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Battlefield V Release Date Announced, Watch the Reveal Trailer Now News 0

News 0 With DICE holding a special Battlefield V reveal livestream today, fans finally got to see the game in action and then some! First off, during the livestream, DICE announced the Battlefield V release date is set for October 19 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Of course, the reveal wouldn’t be complete without […]

Battlefield V Reveal Happening Now, Here’s the Livestream News 0

News 0 It’s finally happening, people! DICE is revealing Battlefield V to the world, and it’s happening now! The Battlefield V reveal has started, and aside from the much-anticipated reveal trailer, DICE will talk about the weapons & vehicles, the theme, and more. Now officially called Battlefield V, the latest iteration of the franchise will launch later […]

PSN Sale for the Week Is Called the “Extended Play Sale,” Here’s the Full List News 0

News 0 It’s a Tuesday, and that means another PSN sale in on hand for PlayStation fans! This week’s PlayStation Store sale is called the “Extended Play Sale,” and has a ton of top tier titles at discounted prices. Here’s the full list (via Reddit’s weebae): Game Price % Off PS+ % Off Assassin’s Creed IV Black […]

Summer 2018 Targeted for Fortnite Android Release Date News 0

News 0 Epic Games has provided an update on the Fortnite Android release date, stating that Android users will be able to access the game during summer 2018. No other details about the Android version were shared, but we can expect it to perform similarly to the iPhone version. ANDROID Fortnite is coming to Android! We are targeting this […]

Sea of Thieves “The Hungering Deep” Content Update Gets a Trailer News 0

News 0 Sea of Thieves The Hungering Deep is the first “proper” expansion for the game, bringing a host of new content to players for free. Get your first look at The Hungering Deep with the trailer below. Do the sailors on the Sea of Thieves face a new threat, or an ancient one? Hear the stories and […]

PUBG Desert Knights New War Mode Is Live, Gives Every Player Top-Tier Weapons News 0

News 0 The PUBG Desert Knights war mode is here, giving players a chance to try out top-tier weapons in an environment where respawns are enabled. It’s the perfect place to get used to the supply drops weapons, which are usually reserved for the more daring users. Here is the schedule and rules for the latest PUBG limited time mode: […]

Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Reveal: Battle Royale, Zombies and More News 1

News 1 Black Ops 4 multiplayer got a big reveal last night, with battle royale, zombies, and traditional PvP taking the spotlight. Treyarch put a heavy focus on the boots-on-ground gameplay, which fans have apparently been asking for. Check out the trailers embedded below for a clear look at Black Ops 4 gameplay and what’s to come on October 12: […]

Xbox Adaptive Controller Revealed, Focuses on Accessibility News 0

News 0 Microsoft has announced the Xbox Adaptive Controller, which aims to “remove barriers to gaming.” With the various inputs, users can customize the device to suit their various needs. The Xbox Adaptive Controller boasts many great functions, which can all be seen in the short video embedded below: Joining the Xbox family of controllers and devices, […]

Report: Fortnite Competitive Mode Uncovered in Datamined Files News 0

News 0 What appears to be evidence of a Fortnite competitive mode has been uncovered by dataminers. Allegedly found within the recent 4.2 update, files pointing towards a “Comp” playlists were discovered. It also points towards a “Solo” experience, meaning players will have to queue on their own, with parties disabled. Here’s the image that was shared: Do you […]

Report: Black Ops 4 Leaked Artwork Features Grappling Hook News 0

News 0 What is reportedly a Black Ops 4 leak has surfaced on Reddit, with the original source supposedly being an IGN ad campaign image that went live earlier than intended. The image shows three different soldiers wielding futuristic-looking weaponry. The man at the forefront of the image appears to be armed with a grappling hook. Here’s the image: […]

Battlefront 2 Season 2 Patch Notes Detailed: Han Solo Season Information News 0

News 0 The Battlefront 2 Season 2 patch notes have been detailed by developer DICE, giving players an in-depth look at the upcoming Solo season. The list of changes is huge, but the significant improvements include the new Jabba’s Palace location, a new permanent game mode called Hero Showdown, and a Custom Arcade mode. Read up on the full […]

PUBG Update 13 Hits PC Test Server, Adds Parachute Skins & New Aviator Crate News 0

News 0 PUBG Update 13 is now being trialed on the PC Test Server. It brings changes like the new parachute skins, as well as the Aviator crate, which offers more customization options. Here’s the full list of PUBG Update 13 patch notes: PUBG Update 13 Patch Notes: Gameplay Both the Lightweight Grip and Half Grip can now be attached […]

Fortnite 4.2 Update Patch Notes: New Burst Rifle, Quad Launcher & More News 0

News 0 After a short delay, Epic Games has now detailed the Fortnite 4.2 update patch notes, which includes information on the new burst rifle, quad launcher, and more. Read below for the full list of changes and improvements included in the Fortnite 4.2 patch. Fortnite 4.2 Update Patch Notes: GENERAL Standard gamepad configuration has been renamed from ‘Standard’ to ‘Old […]

New Fortnite Burst Rifle Weapon Added, 4.2 Update Delayed News 0

News 0 A new Fortnite burst rifle weapon has been added to the Battle Royale experience. It takes the appearance of the well-known FAMAS, and gives players a new option for encounters at medium to longer ranges. Unfortunately, it’s not all good news for Fortnite players today. The 4.2 update has been delayed, as explained by the official Fortnite Twitter account: We’ve discovered an issue […]

Cliff Bleszinski Announces Boss Key Studio Closure, Radical Heights Deemed “Too Little, Too Late” News 0

News 0 Cliff Bleszinski has taken to Twitter, announcing the closure of Boss Key Productions, the studio behind LawBreakers and Radical Heights. His statement describes LawBreakers as a “great game that unfortunately failed to gain traction” and Radical Heights as “well received, however, it was too little too late.” Bleszinski says that he plans to “take some time off and reflect.” His full statement […]

Xbox Deals With Gold: Mass Effect, Batman & More News 0

News 0 A new selection of Xbox Deals With Gold are now live and running through May 21. Big discounts are available on both Xbox One and Xbox 360 games. Take a look at the full list of deals below: Xbox One Deals With Gold CONTENT TITLE CONTENT TYPE DISCOUNT NOTES Albert and Otto* Xbox One Game 33% […]

Black Ops 4 Reveal GIFs Offer a Tease of What’s to Come News 0

News 0 Several Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 reveal GIFs have been posted to Call of Duty social media accounts. They all offer different clips that have been obscured. These are no doubt intended to drive the Call of Duty community hype levels through the roof before the big May 17 reveal. Check out all three GIFs below: 4 days. #BlackOps4 […]

God of War Sales Maintain Lead in UK Charts for Fourth Week Running News 0

News 0 God of War sales figures continue to be godlike in power and prowess, maintaining the game’s top spot in the UK game charts for the fourth week running. Admittedly, it was a pretty quiet week for new releases, and Kratos didn’t have that much competition to go up against. TOP 40 ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE, WEEK ENDING 12 […]

Rocket League Cross-Play Enhancements Incoming With Friends and Party Support News 0

News 0 Rocket League cross-play functionality is set to be enhanced by an upcoming “Feature Update.” This will launch during July/August. The main focus of the update is to enable friends list comprised of players across multiplayer platforms, as well as the ability to create parties and then play together online. Here’s the relevant part of the Rocket League 2018 […]

Call of Duty WW2 Ground War to Make a Permanent Return Next Week News 0

News 0 During its “Weekly Community Update,” Sledgehammer Games announced that the popular Call of Duty WW2 Ground War game mode would be making a return on May 16, and that it will be remaining as a permanent addition to the standard playlists. Ground War. We’ve heard your feedback here. Thank you for your enthusiasm for this mode! As a […]

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