PS4 4.50 Allows You to Deactivate Primary System Remotely From Another PS4

With the PlayStation 4.50 beta still ongoing a new hidden creature has been uncovered allowing you to deactivate your primary PS4 from any secondary PlayStation 4.


Bit of a warning there is a 24-hour lock once you switch primary for that other console to become primary again. You may also want to reconsider who you gameshare now that they have the ability to deactivate your account from their system. Sony did introduce a Two-Step verification process to accessing a PlayStation Account, so you may want to consider setting that up. The guide can be found on the official PlayStation page here.



We can confirm this is indeed included in the new system software, upon trying to activate on a PS4 with 4.07 we got the following message


Our PS4 4.50 Beta



Source PSXHax

  • Pretty sure this was already a feature since i did this when I got my PS4 Pro last year.

    • jameslara

      When you first logged-in it was I believe it did, but I did actually just double check. I’m in the beta and have a spare PS4 console that isn’t updated with the beta, it doesn’t give you the option and asks you to deactivate from the primary or the website

      • I deactivated my old ps4 from my ps4 pro console, no website needed.

  • Patrick Matthew Barahona

    I’m not liking the 24 hour lock. Me and my brother would de-activate and activate for short periods of times if he intended to come over to play some of his games on my PS4 on his account and I do the same if I wanted to. Now with the 24 hour lock, it’s all bad all around.

    • jameslara

      That should have always been there, IDK the exact specifications as to what triggers it, I know it has to do with activating/deactivating as we’ve been locked out in the past.

      • Patrick Matthew Barahona

        It’s because when you gameshare with someone (my brother in this case), it potentially locks your games when you log on to the other PS4. They should release a patch where that doesn’t happen, so then I’d be happy to never activate and de-activate ever again.

  • Professor Murder

    This is good, because last year, somebody hacked into my PS4 account and deactivated mine and made theirs the primary console. They even emailed me asking if it was OK AFTER they did it. They were from somewhere in the middle east and he emailed me:

    “Excuse me,
    I am using your account as my primary ps4
    can I use this to play the LIMBO , Metro redux , and other games that you bought ?
    I just play
    did you let me?”

    And again:

    “I don’t want to hack your account
    I just play your games offline on my console.
    Please let me.
    I can’t buy them because too expensive for meDid you let me??”

    And asking and asking. I was livid with this one:

    “I am not hacker
    I just bought your password from shoppers.
    He tell me that go to account settings and Deactive his account and You ( mean me) can play games (that you bought ) offline.
    For this reason I have feel guilty and decide to tell your password to change .
    Now My PS4 have your games in my account and I just can play them offline.
    Please let me to play them.
    In Fact If you let me you share your games with me.
    Also You can not deactive your psn account until next 6 months.
    please let me to play them and fogive me I feel guilty and Sin …
    I’m waiting to your answer.”

    I am so lucky he didn’t start using my ‘on file’ paypal or he could have started buying stuff since he had my login password.

    I had to contact Sony and get them to deactivate ALL accounts connected, change log mine back in and change the password.
    It was scary wondering if my bank account was going to empty from spending because this guy clearly wasn’t listening to my legality reasons and was on the other side of the world in the Middle East somewhere.

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