Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC Confirmed by Call of Duty Mobile Site, New Banner Surfaces and Zombie Details

Earlier this week, the first sightings of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2’s first DLC were reported thanks to a promotional poster that was displayed prematurely at a GameStop retailer.

According to the poster, the DLC, titled Revolution, would come packed with four new multiplayer maps, one new zombie map, and a new weapon. You can read more about it and check out the poster here.

While it still has yet to be officially announced by Activision or Treyarch, Call of Duty’s mobile website seems to have mistakenly confirmed the DLC earlier today. For a brief period of time, the title “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Revolution” was on display on the front page, shown below. It has now been removed and instead features the an older trailer.

Black Ops 2

Additionally, CI was recently sent this banner by an anonymous reader clearly displaying the DLC title, as well a couple of soldiers and zombies.

Black Ops 2

The incoming Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC, if legitimate, is reported to release on January 29 and will most certainly come included in the Black Ops 2 season pass or at $15 USD or 1200 MS Points for non-season pass holders.

Lastly, a user on the Call of Duty forums has allegedly gotten a hold of information regarding the Zombie map, Die Rise, including three new achievements or trophies that are rumored to be included in the Revolution DLC. These should be taken with a grain of salt, however, as nothing has yet to be confirmed.

  • I Can See Clearly Now – In Die Rise, clear all the fog.
  • Don’t Rock the Boat – In Die Rise, complete an entire cycle in the wagon without it being damaged.
  • Anonymous! – In Die Rise, kill a zombie using only the Black Hat.

He went on to describe the map, which you can read in detail right here.

Keep your sights on MP1st in the coming days for more Black Ops 2 DLC details!

  • Jonathan Stoffregen

    either put A LOT more weapons in zombie mode i don’t give a funke

    • MasonMei

      Jonathan bro, it’s been a long time 😀

      • Jonathan Stoffregen

        WTF were you

        • MasonMei

          Should i understand WTF as where the F or who the F…
          ah… “were”… so “where” it is
          well i’ve been busy these days (playing games most :D)

          • Jonathan Stoffregen


  • Jonathan Stoffregen

    i may be wrong but shouldn’t “Play the game central” be credited? or did you find this from another source?

    • Victor

      He uploaded the video 6 hours ago, we (@charlieintel) tweeted 7 hours ago.. 😉

      • Jonathan Stoffregen

        ah i see :) didn’t know if he was the first or anything so i was just checking :)

  • PertAndPopular

    It would be so awesome if this DLC turned Black ops 2 into MW2…It would be worth wasting money on.

    • Jonathan Stoffregen

      “DLC turned Black ops 2 into MW2” oh god explosions EVERYWHERE

      • WarHero

        I think he meant before the whole OMA thing was discovered.

        • Jonathan Stoffregen

          even before that the explosions were too much and some guns could NOT be beat not to mention…quickscopers *shudder*

          • WarHero

            Yeah I remember the few days MW2 was released,people didn’t know WTF to do so they play it safe then weeks came…let’s just say shits gone bad…

            • uhopeisarcastic

              plus the color change hacks and stuff you sea almost every lobby

          • PuddingAuxRais1ns

            I love quckscopers. 90% of the time they run into me i kill them.

            • hm

              For me, 90% of the time my bullets curve around them and they get their “1337 quiksc0pez” on me

            • CoDforever

              Yea ik right ???

          • Cillian Greene

            Still with all it’s problems and frustration it was my most played CoD, such good times.

  • WarHero

    Don’t really like Multiplayer at all but the Zombies is what keeps me an eye on for this DLC. Hopefully won’t disappoint.

    • MassNERDerer

      So funny. I just never got into Zombies, but, though not as popular as the multiplayer, with the online community (forums, youtube, etc.), Zombies really does seem to be a huge selling point!

      • Friendo

        Battlefield player here, got BLOPS for the Zombies. Great game on it’s own.

  • the specialist

    mw2 is the best cod ever made;)

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns


    • WarHero

      I must be the only one thinking CoD 2 is the best CoD title…Forever Alone

    • darkstarnl

      no cod4 and mw2

    • guy

      @7a11df3df61737783c0995f8be7ec586:disqus I Agree

  • pete

    pffff… still waiting for a patch so i can finally play the game… instead they’re working on dlc omg

    • James K

      Yeah nothing wrong with separate teams working on different goals.

  • Milan

    Wow, I hope this to be legit and even more the release date because there are a few maps that i dont like and I hope they all are medium or large size, mostly I play ground war

  • Mohammad Nassir

    black ops 2 in my opinion : 1/ story is truly EPIC 2/ multiplayer is suck a real sh*t 3/ I hate zombies a lot

    • Odynn Aguilar Gomez

      why zombies TT_TT?

      • Jonathan Stoffregen

        no content in zombies once you figure out everything in tranzit it gets boring. the survival maps are too small. and they put almost no new weapons in zombies itself.

        • Odynn Aguilar Gomez

          and then Activision release a “DLC ”
          sadly its true

          • Jonathan Stoffregen

            and the sad thing is i might buy it…. RESIST

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns

      I’ll take black ops 2 over mw2, mw3, and black ops anyday.

      • hm

        I dunno, Black Ops 1 is my favourite COD and overall I just enjoyed it more.

      • Jonathan Stoffregen

        but for what mode? MP,zombies,or SP?

        • PuddingAuxRais1ns

          Just about everything. I think mw2 was better than black ops 2 in terms of connection. But mw2 had terrible balance.

          • Jonathan Stoffregen

            so you think…you THINK BO2 zombies mode is better then BO1……..


          • Oerba

            Balance of the weapons were fine, it was the perks that were messed up IMO. A simple patch to danger close and OMA would made the game gold. BO2 on the other hand…Why use anything other than a FAL or PDW?

  • enrique

    i think die riese is gonna be a another tranzit mode, because it says on the new trophy “complete the entire cycle in the wagon without it being damaged”

  • JN

    Hope that kids right in saying that they’re bringing dead shot daiquiri and mule kick back in this dlc

    • Azza

      I would much rather PHD Flopper in all of the maps, it makes the war machine and rpg bloody useful.

      • JN

        I agree, but at least they’re bringing those back

  • Jay

    Any body remember the TAR in MW2? How overkill it was? Lol

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  • awesome33089

    Just got the map pack it die rise is awesome

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