, stuff that DICE should have PLAYTESTED FIRST before they just threw it out there for the derps to exploit?

    • Jonathan Stoffregen

       ”A BALANCED GAME should be the first priority for DICE, delivered as quickly as possible.” its funny cause dice said there main priority is balance not bug fixes LOL

    • outlawz

       You want every gun to be the same? Lol get the fuck outta here.. people like you take out the FUN in Battlefield.

      • Mikey

         You heard it here folks!

        If you want a gun to be balanced it automatically makes you a fag who wants to take the fun out of Battlefield…

    • outlawz

       DICE should be focused on the main issues such as SQUAD STABILITY. I feel sad for them listening to the fags cry for nerfs.

      • Michael Oakley

        i agree with u they want a realistic war  game  well when u go to war u dont sit down and and talk to the enimie and say u cant have this or this becaquse it would be op

  • DrOs

    might put that game on a pre-order for the next Ghost Recon

  • reality

    so so so so so so sick of caring about any of this anymore.

    the game is what it is, i’m not wasting anymore time hoping for it to be fixed

  • Dakoda2007

    im a long time battlefield player and the only thing i have found that offers something similar is halo

  • Hanif Simpson

    Actually, the USAS-12 frag rounds does fire that fast with a devastating blast radius of up to 9 feet. Hence, in the real world there isn’t anything that’s balanced.. well, maybe nature but in war you can’t say “oh, that’s not fair because your weapon is better than mine.” Hence, i think that DICE should of just made the weapons to their exact specification and let them be. Although, everyone is gonna run after the baddest weapon but i think there is a con and pro to each weapon and if team work plays a key part in your strategy then you can excel in accomplishing the task at hand and win objectives.  

    • Jonathan Stoffregen

       ” Hence, i think that DICE should of just made the weapons to their exact specification and let them be.prepare to die from snipers every ten seconds!

    • Korysmith32

      hey the USAS-12 frag rounds are gay you say they should make all gones to there full potential in real life than abrams tanks would be unstopable and a handgun would kill you with one well placed shot to the head or chest. Also a single round from a heavy MG would blow your fucking chest off. I agree that some guns should have more power like an M60 compared to a UMP-45. But if you just slap some faggot ass frag rounds on a USAS-12 when other people are using gun like assault rifles and LMG’s you kill them with 2 bullets while they are emptying rounds in your chest. If you make one gun unstoppable every other gun they put in is just a pile of shit against it and it takes the fun out of the game. Also I can wait for the patches because im not a fucking 5 year old who is tired of waiting so they decide to quit.

  • Asd

    new patch will include battlefield 5

  • Asd

    new patch will include battlefield 5

  • asdfman

    After reading some of these comments, i cant help but wonder, does the bf community do anything other than complaining and whining about their own game?

  • asdfman

    After reading some of these comments, i cant help but wonder, does the bf community do anything other than complaining and whining about their own game?

    • PC`EliTiST

      It’s not the “BF Community” what you see here and there. It’s a bunch of vocal trolls/foreveraloners who just like bashing. Don’t fall to such an obvious trap.

    • Aaron McCormick

      Nope, they certainly don’t do anything other than cry and moan.
      See my recent post in regards to that sensitive topic.  :D

    • Seanmcgrathr1

      All these people claiming to have quit…why are they still posting about a game they can’t stand? No one is forcing you to play this so-called terrible game. Balance issues? really? Post your tag names…lets check your stats, I’m willing to bet that most of these folks simply suck @$$ at FPS games. 

  • Krazee Mon

    So, we’re talking a late September release, yes?  I mean, that’s the start of springtime…. in the southern hemisphere.

  • Krazee Mon

    So, we’re talking a late September release, yes?  I mean, that’s the start of springtime…. in the southern hemisphere.

  • Artdafoo

    Who else here got the ” Hey we’ve noticed you stopped playing BF3 and would you please fill out this questionare as to why ” email from them ? Hmm Well lets see could it be the effin input lag, MAV whores, FAMAS, Frag Rounds ? Did you morons even bother to test all these things out before you just through them in the game or you guys are following the COD developer playbook of throwing a bunch of crap on a wall and seeing what sticks ? Wake me up when all this crap is fixed. I could use a 9 month nap.

  • Jonathan Stoffregen


    • Derptown Stojanovic

      Spring is in March…

      • Jonathan Stoffregen

         thats derpshit!

  • 1ll3g4l

    loool fucked again by EA Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
    Keep it on EA/DICE you will lose more and more players!

  • Rasgfx

    Everyone needs to chill the fuck out, a little waiting won’t kill you. There are many great titles out now that you guys could be giving your short attention span to, games like SSX, BC2, SYNDICATE, TWISTED METAL, and of course more. If not head on over to COD, those folks there are sure to piss you off more than the waiting.

  • pure ownage

    This developer is just ruining their reputation and their recent record
    just displays that.  Greedy a-holes thought they were big and wanted to
    compete with CoD at Christmas time, but the game was and still is like a
    cheap, ripoff Chinese toy.  They keep coming out with all of this
    sugarcoated BS about “special little treats” for us toddlers and “what a
    great year for BF3″ it will be…suck my motherf*ckin dick
    motherf*cker, you haven’t done anything.  I hate greedy corporate
    tools.  If it wasn’t for the vehicles this game would be absolutely
    worthless to me as I play on PS3 and the gunplay is shit in general and
    with the lag it’s a waste of time and $.  The fact that it’s taking this
    long and that they have to basically redesign the game is proof of
    their farce and they still don’t even understand their own technology. 
    Put the fixes out that should have been out by now first, then do your
    stupid little dlc.  Anybody who says different or it takes time is full
    of it and you know it.

    I would honestly be extremely embarassed if I had to still lie about my
    own product that hasn’t gotten fixed yet.  They got their money so now
    they can just sit in their private offices and sweet talk us and most of
    you will jizz the day the patch and dlc comes out.  The only thing
    they’re concerned with is beating CoD and getting the bigger profit,
    look at the game.  This game has so much potential, but they shot
    themselves in the foot and they are kind of disrespecting people with
    their product.  There should be some kind of regulation in this
    industry, so they do more complete work and put out good products.  Look
    at CS:GO, I only loosely follow that, but it looks like they are really
    dedicated to staying true to their game with their beta and not just
    selling out.

    • Arendsb

      ^^ best post so far. Agree with you 100%

      Isn’t it sad, that dice has become what it is today?
      Isn’t it even more sad, that it’s clients have become who they are- satisfied with a glitches out buggy game that doesn’t have once ounce of refinement or polish?

      To think that there are people out there, paying a premium price for the game, and paying a premium prize for the hardware to run the game, and they just sit on here accepting it all, sayin “omg dice your game is so good” -I don’t understand these people. Have they ever even played a battlefield game prior to this one? Or what’s the deal??

      This game plays like an alpha! Lol. Common people-

      • Codemangil

        yall r both fucking stupid this game rules and how do u kno its there fault shit happens if they say it will be here then  shut up and enjoy the game in the mean time  this is the best fps by far

  • Aaron McCormick

    To all the babies who do nothing but complain in response to every article they read on this website:  STOP COMPLAINING

  • outlawz

    How is 4 months for a fix for PS3 voip, a quick update?

  • outlawz

    How is 4 months for a fix for PS3 voip, a quick update?

  • Mike t

    Come with the new maps don’t you people like making money?

  • Poqljsprinter

    WHENS THIS Game Developers Conference GOING TO BE???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Jonathan Stoffregen


  • annonymous

    can everyone stop complaningif you think its so easy to patch a game then do it yourself go on code the game if you want and if people complain then tweak whats wrong and rinse and repeat and try to release everything within 2 weeks okay :)

  • Pentumsmart

    Am I the only one who can’t understand why DICE isn’t fixing this C4 glitch? It’s been here since the beginning. The last time this happened, was earlier today when my mate screamed “I threw 1 f**** C4 and it wouldn’t detonate!!”.

    It’s glitch where you throw 1 or all the C4′s on, let’s say your car. Then you leave the car, press detonate, but instead of blowing up, you just toss another C4, even if you don’t have any more of them. This is extrimly frustrating…

    This also happens sometimes if you just throw 1 or 2 C4′s at a random place, then try to detonate.

    Videos of this sutpid glitchthese videos do not show when he toss the first C4s, they only show what happens after the detonating. I couldnt find any videos showing the first part).

    Last time I checked the next update list, this glitch was NOT mentioned. How is this possible to ignore, DICE??

  • Michael Oakley

    the new engine is new they dont have it all figered out so fuck off bitching

  • Algorithm427

    Dice, whatever you do i support. But when I heard you were ashamed of bc2 I was pissed and confused. Bc2 is still imo the best fps ever created. It was perfect. I understand bf3 is different but please don’t change bfbc3 when you develop it. You should use bc2 as your groundwork for future fps projects. Please don’t go mw on the next one.

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