All Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Map Layouts – Domination, Demolition and CTF

Get out your reading glasses, grab a coffee and get your study face on. It’s time to learn these Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 map layouts inside-out to get the upper-hand on the competition when it launches this November 13.

Reddit user datmexicanguy has compiled a list of full map loading screens as well as all their Domination, Demolition and Capture-the-Flag layouts.

So, check out the gallery below and start memorizing!

Thanks, callofdutyesports!

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  • Curtis Smith

    quick question. are all maps playable in groundwar game mw3 there are about 4-5 maps not in the rotation

    • David Veselka

      Not sure, to be honest. Guess we’ll have to find out.

    • Patrick Matthew Barahona

      We can only hope so.

    • Eric C

      Smallest maps are bound to be left out, id assume this is the case here…

  • gtabird

    This is really sad here. Do you really need to do this to “get the upper hand”?

    • David Veselka

      This is for all those crazies! ;)

    • tim

      As long as COD is still popular you can do this without looking crazy and addicted.


    I would guess that only competitive level player actually read stuff like this while most casual players learn map objective locations by playing the game.

    • Thomas Huggins

      That’s what I was thinking. Plus, how can this be helpful if you don’t see them on the actual map, not just an overview?

      • Patrick Matthew Barahona

        I don’t think you read his comment quite right…

        • Thomas Huggins

          How so? I see that this is geared towards the more competitive players, but I also don’t understand how this is really helpful. If we saw the actual location and its surroundings and not just the view from the top, that would be more helpful.

          • Christoffer Dixon

            If you have watched any gameplay all these locations should already make sense to you, or maybe i just have a knack for that….

            • Thomas Huggins

              Ah, that makes sense. I haven’t watched too much gameplay, so I guess this wouldn’t help me haha.

    • Aaron Kenney

      You’d be right!

  • cheeseburger eddy

    If i really needed to see where the flags are located i would love this. I’m just gonna pop in BOII and find them myself when i hit up domination.

  • scrambletheflags

    it’d be nice if the flag layout for domination wasn’t so… linear

    • bolognasandwich

      see, this is what I like about it. My friends and I hate the super triangular placement in mw3

      • turkeyBLT

        i’d like to see how it plays out, but as of right now, i can’t help but think that because of the linear placement, some of the side passages and external routes of the some of the maps will see little action and the map won’t be used to its full potential.

        • lolwut

          Which is good, because you then take those routes and flank the hell out of the enemy.

          Linear = good.

          Linear tends to mean more symmetrical maps and Domination needs that. Not the stupid BS of MW3 where if you spawn A/C on certain maps you’re almost guaranteed to also get B.

  • knife
  • david

    Seems like there’s a lot of map space just going to waste. They should try and put into the game a random flat placement system.

    But looking at those pictures its going to be a kill zone by B on all of those maps

  • Joshua Rizk

    no sniper friendly maps?

    • nightwing2097

      are we looking at the same maps? most of these have a clear line of sight right down the middle.

  • Jeroen Jacobs

    yes to much linearity and some maps could have been bit bigger

  • kida

    I like how the flags are placed in dom, I just hope that there’s not an advantage in starting the match on one side, like there is in MW3 when you play dom in dome. the C spawn clearly has the advantage

  • Asmitty56

    Ahh the dreaded 3 objectives in a straight line :( I really hate that. Some maps you really didn’t have a choices but they could have placed the objectives differently on some of the maps. Wish they were bigger as well.. I hope the capture area is a bit bigger so it would make it easy to hold certain points and use cover rather than sitting in an open area like an idiot. That way it would encourage people to hold objectives.

  • Asmitty56

    Also is the spawn random at all times or does the spawn go to the objective once one is captured? I can see a team capturing 2 points (from the looks of it they would be easy to hold as well) and then spawn camp the crap out of the other team. Wish they could add a spawn on teammate option. Just so they could make things a bit more unpredictable.

  • Asmitty56

    It would also be nice if they could make multi-leveled maps with 2nd and maybe 3rd stories/levels on top of current size maps with objectives on different levels. The maps would still be small but expanded.

    • Christoffer Dixon

      They did a little bit of that in Mw2 and Blops and it failed miserably because there wer too many perches and lines of sight

      • Asmitty56

        I don’t see the problem with perches and lines of sight. Just got to use some tactics. A grenade launcher in a perch would take care of players on perches. Smoke grenades allows you to cross into lines of sight. A bit of team work works too. Have one player suppress, while the rest move on to where they want to go.

        • Christoffer Dixon

          In other games thats fine, but in call of duty (which has been proven for years now) if you dont basically force people to navigate the map or work together they wont and just camp for their killstreaks. In BF i have no problem with power positions because of i usually frun with a full team but in CoD with the laser beam insta-kill guns that are basically snap and kill any power positions just make the game slow down

    • Paul

      it would be just a great ring around the rosie game, like in bf3 close quarters, where you will bump into people from time to time, but there are no frontlines.
      developers need to ditch vertical gameplay alltogether.

      • Asmitty56

        I actually thought it was pretty fun on TDM. Domination was sort of bad though. They capped way too quickly for my liking. Which would cause the ring around the rosie effect.

  • Asmitty56

    I just hope guns have actual recoil. I want to be forced to burst fire my weapon in 6 shots instead going full-auto into an enemy with no problems. At lest involve bullet deviation the long you hold on the trigger. Pretty please Treyarch?

  • Faraz

    They trying to sell a few more extra copies to n00bs.
    Peaple: Beware!

  • Enipla uffam

    My clan and I have been up all night planning the routes we will run. We’ve printed each map out ok A0 sheets, put them up on the walls and made a member chief planning officer for each map, who has to report back and brief the clan on the best approach. We all then challenge it and bring our load out styles to the mix before going hands-in and shouting our team name. I’m personally thinking of having hypnotherapy so I will know the routes better, as I really want to step up in the e-sports arena next year. We have daily training sessions so this should help also.

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  • Wrex

    Looks like global warming has taken over in 2025, from BLOPS 1 with an abundance of snow maps, to BLOPS 2 which lacks snow maps.

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