Black Ops 2 Community-Made Weapons Statistics Data

Reddit user and Black Ops 2 community member Gamamaster101 Black Ops 2 community member Marvel4 has published an in-depth weapon statistics analysis for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

The data is filled with statistics of all Black Ops 2’s multiplayer weapons, including the latest addition from the Revolution DLC, the Peacekeeper SMG. You’ll be able to find stats like damage, range, hits-to-kill, multipliers and much much more, so check it out and see how your favorite weapons stack up.

Black Ops 2 Weapon Stats

(Google Doc)

As it stands, it still looks to be a work in progress, as “Viewkick” and “Centerspeed” have yet to be verified. Keep checking back for updates!

Source: Denkirson Proboards.

  • DanDustEmOff

    weapon stats mean nothing in this game if your host u can win with a silenced pistol if u aint it doesn’t matter what you use and the host is always on some poor to mediocre connection on another continent.

  • Aaron Kenney

    M8A1 3-hit at 50? Wow the hit reg in this game must really suck then.

  • Devin Jackson

    Type 25 Highest dps, yeahh

    • Aaron Kenney

      Good for you. Now try getting through the shite hit reg with it.

  • Shinigami | JA

    Pretty comprehensive!

  • Sergeant Kelly

    These stats have been out since around November, haha. (Pre-patch, ofc)

    • David Veselka

      There are a few updates here. Made by a different user, and it includes the Peacekeeper SMG.

  • kavanaugh

    He didn’t publish the chart, he found it on denkirson forums

    • Sergeant Kelly

      Yep. Credit should be going to Marvel4. The earlier spreadsheet I posted was also from the denkirson boards.

    • David Veselka

      Fixed! Thanks.

      • Dumien

        Thank you. I retract my earlier statement.

    • Eric
  • Dumien

    Thank you for furthering the wonderful art of plagiarism on the internet. Way to blatantly steal a person’s hard work.

  • Ryker

    This was created by Marvel4 at Den Kirson forums, not Gamamaster 101. Give credit where it’s due.

  • Will Wheatley

    If you’re going to plagiarise Marvel4’s chart, at least upload a copy of it yourself. You have a direct link to Marvel’s original spreadsheet on his server.

  • Guest

    Dudes…. this is really a waste o time.

  • betosobreira

    That’s such a waste of time. Choose a weapon, and play.

    • Robert Marks

      Video games in general are a waste of time. That’s what makes them so desirable. Otherwise it would feel like work.

      • betosobreira

        I think you understood what I meant. Making a chart of weapons statistics is such a wast of time. Just choose a weapon and play.

  • ian
  • Gabriel

    Game still lags like a bitch