MP1st Staff

Alex Co : Editor-in-Chief

Alex Co


Alex Co wanted to write about games for a living ever since he picked up his first gaming magazine way back then. The stars aligned or just by dumb luck, that became reality. Now, Alex is the co-owner of MP1st and living the dream with his wife and two daughters while swearing loudly in every multplayer match.

Mack Ashworth : Managing Editor

Mack Ashworth

Managing Editor

Writer of Articles, Maker of Videos, and Topper of Leaderboards. Currently attempting to conquer Westeros.

Den Kovacs : News Correspondent/Reviewer

Den Kovacs

News Correspondent/Reviewer

Den Kovacs joined MP1st in 2013 as a writer and continues to publish news and reviews for the site, even after a brief hiatus from MP1st in 2016. He is known for his cram-it-down-your-throat tweets, his stellar writing ability when it comes to video games, and his die-hard conviction for ethics in the games industry.

Martin Patiño : Reviewer/Webmaster

Martin Patiño


Martin is a freelance writer and website developer. He spends his time writing for several online and print publications, making videos for YouTube, playing video games, and watching anime.