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Bungie: There Isn’t Really a “Good Style Guide” in Naming Destiny Weapons News 0

News 0 Bungie throughout the years has been known to give weapons in the Destiny franchise unusual names and comical quips in their descriptions, and in an recent interview with Polygon, Bungie General Manager Mark Noseworthy and Franchise Director Luke Smith went into detail about the process. The brief interview goes over the tedious and sometimes random […]

League of Legends Update 9.14 Released, Here’s Everything in It News 0

News 0 Riot Games released the latest League of Legends update with patch 9.14, along with news that Teamfight Tactics patch notes will be updated weekly. The information notes on the site that TFT updates in a “weekly cadence,” between regular patches for League of Legends and an update focused on balances and “emergent bugfixes.” Riot Games […]

Gears 5 Beta Trailer Reveals Tech Test for Friday, Here Are the Classes Available News 0

News 0 Today the official Gears of War YouTube channel published the Gears 5 Beta trailer.

Fallout 76 Tourist Guide: Find the Tourist Without Server Hopping in Fallout 76 With This Tourist Trap Map News 0

News 0 Use this handy Tourist Trap Map to locate the Tourist without server hopping in Fallout 76, and finally get that ProSnap Deluxe Camera.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Update 1.21 Patch Notes and File Size Info News 0

News 0 Treyarch has rolled out a new Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 update today, and it brings the new Operation — Apocalypse Z — out on Xbox One and PC! Not only that, but there’s a new game patch out now on PS4 as well which includes new game modes, and a few changes. Clocking […]

Apex Legends Update 1.15 Patch Notes – File Sizes and Here’s What’s in It News 1

News 1 As announced a few days ago, Respawn Entertainment has rolled out a new Apex Legends update which is live now on all platforms. The Apex Legends update 1.15 patch is mostly for bug fixes, and that’s pretty much it. Clocking in at just 181MB on PS4. check out the full Apex Legends update 1.15 patch […]

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset July 16, 2019 – Here Are Your Weekly Bounties, Rewards and More News 0

News 0 It’s a Tuesday, and that means Guardians have another week of activity that they can do in-game with the Destiny 2 Weekly Reset! For this week, check out the detailed list of missions, rewards and more below. Destiny 2 Weekly Reset July 16, 2019: Nightfalls: A Garden World Mercury. Help Osiris cut back an out-of-control […]

Xbox Super Game Sale 2019 Is Now Live, Here’s the List of Games News 0

News 0 Heads up, Xbox gamers! Microsoft has rolled out the big Xbox Super Game Sale 2019 list, and it’s now live! Also called the Xbox Summer Sale, there’s a huge list of games discounted! Check out the complete list of discounted games below (via Reddit user freakroach). Xbox Super Game Sale 2019: Xbox One: Game Gold […]

New Borderlands 3 Trailer Shows Us How Happy We’ll Be Raining Carnage Together With Friends News 0

News 0 Gearbox Software has released a new Borderlands 3 traler today, and it’s all about that teamwork! Titled “So Happy Together” (yes, based on the song), check out this two-minute video below where we see our protagonists raining down carnage on enemies as a team. Key Features: A MAYHEM-FUELED THRILL RIDE Stop the fanatical Calypso Twins […]

Rainbow Six Siege Update 1.69 Patch Notes Now Up, Here’s What’s New for the Console Versions News 2

News 2 Ubisoft has rolled out a new patch for Rainbow Six Siege, and there’s a lot of gameplay tweaks in it. The Rainbow Six Siege update 1.69 patch notes are below, and this patch is out for console only (PS4, Xbox One). Clocking in at just 1GB on PS4 and Xbox One, there’s a lot of […]

Fallout 76 Update 1.23 Patch Notes, File Size and Details News 0

News 0 Vault hunters, a new Fallout 76 update is out now on consoles! Bethesda has rolled out Fallout 76 update 1.23, and it’s a big one. Clocking in at 4.1GB, 5GB on Xbox One, and 2.5GB on PC, the full Fallout 76 update 1.23 patch notes can be seen below along with a summary. Fallout 76 […]

PS4 Update 6.72 Released, Here’s What It Does News 0

News 0 Today, Sony rolled out PS4 update 6.72, and as one can expect with a firmware roll out without much fanfare, this one once again improves system performance, and that’s basically it. Clocking in at 995MB, you can download the firmware directly below. Main features in version 6.72 update This system software update improves system performance. […]

Rainbow Six Siege Top Issues Listed by Ubisoft News 0

News 0 Even if a game is as established as Rainbow Six Siege, that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing left to tweak or fix in it. On the contrary, given the heavy play time by pro and regular players alike, there’s always a new issue that arises, or gameplay balancing tweak that needs to be done. Today, […]

Infinity Ward Plans On Releasing Raw Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Gameplay News 4

News 4 While last week’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer gameplay reveal gave us over an hour of footage, it was all via the Twitch influencers’ perspectives, which meant there were a lot of screaming, and loud trash talking, which a lot of people didn’t particularly like. Over on the Modern Warfare subreddit, a poster asked […]

Borderlands 3 Cross Play Won’t Be Available at Launch News 0

News 0 Who doesn’t want to be able to play with their friends regardless of platform, right? This rings more true for something like Borderlands 3, which focuses on co-op play against hordes of enemies. Unfortunately, Borderlands 3 cross play won’t be available at launch, and that’s now confirmed. Over on Twitter (via PCGamer), Gearbox Software CEO […]

Battlefield 5 Next Patch Release Date Scheduled for Next Week, Rush Returns This Week News 0

News 0 Just yesterday, we posted that DICE is not only making substantial progress regarding the Battlefield 5 invisibility bug, but the studio is also planning to release a new title update for Battlefield 5 before the month is out. Well, it seems the Battlefield 5 next patch release date is set for next week! This was […]

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Factions Explained by Infinity Ward, Super and Sub Factions Mentioned News 0

News 0 Last month, we posted a set of images that were supposed to be for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s factions.While we didn’t quite get what these Modern Warfare factions are back then, we have a better understanding of it now. Over on the Modern Warfare subreddit, a poster asked if we’re going to have just […]

Here’s a Look at the Borderlands 3 Ping System in Action News 0

News 0 Just a week ago, Gearbox Software talked about the Borderlands 3 social features the studio is baking into the game. Not only will we able to share our most insane in-game moments, and livestream them with ease, but even the social aspect of in-game communication has been made better too with the Borderlands 3 ping […]

The Division 2 Second Raid Details, Community Sends Out Survey for First Raid News 0

News 0 If you’re one of the many people who have already finished The Division 2’s first-ever raid, you might be looking forward to the next one, and here’s our early details about it. Over on The Division subreddit, user JokerUnique posted a few details regarding The Division 2 second raid. Raid 2: The Foundry The second […]

Rumor: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Battle Royale Info and Spec Ops Details, PvPvE Modes Mentioned News 0

News 0 Remember when we posted that rumor about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare getting a battle royale mode? While nothing has been confirmed (or debunked), given the info we’ve gotten so far from TheGamingRevolution has proven to be legit, we’re going to roll with it. This time, a ton of Modern Warfare battle royale info and […]

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