NHL 18 HUT Holiday Humongous Pack Causes Uproar, “Guaranteed” Collectible Isn’t Actually Guaranteed

Those playing NHL 18 HUT will no doubt have seen the new “Holiday Humongous Pack” available for purchase. This pack is supposed to contain “20 Gold Rare players, 1 guaranteed Christmas Collectible and prospects of up to 3 more!”

Unfortunately, some players are finding that “guaranteed” doesn’t actually mean 100 percent.

Reddit users cellblok69wlamp, JAMIETHUMB, and Slamthepanda21 have all expressed their disappointment at not receiving a single “Christmas Collectible.”

have an upvote, i bought one and didnt get a collectible as well. – cellblok69wlamp

Same thing happened with the boys and I Figured why the hell would I even bother to complain cause they are not going to do a damn thing and it will be a waste of time. – JAMIETHUMB

Bought a Humongous Holiday pack and didn’t the “guaranteed” Christmas collectable. This was what EA advisor said in response. – Slamthepanda21

Slamthepanda21 also provided a screenshot of EA customer service saying that the guaranteed reward “is not 100% sure.”

To me, the Holiday Humongous Pack is clearly described as containing at least one Christmas reward. EA needs to look into this and deliver on what was promised.

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Source: Reddit