Is Console Gaming Doomed?

There is no denying that consoles are designed specifically to make the user experience as simple as possible. That is their purpose and it’s why they’ve been so successful over the past 20 years. With a console, there are no hardware upgrades (short of buying newer consoles), there are no drivers, peripherals are all plug and play, games are readily available from several outlets, and they are designed to be plugged into whatever TV system is popular at the time they’re released. Consoles, by their very nature, are designed to be 1 time purchases. The end result is a simple device that does a lot of what gaming PCs do for less money and hassle, plus (recently anyway) they can replace your DVD/Bluray player, Netflix box, and home audio solutions. This simplicity and functionality has taken console gaming from a niche market to the biggest gaming market around.

But times are changing.

The leap from the days of the SNES and Genesis to the Playstation and Gamecube marked a major technological leap in graphics and gameplay complexity. Games with true 3 dimensional graphics and high quality audio became the standard. The Xbox 360 and PS3 brought console gaming into the HDTV arena, in addition to bringing the power of the internet to the average console gamer. The PS2 did this quite well, but the connectivity was a peripheral and broadband internet was a rarity in most homes at the time. So what are the “Xbox 720” and PS4 going to offer to keep them relevant?

Currently, I’m building my own gaming/workhorse computer. When all is said and done, it will be several times more powerful than current console hardware and will easily outpace the next generation of consoles in every “power/capacity” regard. In total, I’m spending around $900 on this PC. $900 might sound like a lot, but considering the next-gen consoles are probably going to debut for ~$500-$600, be half as powerful, and not upgradable, I think it’s a perfectly reasonable alternative to buying new consoles when they come out. The main reason, however, for building your own PC instead of buying the new consoles is 4K UHD.

Right now, 1080p is basically the standard HD resolution that most TVs support. That’s going to change in the next few years. 1080p is basically a very low resolution compared to what’s going to become widely available, 2K UHD and 4K UHD, or 2160p and 4320p. To help understand the difference, here’s a nice graphic:

My concern is that the next-gen consoles won’t be able to support 4K UHD output and that when 4K UHD TVs become the standard, either the console makers will have to release brand new systems or will get killed off because the consoles on the market will look like garbage on most TVs (higher-end 4K UHD TVs will provide decent upscaling, but those TVs will be absurdly expensive). All of this of course depends on how quickly affordable 4K UHD TVs become available. If they become the standard right after the consoles release and the consoles can’t keep up, new hardware will have to be developed. If it’s a few years down the road after the new consoles release, the transition will be more gradual and less expensive.

Based on current hardware trends, computing power gets about 20% faster every year. Considering that the current consoles have just barely managed to stay relevant by just barely supporting 1080p, I’m worried that next-gen consoles will only last for a few years rather than the 7-10 that the current consoles have been out for. What this means is that the $500-$600 price tag for consoles is only going to drop to about $400 at the end of a console’s shelf-life. Considering consoles are selling for around $200 now, I’d say that’s a pretty significant jump in cost-per-lifespan. The point is that consoles are going to be expensive for longer, which means less holiday savings, which means less sales overall (this is why the Wii was such a success, it was cheaper and more family friendly, despite being inferior graphically).

In other words, unless the next-gen consoles support 2K or 4K UHD for $600 or less and their price drops to under $400 within 4 years of their release, they’re going to be paperweights when UHD TVs become the standard. This could spell the end for HD console gaming. Mobile gaming is becoming more and more popular and it looks like it’s poised to replace consoles as the defacto gaming system in our homes. What purposes current consoles serve will be replaced with all-in-one media hubs built into TVs or standalone boxes like the Apple TV. Gaming will either be done on a mobile device or a custom built PC. And gaming will go through a major change over the next few years. Of course consoles will always be less powerful than current PC hardware, but they’ve always managed to be comparable. If they don’t support 4K UHD, however, their lack of horsepower isn’t going to be ignorable this time around.

Essentially, hardware and hardware standards are improving much faster than they were 10 years ago and the idea of a single device lasting more than 5 years these days is pretty absurd. After all, there’s a new iPhone every 6 months. Consoles can’t keep up with the new faster hardware upgrade cycle without either being more expensive upfront (future-proofing with high-end hardware) or being modular (upgradable over time as hardware improves). Both option defeat the purpose of the console in both price and ease of use.

To prevent the demise of the consoles, their makers need to support at least 2K UHD out of the box for the next-gen system OR provide an optional upgrade when 2/4K UHD becomes the standard in most homes (think the Wii’s Motion Plus or Xbox’s Kinect) that can be bundled with the core system for the holiday season. Current consoles are already serving plenty of home entertainment content, so those services just need to expand and become more streamlined. Hopefully Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are paying close attention and have plans to support future hardware improvements in a way that’s cost effective and efficient. If they aren’t, they’re screwed.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!

Thank you for reading.

  • Laser0pz

    Amen to that, Alex. The next big gaming purchase for me would definitely be a PC. I already game on a monitor with my PS3, so it won’t be much of a change for seating, and there’s so much more freedom associated with PS3s.

    Oh, and COD4 and MW2 aren’t hacked to bits like they are on consoles. So how’s that for PCs being hacked all the time?

    • Geekasaurus Wrex

      What PC gamer would play CoD?

      • Laser0pz

        It’s got a surprisingly big following. COD4′s the best Call of Duty there is, yet you always find yourselves in hacked lobbies on consoles. On the PCs the servers are monitored, so you can kiss your ass goodbye to any hacks you’d try.

        • Crimess

          There’s the keyword. PC servers. Sadly COD on consoles are p2p.

      • Niosus

        CoD4 is still a surprisingly popular game on PC. Mostly thanks to thousands of mods and the competitive scene. It’s starting to decline but CoD4 with Promod still is a very popular competitive game.

        Before MW2 CoD was a very good franchise for PC gamers, it’s only because someone inside Activision decided the PC was dead back in 2009 that they completely stripped it of all things that made it a good competitive game.

      • MikePembo951

        CoD 4 is still one of the most played competitive multiplayer games.
        And people still play the latest cod games, look at Steam statistics.

        I’m no cod fanboy (in fact i kinda hate cod and activision), and prefer Battlefield/Tribes Ascend but PC gamers still enjoy cod.

  • Crimess

    You should really change that topic. Console gaming is not close of been doom any time soon. Specially because of the 2k/4k UHD. Your just talking about in the future 2k/4k been standard for TV and therefore incompatible with console gaming and the pricing sky rocketing. Remember when XBOX360 and PS3 came out the prices were really high, but people went out and still made the purchase. Its gonna take more than that to kill consoles.

    True, times are changing and that’s why we have this companies coming up with next-gen to catch up with the technology and improve the performance. Just take a look at the releases of the consoles and I know a few people that still gaming with their ps2 consoles and for some reason some companies still releasing games for ps2, so that gives a lot to talk about. Again your just going for graphics. Graphics isn’t all. I just don’t share your vision of all homes having 2k/4kUHD.

    • Geekasaurus Wrex

      Dude I saw NBA 2k13 for PS2 in Walmart the other day and I was like

      “still….they live!”

  • 3DArtist

    Consoles should die. And gaming have to go back to PC, only this way we will get a better quality games. P.S. You can build high performance PC for 900 euro`s without any problems, in the end you`ll save lots of money, because on PC you have lots of Steam summer/holiday sales, most of the games are dropping in price by 75% during those dates, console games always keeping pricetag of 60-70 euro. by buying console you save money, but as soon as yous tart buying games for it, you`ll start loosing money and be less powerfull than a big PC brother is.
    My own workstation cost me around 4700 euro`s i have placed lots of shit in it 48GB ram, 2 gtx680`s , 2x Xeon processors, but hey i need it for 3D applications, a powerfull gaming PC cost just around 750-900 euro`s..

    • Niosus

      2 Xeons… on a server motherboard I guess?

      • MikePembo951

        Processors built for servers have much better performance than those for standard consumer desktops

        • Niosus

          I know ;) What do you think this site is running on? :)

          (I’m the webmaster btw)

    • Chuckz28

      And I bought my used console for $100 and buy used/discount games for $20. Pop it in and up and running in a minute.

    • Dirtknap

      Take that PC elitist argument up with the game developers. Though these guys are ultimately artists, they’re still running businesses and need to capture market share. How do you do that? By diversifying their audience, this also means game ports happen and occasionally the lead development platform is a console. Fortunately, kickstarter has seen some quality PC titles hit development and this will hopefully become an increasing trend.

      I haven’t gamed on a PC for several years due to lifestyle/ lack disposable income. In that time, I’ve saved a ton of money by not having to upgrade components, and enjoy the ergonomics and simplicity of console whilst still having access to quality titles (saving money on games doesn’t factor for me, I only purchase 1-2 titles yearly due to the amount of multi I play). Consoles aren’t the devil incarnate, and contrary to popular belief, not every single cross platform release is “dumbed down”, this comment can only be reserved for certain types of games.

  • Jason

    Good article! I think it’s important to realize that first, this will depend on the Consumer Demands for a UHD TV, I think Sony has the only 4k res TV for now and I don’t feel they will be affordable to the Consumer until after Next Gen consoles are at the point where they are this Gen. With that being said, I myself ( and i’m sure many others) just last year upgraded to a 47” Vizio 1080p (1080×1920) LCD Tv, And since probably most gamers are around my age (24) with rent and bills, it would be hard to afford anything Better than that!? I would like the Xbox 720 and PS4 to put out AT LEAST Current PC ultra graphics @ 60fps and full 1080p flawlessly before I buy one. I could still use my “New” Vizio for Next gen but maybe wishing to upgrade to a 120hz instead of my 60hz since COD wont run at full 60FPS (Hz) on my TV because of a lower Pixel Refresh Rate vs My friends 120hz vizio that displays the full 60fps and you can easily tell a difference lol. The Bottom line is Next Gen needs to Perfect 60fps at 1080p res before pushing anything else, since most people can’t tell the difference between 1080i/720p vs 1080p on any TV 32” or smaller, so what does that mean? Well That means you would have to have a 80” (give or take) TV to really enjoy a 4k res game, movie, or image UNLESS they made TV pixels smaller…. you know, like a computer monitor! lol that’s it, and P.S. I doubt consoles are doomed, but who knows?! :)

  • aafdsa

    Your kidding right?

    No-one’s going to swap their console for a £600+ PC just for a bump in resolution.

    • Ol1VI3R

      its like if you say no one will swap there honda civic SI for a 50 000$ subaru wrx STI and still you see ppl doing it everyday lol one of the only reason why ppl bitch about PC is becos they cant get one lol shame on you jealous weirdos…

      • Thomas Huggins

        Jealous? No. If you’re buying a console and you have disposable income, you’re buying it for convenience and sacrificing some performance. No reason to be jealous.

        • Ol1VI3R

          Ok great mabe you could explain me why there is so many negativity on Gaming PCs specially when its clearly the best gaming experience you will get now days (graphic, sound, latency, dedicated server, speed, precision, more players, etc). And plus you tell me console gamers are happy when they put bf3 in there console and it looks like shit, choppy image, no fluidity bad responsiveness stuck at 32 players even in huge maps made for at least 64man they must love it.

          • ckpinkham

            I am much happier with bf3 on my 360 than I would be on PC. I may be THE ONLY person to prefer analog sticks to a mouse and keyboard, but that doesn’t change the fact I’d sooner buy a $2000 Xbox than a $800 PC.

            Also, you’re on fucking crack. I have the old, white, 360 arcade and the graphics of BF3 are AMAZING!!! Not at all like the crap you’re spewing. Fucking ignoramus.

            • Andre R. Antunes

              ” I have the old, white, 360 arcade and the graphics of BF3 are AMAZING!!! Not at all like the crap you’re spewing.”

              You probably need to reconsider what your saying:


            • ckpinkham

              Only difference I saw with the HD pack was the blue filter and the fact that the gun was at a different angle, hence why you didn’t see the same amount of detail. Not the actual image quality that was the problem. Thankfully, they’re removing the blue filter for BF4.

            • Ol1VI3R

              good for you lol

          • Thomas Huggins

            The negativity is because of responses like that, sir. I’m sure the graphics are superb on PC, but what is a necessity for one person is not always a necessity for another. I don’t feel like I’m losing out because the graphics aren’t as good as they could because graphics don’t make the game for me. It’s more like the cherry on top if a game is good.

            • Aaron Kenney

              I expect the graphics to be good enough to acquire targets reliably. I don’t get that from a console, and maybe it’s just because I’ve been on 1080p for so long that it’s just not something I can get accustomed to when the resolution drops below 720p.
              For BF3 however, you have to start taking into account the cost of the PC to get the maximum visuals out of that game. I paid $350 just for a video card this year, and man does BF3 look great, but I did have a hard time justifying that price tag in my mind.

            • Ol1VI3R

              ok thats a valid answer, sir. but i am pretty sure thats not where the negativity comes from …

          • Eric

            It was Dice that thought 30fps and trying to run in 720p was the way to go. They could’ve done the COD thing, running at 600p in a frame buffer. A huge miss step on there part which is why Bf3 was trash on consoles.

  • Atlas7O2

    Consoles should die? To hell with you guys.

  • ohTHATguy

    Guy starts building a new computer and instantly becomes a PC elitest. *rolls eyes

    I wouldn’t be so sure about your shiney new computer outpowering the next gen console. Xbox 360 was cutting edge when it came out, and who could honestly afford to build a PC to match it when the componants started being sold? That took a good 2-3 years after 360 was launched.

    • MikePembo951

      You serious?? Of course it will beat the next gen console.

      PC is at least 3 generations of cpu/gpu performance ahead of current consoles and have you seen the roadmap for AMD and nVidia? ITS GONNA BE EPIC.

      Performance in computers for GPU’s will increase by a whole 25%(!!!!) in just a couple of months when AMD release their ‘Sea Islands’ generation.

      after that we have ‘Volcanic Islands’ in 2014 at which performance will have the most major increase in a LONG time due to the ability for the CPU and GPU to share ram though unified addressing. They
      Oh and prices are coming down too.

      PCs will be lightyears ahead of the next gen console by the time they release because over the next couple of years we will see lots of new technology and performance increased and also the speed at which this new tech is being pushed out.

      And 2015 we get the final ‘islands’ generation; “PIRATES ISLANDS”!!
      Which will supposedly have a 14nm manufacturing process reducing power and heat whilst being able to increase clock speeds and get even better performance.

      It’s gonna be a long time before console catch up.
      No £200 console will ever surpass a £600 PC (self-built) never mind a £2000 PC

      • Caleb Mc Donagh

        Come back to this post when the PS4 and new Xbox launch and see if you can build a PC for 600 that can best them! I’d even go as far as saying 2000 might equal them. Bookmark this if you like!

        • MikePembo951

          So wait…. you think a £2000 PC will beat a £200 Console….

    • myssternassty

      idk man i dont know a shit load about pcs BUT there are graphic cards already out that are more powerful than what they are putting in the next gen consoles…so im afraid the times have changed since the 360 n ps3 came out no?

      • Caleb Mc Donagh

        You know this since console gpu’s are custom built? So you know the current spec of the ones being built for sony or microsoft.

        PC’s use x86 hardware

        but you can now buy windows with an ARM processor [same as a mobile]

        Mobile chips will soon be more powerful than the x86 architecture.

        The console’s don’t run on x86 either.

        But for example AMD is making CPU based on the A10 APU for the PS Orbis[PS4]

        Sony want 1080p @60fps in 3D, the current dev kit has 8gb or 16gb option and a 256gb ssd.

        The PS4 wont run on x86, and unlike PC all PS4′s are identical. So more resources are put into the system to make it run at 100% efficiently. Where PC’s must rely on the OS, drivers, software all being different. So it will never be 100% efficient. Therefore consoles can produce more from less.

        Because of this it would take PC a few years to catch up. Sure you could buy the Ultimate rig, but only 5% of the PC community do.

        100% of console users get the same results.

        • ohTHATguy

          Exactly. So somebody has a dual card $3000 gaming rig. Big fuckin deal, good luck finding a game that will push it to its potential. Why is that? Most people (ie 99% of the population) aren’t stupid enough to spend that and games have to be playable on there inferior systems too.
          Consoles… everyone has the same. Games are optimized and there are no driver conflicts. Battlefield was the graphics staple for PC games last year. How much better were they on a high end PC vs. the 10 year old consoles? VERY marginal. I have both PC BF3 played on a 2GB 660ti card and Xbox BF3 so don’t try and tell me differently.

          • Craig Adams

            Try hooking up three monitors then tell me how your 660 maxes bf3. Two 680′s can just handle it at max eye candy. Not all of us are content with medium. A note on consoles; my mobile phone will be more powerful than the next gen units two years after they release.

            • ohTHATguy

              I don’t find multiple monitors appealing. I can play with Ultra settings, everything maxed at 1080p on my 55″ LED at 60FPS. Thats all I need.
              Again, the difference in graphics at maxed settings is very marginal compared to the Xbox. Smoke effects are the only thing that really stands out. Oh and the FPS is double that of console too. Which frankly, you don’t even notice when you’re busy trying to dodge bullets.

            • Eric

              BF3 on console played and looked like garbage.

            • MikePembo951

              My tablet has better performance than current gen consoles! AND runs at a higher resolution.

              #Modern Combat 3 and #Nova2//3 FTW

          • MikePembo951

            So wait you prefer 704p 30fps with low quality graphics compared to a £500 PC that can produce smooth 60fps, 1080p and medium/high quality.

        • MikePembo951

          You stupid? Pretty much ALL modern gaming PCs are 64-bit.
          Oh and good luck getting a 256GB SSD in to a £300 Console.

          You cannot buy Windows for ARM architecture, it comes as an OS for some ARM tablets. And is NOTHING like windows. It cannot run any standard windows apps, nor has a desktop. It is simply the ‘metro’ crap interface.

          Hold on, hasnt this generations PS3 been severely affected by the fact Developers are just porting games to it and not utilising its ParallelProcessing performance 100%. Even PS3 exclusives will suffer performance effficiency loss because its impossible to be 100% efficient when programming at such a high level. There is almost always ‘waste’ assembly code that you’ll get after compile.

          PC is already ahead of next gen consoles, in fact it is a few generations ahead.

    • Ol1VI3R

      You dont even know what the hell your talking about obviously this topic is surpassing your understanding of things lol. By the way xbox have a 512mb nvidia video card and you could buy those 10yrs ago for you PC… ones upon a time i was playing console and switched for pc for better graphics and gameplay with more mature ppl simple as that yes i know its probly hard to understand for some lol ….

      • ohTHATguy

        10 years ago? They’re still bringing out brand new cards with only 512mb.
        If they’re so far ahead why isn’t the bottom end 2 or 4gb cards?
        More mature gamers? GTFO. Hackers, aimbots galore. Played Day Z lately? Dumbass.
        You have no idea whats going to be in the next gen of consoles so sit down and shut up.

        • Aaron Kenney

          The easy answer to your question is that not all video cards are for a high-performance or gaming scenario.

          Cheating? YEP. You hit that one on the head. Consoles win there, for now (Black Ops II may fix this – or it may not).

          Maturity? NO. Consoles are rampant with smack-talking children that I’d rather not deal with. PC is getting there, but is a far better experience.

          Otherwise I play games on a PC because the controls are more precise and the graphics are of higher fidelity. For the most part, once consoles can support 60 frames per second at 1080p in any FPS game, I might overlook the lack of precision in the analog sticks of the controller and give up the PC. The cheating sucks.

          • Ol1VI3R

            i could not agree more Aaron but dont waste your time with those die hard fanboy he would not even recognize even if you show him the difference in is face those guys are blinded by ignorance… not sure why since we all want a better game experience for us gamers in general…

            • Aaron Kenney

              Well, no I really could care less what the game experience is like on the console for the moment since I’m not compelled to use one. If the gameplay experience gets any worse on the PC however, and the graphics fidelity gets better on the consoles, I’ll probably jump ship to the console side. At that point, it’s kind of like the 2012 US presidential election… voting for the less of two evils.

            • Ol1VI3R

              yeah i respect that man… anyways for this year let just hope that Treyarch will deliver with the new proprietary anti-cheat, live PC security team…

        • Ol1VI3R

          you cant answer ppl without insulting them like a 12yrs idiot, well thats not a surprise coming from you lets say… even if i would take the time to tell you the facts of all this you probly would not understand anyways lol

          • OhTHATguy

            I merely returned the favor after you insulted me first. However you TRUELY are a dumbass. Jesus man where did you learn to write? Your inbreed mother home school you or something?

            • Ol1VI3R

              lol here we go with the grammar police, dont change subject retard plus when you can speak couple of language you will make mistake i was not born a english man … funny how when you cant say anything else you have to go with the spelling of words …

            • OhTHATguy

              Do they not have punctuation in your native language?
              Anyway you’re beginning to bore me and seeing as you convey your thoughts with all the eloquence of a retard repeating smashing his face on the keyboard, I’ll bid you adieu.

              P.S. Warfighter is a poor game.

            • Ol1VI3R

              ya go away scrub lol

            • Craig Adams

              Careful mate:

      • Eric

        Talks about mature gamers. Misspelled probably and uses lol.

        • Ol1VI3R

          you mad or something lol

  • J.j. Barrington

    … so I guess that ease of use will be negated by wanting the bump in graphics that PC offers?

  • Chuckz28

    There is a reason consoles have been so successful and will continue to be successful. Simplicity. It is easy to use and works every time. Same reason the iPhone has gotten so popular. PC’s are hardly being used in houses anymore with tablets and laptops gaining traction. People don’t want to dust off their old desktop, put money into it and sit on the couch with a big keyboard and mouse and install games and anti cheating counter measures for casual gaming. It isn’t convenient, fast or simple regardless of a possible better gaming experience or not. A console for me has made it easy for my children to play as well as a good enough experience for me to play. Even people that don’t know anything about gaming can go buy a console as a gift for someone for Christmas or whatever.

    • Eric

      I used my pc non stop 2000-2009. Now I rarely turn it on

    • Gannon Becker

      Totally. That’s why pretty much the only games i have on my iphone are Donut Games. Simple and quick. No infinity blade stuff for me.

  • Ryan Schulze

    Not a bad article, but the problem is your faulty premise. 2K/4K UHD will not become a standard. Not in 5 years. Not in 10.

    Blu-Ray is just now eclipsing DVD’s in sales after being around for years and the biggest problem facing mass adoption of 2K/4K UHD is the science behind it. Look at the science of what your eye and brain can perceive and see how big that screen is going to have to get before you can noticeable tell the difference between 1080p and 4K at home. In the theater…huge difference. On a 30ft screen. On anything less than 70″, it’s not going to do anything for you.

    I have a brilliant 1080p 50″ TV, but from 12 feet away on my sofa, there isn’t a perceptable difference between it and the 26″ 720p tv in my kids’ room where we sit 5′ away. When you own a mansion and sit 30′ away from your 10′ screen…4K will help you out. Before that…wasting your money and people like us on this site that push adoption of new technology won’t buy into it, meaning prices won’t come down. It’ll be a niche for science and research organizations. Like HDTV was for 20 years before it even debuted on the marketplace.

    • Dirtknap

      High five, all other arguments are invalid. Thank you sir :D

      • Ryan Schulze

        Thank you. I’m lucky enough to know a little and have friends who have this as their passion. They were telling me about HD became a standard 15-20 years ago. They are really excited about 4K in theaters though. The Hobbit should display some really fantastic uses of it, if you get to see it in the right theater. They’re buying into 4K 3D too. But this is a technology that won’t even be adopted completely in theaters for years, and probably still limited then, unless you’ll be willing to drop $30 per ticket for the experience. Advantage to 4K in theater is that in many cases, in my limited understanding, they’ll be able to retrofit the current digital projectors to handle the new content. We’ll see. It’s going to be interesting. In movie theaters. Not at home.

        • Fernando Ballesteros

          Hey dude, good stuff!
          plus we saw the consoles re-launch with HDMI and stuff.
          PC gaming is great, but it comes at a price. You really have know what you’re doing and go to trusted sites to get mods. Anyways, PC gaming is great but I think the prices of games on the PC is what dominates. Some XBLA games are STILL 1200 pts ($15) while steam has 30-in-one sales for those prices.
          Not to mention, older games like metal slug are $10 too.

          I dooo think, that developers and the companies need to work together to maximize the console. Halo 4 looks amazing and it suppose to use the 360′s power 100%
          its really late in the life-span of the system.

          Its probably not something (4K) that gonna hit home until tv or projection gets cheaper.

      • Ryan Schulze

        Correction. Consulted my sources and it’s HD at 48fps, high speed, that we’ll see with The Hobbit & possibly the next Avatar.

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns

      ^This. So true. Funny how this article comes 7 days before black ops 2 comes out. That game in addition to halo 4 will be the exact reason why console gaming wont die anytime soon.

      • Aaron Kenney

        I’d like to see the source of those sales figures.

      • Paul George Inacio J

        Xbox may have won on sales but go look how many people play BF3 now.. Gamers on xbox are not ready to give up COD yet!! I play BF3 on ps3 because nobody PTFO on xbox.

    • Ol1VI3R

      i heard what you will see in very short is the 1440p monitor and probly tv will follow and i am sure next gen console wont even support it

      • Paul George Inacio J

        It is rumored that PS3 will have 4K

        • Ol1VI3R

          lol its a rumor haha PS4 you mean and no they will not have it becos 4k will not even be affordable untill at least 5yrs

          • Paul George Inacio J

            oops I corrected ps4 lol Yes, is is currently only a rumor but it is very possible for it to be true.. I feel sorry for a lot of harcore gamers on XBOX beacause Microsoft is heading in the wrong direction in my opion and I wont be buying the new xbox. I think it would be nice for PS3 to have 4k because it will possibly mean a very powerful machine that will have all games running in for sure 1080p and possibly in 4k, but like you said 4k tv will not be affordable any time soon but Playstation life cycle is usually pretty long so there really isnt anything from stoping them puting 4k so when people can afford 4k hdtv’s

    • Alexander Benjamin Lloyd

      Not to piss in your corn flakes but the main reason for 4k UHD is so you can have a bigger screen (70″+) AND sit closer to the TV without pixelation. This is going to increase the effective FOV for media which results in more immersion. I have seen tests where it is possible to sit 6 feet away from an 80″ screen with no noticeable pixelation. That puts the screen in scale with cinema screen FOV.

      • Ryan Schulze

        This is true. I have a friend with a 120″ projector and he’s interested in 4K at home. Of course, the only reason he’s interested is because a wealthy friend have him the $4,000 setup when they upgraded. So, for most of us regular folks, it won’t be happening. Maybe after another decade and women slowly accepting the idea of a wall sized tv in the home

    • Mind_Grenadius

      I have a 2650×1440 monitor sitting right next to a 1920×1080 monitor and there is a difference. When I game in 1440P it makes a huuuuge difference. Even when I sit back a few meters. This argument sounds like “the eye can’t see beyond 24fps so 120hz monitors are a waste”… we all know that’s a load.

      That said, the underlying infrastructure and interfaces just cannot support 4K or 8K res any time soon :P

  • jimmylara

    4k wont become standard for a while no matter the push. Screens need to be large to support it, and i doubt many would bother

  • Alpine Maffu

    Statement: “consoles are good for mass audiences / casual gamers, who enjoy franchises”


  • swipe_06

    The thing is, now that 3Dtv did fail a bit, manufacturers turned to increase the resolution instead to make us replace our TVs again. Consumers wont care about ultra resolution, and this will be a dead end too for sure. Display technology has matured, and if they want to sell us something new, they have to come up with something mind-blowing, not just increase numbers.

  • Jared Gooding

    Yeh, as much as I’d generally call myself a PC gamer, this article is fairly poorly thought out. I can understand the premise from which your argument is being made – but considering that even today many gamers will lovingly return to a Nintendo 64 or original PS to spend hours playing nostalgic titles…

    Will PC’s always outstrip consoles on performance? Yes. And I’m sorry to the console crew – but even amongst your own there are those that understand the physical limitations of the systems. And while there are a number of these limitations, there is one that is very important (And that any programmer should understand) – Creating a stable and reliable platform for games.

    Part of the draw of the console is it’s simplicity. They’re ability to be plugged into a TV, turned on, and played, with any game available to them, with no fuss. This ability isn’t possible by just slapping the latest and greatest hardware into a box 1 month, or even 6 months before the console release.

    Consider how long it takes for games to be developed, to be programmed, tested, retested, and published. Doing this requires testing systems – consoles that are at least very close to final release version in hardware – so that all the little kinks and bugs that so often plague PC games, can be ironed out of the console releases to provide customers with that level of no fuss fun they love.

    Will consoles perform well on release? Sure, of course they will. They’ll likely be the console version of an 18 month old gaming tower. NOT top of the line, but future-proofed enough that it will run games fine for another year or two, maybe even three if they do their jobs really well. After that they start to struggle – just as current consoles have done so – with games needing to be designed specifically with their hardware in mind, developers getting as creative as they can with their programming to pull every last ounce of performance they can out of the hardware in them.

    Does this impact the experience? Maybe, it can do. Is graphics everything? No – or people wouldn’t be going back to play Nintendo 64 games, or running emulators on PCs to run old Gameboy titles, amongst other platforms. But when we start getting to the future equivalent titles of BF3 – the differences in performance begin to become extremely apparent.

    I tip my hat to the console gamers that are realistic about their expectations of future consoles, the gaming community needs more realists ;). As to the rest of you that insist all PC gamers are elitist because we continue to tell you that your precious consoles aren’t as good as a PC… wake up – If you want a PC experience, get a PC. Otherwise, buy your console and enjoy them for what they are – but don’t kid yourself into believing the performance is ‘just as good’ as a good gaming rig.

    • ckpinkham

      I mostly agree, but the performance is in fact, “just as good” for what we want. We want a game that works properly and is fun. That’s the only performance nearly any gamer truly cares about, at least at their core. Then they focus on the details like graphics and stuff. But if you win over a gamer’s core, they’ll buy your stuff even if the details aren’t as great as the competition’s. Fun is definitely the most important, and you can’t really say Halo, Gears, COD, Battlefield or anything else designed as a multi-platform (or console first) game, isn’t just as fun on consoles.

      • Aaron Kenney

        I don’t agree with your view of the core, and I would say graphics matter to me only to the point that we can get at least 1080p resolution, decent texture quality, and enough geometry to support decent curved surfaces. What really matters to me is that the controls are responsive and aren’t hindered by graphics effects or things developers do to increase the “immersion” of a game. I believe a game can be immersive without being cinematic. I hate it when the game takes the control out of my hands and shakes the screen or sways the gun all around due to being hit. It may be realistic, but if these effects were removed for all players the action would be constant and more fun for everyone (everyone who doesn’t suck).
        Also, there are probably at least 3 camps of gamers that have different definitions of what makes a game fun. My definition is that the game can support solid, friendly competition. Others believe that the most immersive experience is the best. Still others believe that the most fun games are those that their entire family and friends can enjoy.
        That said… a PC gamer becomes accustomed to dealing with reliable PC parts, configuration and the like and knows how to produce an environment on the computer in which the game can run reliably each and every time. You can’t judge the overall game experience by how frustrated you get when the computer doesn’t work with your game, especially when the majority of PC gamers are probably running the game flawlessly. Your inability to understand the PC is yours alone, and has nothing to do with how well the game was made. There is a certain degree of responsibility that comes with being a PC gamer. We except that responsibility because, for now, the payoff is worth it.

        • Ol1VI3R


  • Mr. X

    Games have to evolve in complexity and scale and gameplay on the next gen consoles, not just graphics. I am sure the console makers are thinking of solutions for the next wave of graphical technologies, maybe not up to 4K UHD but a little bit down the line, and who is going to be able to discern the difference from 5-10 feet away anyways…

    • Beasley

      So having been gaming since the NES and having built my own custom gaming rigs.. I’ll put this in perspective. Consoles will die. PC Will never die. Console gamers are for casuals…. and mobile gaming once it catches up will be the new casual gaming. HARDCORE gamers will continue to game on pc. I can build a pc for $300-$400 and run black ops 2 smooth as butter and beautiful. In face I just did. It’s not even just the gaming aspect…livestreaming support is better….VOIP clients are better… designers and web dev’s benefit…and more importantly who cares if CoD sold more copies vs pc… because other than MLG and that joke gamebattles… the consoles have 0 competitive gaming. LOOK AT MMO’S! World of Warcraft, Firefall Beta ffs, League of Legends (in the millions), etc etc… STARCRAFT II !!! Consoles are great for casual gamers but guess what who the fuck cares about casual gamers? People who think angry birds are fun I guess… the Tablets and mobile gaming will replace consoles, meanwhile PC hardware will get cheaper and more mainstream. Analog sticks over a mouse and keyboard? Lol… what a joke… I’m not an elitest I’m a realist. Outside of fighting games with a fight stick.. and MLG and GameBattles the console world has nothing but overpriced titles and rehashes. PC devs have endless possibilities. Price point comparison you can build a budget pc and player with better graphics than an xbox or ps3 on most titles.. I dont even care about though… RTS games, MMO games, REAL FPS players… understand the PC is the true gaming machine. I’m never going to switch to a pos tablet or console when it comes to real competitive gaming. Btw, I own a Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3 and I’ve played 0 games on any of them in the last 8 months. The only use I had for my Xbox was for streaming but guess what! Roku player just made that shit obsolete .. you can now find my consoles on craigslist lol.. PC’s are easy to make and work on.. people complaining about maintaining drivers? Holy shit stop being so lazy… 10 minutes of work? Probably took you longer to drive to gamestop. GUESS WHAT!!! All my games on steam are saved digitally like magic too! Got to love Cloud the real future. And the next gen consoles arent going to allow you to re use games once they’ve been assigned to your selected console.. so.. nope you’re paying $70 a game whether you like it or not… good luck. Meanwhile PC games, mmo’s in particular are maintaining a F2P model with micro transactions and working flawlessly. Consoles were great for lans.. fun times.. playing smash brothers on my n64 or twisted metal on my ps1 but then I got serious. It’s not just about graphics, its about the whole experience. Socially, visually, stability wise. PC all day. I can do so much from my pcs… livestreaming, gaming, design work, media streaming, the list goes on…

  • Blaine Reinsma

    another dumb article. Remember when this website was specifically about multiplayer gaming?

    anyway, console gaming will never be dead. It’s slacking, but for as long it’s the affordable, common-man’s gaming medium, it will not die. If anything, PC gaming almost died, and is making it’s way back thanks to certain developers who maximize the PC’s potential (DICE), even if it doesn’t make them much money.

    • Niosus

      I don’t agree with DICE being one of the reasons PC gaming is very popular again… DICE did a good job with BF3 but the trend has been started a long time before BF3 came out. By the time it came out it wouldn’t have mattered at all anymore. I don’t think the PC landscape as a whole (not just shooters) would look that much different if BF3 didn’t come out.

      What has more to do with it is the immense rise of Steam and its sales, the popularity of indie games and the maturing of the hardware/software. Steam literally turns pirates into customers. It did it to me, I see it happening to friends and a lot of other people. Steam offers the one thing pirates cant: a great service that just works. Add a good price to it and it sells… easy! Things like Minecraft exploding all over the internet turning a lot of nongamers into PC gamers interested in indie games. Also the hardware and software is a lot more stable. Windows 7 just works… Every graphics card you can buy will work just fine with every game, you don’t have to go for a super high end CPU anymore, etc etc… The entry barrier is much lower than a few years ago.

      About your remark about no “just multiplayer gaming”. We take into account all feedback but sometimes it’s a bit weird. You clicked the link, you read the whole article and left a comment with your opinion. These opinion pieces are meant to start a (constructive) discussion. I think it reached its goal?

      • Retro

        The link was clicked because he was hoping to find a well thought out article about the future or lack there of for console gaming as it relates to multiplayer.

        Instead it was an article that had very little thought or logic put into and had nothing to do with multiplayer. It’s an article similar to the type of sensationalistic crap I see on IGN every few months.

        Opinion pieces are great when they themselves have been written in an informative and constructive manner from a place of knowledge and research that takes more than 20 minutes of Google searches to write from.

        • Niosus

          Look, I personally also don’t really agree with the writer. I don’t see hardware so much as a problem compared to the very closed off stance MS and Sony are having. I’m not saying the consoles will die, but they will take a hit unless some of the issues are addressed.

          I’m sure Alex reads all the comments. Feedback is what makes people improve. We monitor the comments and if we see a lot of negativity we try to find out how we can solve that for future posts. You guys are what keeps MP1st going so your opinions are invaluable to us!

      • Aaron Kenney

        Spot on. And unfortunate. Indie games, free-to-play and casual gaming will be the nail in the coffin for my enjoyment of gaming.

  • MikePembo951

    The next gen consoles will NOT support 4k resolution.
    Please can someone tell me a single xbox360/ps3 3D(e.g. fps) game that supports 1080p, never mind 1080p, say 720p. Even low-quality low-performance demanding games like call of duty run at about 600p. Battlefield 3 runs at 704p.

    It may ‘support’ 4K resolutions just like currently most games like cod are rendered at about 600p then scaled and stretched to 720p.

  • Cole

    All the PC guys are like: This guy has a really good point I definitely agree.
    Console guys: This article sucks no one cares about good games we just want to play cod!

    • Stephen

      no not all PC guys agree. i certainly dont and im a PC gamer.

  • Alejandro Montejano

    “1080p is basically a very low resolution compared to what’s going to become widely available, 2K UHD and 4K UHD, or 2160p and 4320p.”

    You have the names wrong, it is “4K UHD” (3,840 x 2,160) and “8K UHD” (7,840 x 4,320). “2K UHD” would be the current HD resolution (1920 x 1080), the nomenclature takes in consideration the horizontal resolution.

  • EcHo84

    4k res is useless if screen size is sub 80″. Plus TV/Movie content won’t move to 4k for at least 10 years, many broadcasters are still only pushing 720p….The only benefit regarding 4k to the average consumer would be better PQ in regards to polarized/passive 3D displays…..

  • ScavHD

    Coming from a long time PC guy.

    The consoles will not die,they can’t die,compare console game sales to PC game sales,there is a huge difference.For example,call of duty on PC sells on release date ~90K Compared to a few milion on the consoles.

    The resolution thing is next to pointless – If a console supports up to 1080p resolution,the game itself has an option for AA If this is used on at least 4x or 8x the game will look much better on a big screen.

    The hardware that’s going to be put into next gen consoles will not come close to even todays gaming PC’s,that’s true,but it will not limit consoles to bad quality games,infact it will limit PC games to what consoles can do but that’s a whole different story.If you look at the old consoles build you will see that the most gaming PC’s were much stronger than that before they were released.For example my graphics card was launched in 2007(8600gt 512mb) and i’ve been using that graphics card untill last year when BF3 came out.My PC costed me just a little under 500euros and i’m playing games like BF3 on ultra without any problems on 1080p,yes in 1080p for the launch date price of a console.

    The point of ^ is that consoles will not die as long as there are people who can afford them over a gaming PC.We PC gamers are going to welcome the new consoles because the games will be using new gaming engines but that’s going to be only good for us PC gamers for about 2 years of the consoles life because our hardware is advancing much much faster.

    Quake 3 Engine was an advanced engine up until the launch of unreal engine 3,but consoles still have only a handful of games using unreal engine 3 mainly because quake 3 is much easier to be run on their hardware (call of duty Q3 engine 60fps – BF3 Frostbite 2 30fps – Gears of War – 30fps unreal engine 3)

    • cdvsd

      Are you fucking dumb?

      There are so many games using Unreal Engine 3; here’s a small list of games that use UE3:

      Should I go on?

      UE3 is the new Quake 3 engine, hell UE2 overtook Quake 3 engine awhile ago.

    • Jamic

      You do know that its pretty heavily modified Q3 engine ? If you would slap new COD’s directly to IDtech 3 it wouldnt even run on most highest end machines found on the markets, hell it wouldnt even start. Even more stupid is that I dont know of any other modern game series that is running under any IDtech 3 base (other than Valve’s Source which was originaly based on QUAKE engine)

      COD gives a bad name for the term “modified engine”

      Take a look at game “Overdose” and their “modified” IDtech 2 engine

  • Caleb Mc Donagh

    1080p is not standard!

    720p/1080i is the Standard.

    Not many things online render in 1080p. Even most PC stuff max at 1080p.

    Most people are just switching to Digital TV and still had SD TV. Thanx to the EU turning off Analog. Many people still have VCR’s and use SD tv. Some even have HD Satellite with a less SD or crappy 720p tv.

    I have a 50′ 1080p Plasma, but I am rare. Most people I know with consoles have SD tv’s. One i knew even had there console on a 720p setup via composite instead of HDMI.

    1080p has yet to become a STANDARD. When TV doesn’t even have that many HD channels. 3D didn’t help.

    I will never buy bigger than a 50′ TV. but these NEW 2k and 4k ones will be bigger! Plus 3000+ for at least 3-5 years. Then they have to become worth buying. What media plays content on 2k or 4k? DVD won’t, Bluray might but would need a bigger disc. So new hardware?

    When these new screens launch, only the minority will buy them.

    Those with money to waste. You might want to wait for a 3rd or 4th gen model anyway. Because the first always have bugs!

  • Inescapable Truth

    Consoles aren’t going anywhere because there are too many hot pocket eater, dino chicken nugget cruncher console kids with mommys credit card in hand for devs to ignore. Millions of little shits turned 12 today and got “Ex Baux” for their birthday. Millions more tomorrow.

    Inescapable Truth out.

    • Caleb Mc Donagh

      So true

    • asd

      You’re a sad fuck aren’t you?
      You never played a video game while you were a kid, you dickless fuck?

      • Ol1VI3R

        lol learn how to talk to ppl weirdo.. your the sad one here

    • Thomas Huggins

      You almost had me on your side until you referred to yourself in the third person. My Douche-o-meter went through the roof.

    • Ol1VI3R

      lol good one hahaha

    • thebeats11009


  • Mo3Sad1

    Console gaming will always have some true fans because competition and the amount of access they have to it. Consoles, for one, you don’t have to worry about your CPU burning out if you have a bad cooling system. Also, more people are on console undoubtedly so people will always buy them just to play with their friends. PC is better in capability but defiantly not socially Skype is a good argument but its not as easy as just getting on and joining a friend.

    • Steph

      lol what are you talking about. CPU burning? wtf i have never had that happen to me ever since i started PC gaming back in 2005 (before that was a console gamer)Besides ive had xbox 360 apparently melt because it got too hot so it can happen to both console or PC.

      you know you can use steam which pretty much has voice built in meaning you only use skype for games that dont support VOIP. Also their are better things than skype (team speak, vent, etc). Also with steam you can easily just get on it and join a friend my simple clicking join game. hell most games ive played on PC have this option in general so not sure what games youve been playing on PC but i assure you its just as easy.

    • Ol1VI3R

      you probably never heard of Teamspeak3, Mumble, etc lol wow man when you dont know whats your talking about just dont say anything. capitch

  • Gannon Becker

    …all of this guys articles bother me.

  • sgt_mofo

    Unless Windows 8 and digital distribution kill the “Buy one gaming PC, get every game for free!** (**Note: Games require illegal downloads through Bittorrent)” the PC won’t ever overtake the console market in terms of popularity. The whole reason Crysis 2 was even on consoles was to MAKE MONEY! They cancelled the 1.3 patch for Crysis 1 because piracy was so rampant on the game. You could even peg the CoD franchise’s move to consoles as a money draw. TV stations still don’t broadcast in 1080p, so in that comparison, consoles aren’t that far behind.

    Keep in mind if the next-gen consoles only support 1080p, the visual fidelity will be greatly improved. AA isn’t needed as much on higher resolutions. For 720p, you’d want to go at least 8x, but at 1080p, 2x-4x should be sufficient, and as long as the VRAM is 1-2GB, it should free up plenty of resources for other visual treats.

  • Aaron Kenney

    No, console gaming is not doomed. Not because the next gen doesn’t support higher than 1080p. You’re underestimating the beauty of 1080p and overestimating the wallets of the people.

    Console gaming is also not doomed due to hardware being developed more rapidly on computers. Intel processor families are discontinued every 2 years or so in comparison to less than a year no more than 5 years ago. Graphics card families are refreshed every year to year-and-a-half in comparison to just 5 years ago when they were refreshed every six months. Why? Because there is not enough demand for consumer-grade graphics processing to issue out a new family of graphics cards more than once per year. Why? Because game developers see no money in development of AAA PC games. Why? Because it costs too much to develop for just that one more platform on top of the two major consoles they’re already working on, if not just one. When they do make a PC game, it’s a shitty port of a 360 title. And that’s why PC technology is being held back by gaming consoles.

  • Gannon Becker

    I don’t know much about this type of stuff. But wouldn’t it be possible for future consoles to be made with upgradable parts? Improbable, but highly possible right?

    • dfg

      Don’t be stupid, they’ve done that sort of thing before and almost every single add-on flopped.

      • Gannon

        Okay i won’t be stupid…
        Has Sony or Microsoft done it.

  • RoadTripToJalalabad

    Increases in screen resolution / pixel count provide very little benefit to home video/movies/games. Even PC users running ultra high res typically do so to support multiple monitors, because upping the resolution just for further pixel density sacrifices frame-rate for indiscernible visual improvement. Author, maybe in a new article you can focus on explaining how the new technologies will enhance gaming, especially MP gaming. Citations and examples would help your argument. Consider discussing the following advancement areas with a console vs. PC premise…I think these would clearly benefit gaming (and video/movies in some cases):

    - higher frame rates
    - higher player counts in a single match – should be possible even with existing hardware once players demand that publishers utilize (i.e. pay for) dedicated servers rather than stealing one of the player’s consoles to be the server
    - keyboard/mouse vs. controller

  • Digger Nick

    4k becoming standard in a few years? Hahaha oh wow.

    Also you can’t claim your PC is going to be twice the power of a next gen console since HURR DURR they haven’t even confirmed they exist much less given any specs.

    Stick to gaming news and leave the industry editorials to actual journalists with a brain.

  • Christoffer Dixon

    Look at Call of Duty sales alone and you will see consoles have nothing to worry about. Plus All of the big exclusives like Halo, Uncharted, yadda yadda keep people like me from switching to PC. I think consoles as we know them are going away and becoming more all in one entertainment devices but a pre-packaged system will have a place for years to come i think.

  • Christoffer Dixon

    It would be cool to potentially support a replaceable component system where you could upgrade the graphics card or whatever to extend the life cycle and improve performance

  • Chad Eugene Rash

    PC gaming will die out before consoles.

    • thebeats11009

      You wish. PC owns and will always be around.

  • Cycovision

    Nothing has or will kill console gaming, and if Console gaming is dying what is replacing it? The PC gaming market that’s been “dying” for 20 years now?

  • hoodge1

    Where’s the amazing exclusives for PC as well. Sony’s PS3 has some of the best first party exclusives out there. Even heard the PC market was begging for “The Last of Us” to come to that platform..

    I’am a PC gamer as well, and I find it HILARIOUS, how you talk about a rig that powerful to display those resolutions for 900 bucks friend. My two rigs are close to 3 g’s. I own a GTX690 and two 680′s. 690 alone is a grand son, and the two 680′s in SLI are 1050.00.

    I think what we have here is a PC dreamweaver here who doesn’t know much about what it really costs to build a kick ass rig.. I’ve heard of all you cheapo 900 buck PC nerds out there, and a lot of what you say is pure bullshit…

    900 will get you a system that’ll play games on medium settings. Games that really use your rig like crysis and metro2033. Medium or low. No thanks. I’ll take a hardcore rig like the ones I own and buy a PS4, cause a lot of the amazing exclusives on PS3 look almost as good graphically as some of the big PC titles out there. Plus the fact and simple answer is, developers don’t see the coin in the PC development area, that they see in the console market. Hence the lack of game changing exclusives.

    So is console gaming dying? Not a chance..

    • jrstryker

      Good balanced answer. Also good point, what GPU on the lower end side can push high settings at 4K?

      • hoodge1

        NOT ONE. He was talking about all the parts needed to build a pc for 900 bucks. Know what kind of card that would have to be? An average 300 or less dollar GPU or two real cheapo cards at 150 in SLI or Crossfire. With that low end type of card, you’d be lucky to get 10fps for 4K resolution at medium settings.
        This whole article is facepalm to the brainiac who wrote it. My rig setups Will NOT get 4 k resolution at high settings running at a 60fps consistently. My rigs to ME are medium – to entry level high end PC. 3g’s is nothing compared to what you’d really have to spend on a PC to take a dump on every PC title at 4k resolutions.. That’s how truthful and modest I’am towards even my rigs which are beastly, but not even close to what you’d need to truly build.
        Now the 600+ cost of the next wave of consoles coming out that could do the job amazingly well and what the PS3 can do with games we’ve seen like “The last of us”/”Beyond Two souls”/Killzone 2 and 3/ The amazing Uncharted series, and GT5 now offered for the amazing price with the new PS3 super slim model doesn’t sound expensive at all. In the end to me it’s not about the HP of the machine. It’s about the content it offers.

  • shit bucketc

    Blah blah

  • keep dreaming

    Considering only 70 percent of the games for console is only on consoles you can keep your pc. That’s not even including exclusives where some of them look better than most pc games. Consoles will never die because of the ease of just putting the disc in and playing. Plus not everybody is computer nerds and put together a Awesome pc let alone keep up with all the updates and drivers. It’s more like pc is gonna die Hell internet explore is on xbox and now I have no use for my pc . I love pc takers they always try to justify spending massive amounts of money on pc that just maybe has a little boost in graphics. Bottomline show me one pc game that looks better than god of war 3. I thought so.

    • thebeats11009

      Battlefield 3 does.

  • nickmaster1150

    I don’t anything about pc’s and stuff, I only know that some people don’t like upgrading theit GPU and all that shit in their pc, how easy it may be, I don’t like it, that’s why i have a console, to go buy a game, install it, take a coke, and play it. this is the reason consolle won’t die as fast, bcz people tend to be lazy nowadys.

  • Reno

    I just had to come and say: PC graphically and competetively is far superior than consoles. PC gaming is intense as I have to sit at a desk. with my console I can lay down with a doobie and play bf3 or cod and chill. you see the difference? I don’t think consoles will die or have any problems, because there will always be lazy gamers like me! :-) p.s I’m over 30

  • Angelreborn96

    Great article, but I’m fine with playing my ps3 just like many others. This stuff is not needed.^

  • Andre R. Antunes

    All this “master race” talk is just not relevant at all.
    I dont blame console user’s… Game developers are the ones to be blamed.
    Developing games first to consoles platform and then porting to pc platform is just pure shit.
    Look at GTA IV, a clear ported game, and what the modding community as achieved to turn the game into. Gameplay & Graphics are far more superior with mods. (just google it)

  • Eric

    I am 32 and have been a console gamer since i was very young. Atari 2600 was my first console. I now own xbox 360. PC will never over take consoles. People just don’t want to be all up on a desk mouse and keyboarding. Yes you can use a controller but youll get owned. I’m not buying the whole HD thing. For some reason the electronics sellers think buyers are gonna get a new flat screen every 3 years…which is why 3D never sold. And really all xbox has to do is make it so you can upgrade your graphics card… So Gimmie my recliner and my console.

    Good article though. Don’t listen to the haters. Look at the number of comments ;)

    • Ol1VI3R

      whos the Haters lol probably Pc gamers right lol

  • jrstryker

    FWIW – A few Cnet articles on why 4K UHD will not become the TV standard any time soon.

    Also an article on ways that we can improve the TV picture that don’t involve 4K:

    I don’t see 4K as the threat to the console.

  • jrstryker

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see the “console-ization” of the PC – look at the popularity of apple and the direction of Windows 8. On Apple there seem to be limited configurations and seems like not many options for upgrading hardware.

    Also seems like MS is pushing hard to merge Xbox and windows 8 and push the Xbox experience to PC. I’m also sure a lot of game developers wouldn’t mind not having to deal with driver issues and hardware conflicts.

    Also keep in mind that you don’t need to powerful PC to perform basic computer productivity tasks – email, word processing, etc – people are doing this on laptops and tablets.

    Console gaming will change for sure – I just think what people think of as either console or a PC will start to look more alike.

    I’m cool with however people choose to game. A kick-ass gaming PC is on my to-do list but my gaming time and funds are limited since I’m a family man, so hoping on xbox and having some fun is more than enough for me for the time being.

  • CmdrVOODOO

    Everything we’ve seen speculated about the new consoles puts the prices around $299. I’m not sure where the $500 or $600 comes from.

    Current console games are upscaled to 720p from a lower resolution and look fine on 1080p TVs (we were in awe of them up until recently). Unless you’re playing on an 80 in screen, I don’t think we need to worry about 1080p games needing to be upscaled to 4k or 8k.

    If they can do new consoles every 5 to 7 years for less than $300 I think people would be on board with that. It will still be less hassle and less expensive than PC gaming is… unless of course you’re getting your games for free on PC illegally.

    The only reasons “PC games” are currently taking in more revenue than console games is the consoles are at the end of their life cycle and “social media” games are currently being lumped into PC gaming revenue (those people are hardly “PC gamers”).

    In industry as a whole would have to fall apart for consoles to go away completely.

  • BOSS jediZOHAN

    So, I was going to respond to everyone’s comments individually but since it seems like everyone’s basically voiced my concerns, I’ll sum them up and expand on them here.

    The point of my article isn’t just that if consoles can’t or don’t support 2k or 4k in their next generation they’re doomed, it’s that console gaming and pc gaming, because of mobile gaming, are all kind of converging.

    Back in the days of the PS1 and Sega Genesis, there’s was a huge disparity in how consoles were built and worked in comparison to PCs. As time has gone on, Consoles have become more and more like PCs. What concerns me about this is that consoles are designed and I think are expected to last a long time in terms of each generation. But what I see happening is that the life expectancy of ALL hardware is rapidly shrinking. Eventually the expectancy will grow again, but that’s probably not going to happen for years if it ever does (quantum computing FTW!). That worries me because if consoles start getting so outdated as to be looked down on and decried as such an inferior product that people slowly stop buying them, they will stop being made.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty much a 100% console player, it’s what I grew up on. But things like gains in processing power, complexity of the games themselves (think BF3 on console VS PC), and people’s expectations of how long a console should last are changing so quickly that I don’t see how the console makers can keep up without their products ballooning in price to the point that you might as well just buy a PC and get a controller for it.

    Things like 4k support might be years off from now, but the big picture, to me at least, indicates that hardware is evolving, people are becoming more demanding, and for consoles to keep up, they have to be damn good. As much as I always want an Xbox or Playstation in my living room, I worry that something else, whether it be my phone or my TV itself is going to replace them.

    Why I worry is that well, I like the way my games are now. Maybe I’m just afraid of change, but change isn’t always great either.

  • Really??!!??

    dude, really? You must be the dumbest gaming blogger on the net. So, you wanna play in 2160p huh…. guess what, your $900 computer you just built is not going to play 2160p. The video card you bought will not support it. Even the best video cards(GTX 690 and HD 7990) on the market would struggle to play 1600p at a constant 60 frames per second. Get real dude, you didn’t have to rationalize becoming a pc gamer to the world. It’s better and that’s all there is to it. At the heart of your article, you are right. When the consoles come out they will sport a one and a half year old processor (AMD APU) and graphics card (HD 6xxx series). So, yes, everyone is better off going with a pc. But not for the idiotic reasons that this ‘gaming expert’ would have you believe. Dude, you should stay with consoles. You are stepping way out of your league and really have no idea what you are doing. At least stop blogging for a year and learn the pc first. Or get a lot of toilet paper so you can wipe your mouth after you blog shit like this.

  • Mr knowitall

    Not trying to be rude or nothing but you should really save up a bit longer and build a half decent rig if I were youi would buy a pair of 680′s/7970′s whatever your preference and work around those because those will be your pricest piece of hardware around $1000-$1200 then you can always upgrade mobo, cpu, case etc. Im just saying start with the best and it will be alot cheaper in the long run for upgrades. I promise you that having built many for friends they always regret not spending more on their GPU’s and having to spend the money 6 months later after paying a few hundred for a GPU you might as well throw in your home networking PC. Also unless you have amazing vision 4K is useless a waste of money a gimmick. Also dont waste your money on multiple monitors for eyefinity/ SLI Sorround because they will be releasing rounded flexible 45 inch monitors with true bezel less gaming with in the year at less then the price of 3 21 inch monitors that obstruct your gaming view