Report – Call of Duty 2014 Development Ramps Up, Next-Gen Visual Effects on Xbox 360 and PS3?

Sledgehammer Games is building staff as the studio ramps up development on Call of Duty 2014, recently rumored to be a new entry in the Modern Warfare series.

According to a handful of job listings we dug up, the studio is looking for positions ranging from UI designers and graphic artists to level designers and character artists. A total of 11 positions were listed.

Most interesting of the bunch was a listing for VFX artists who’s description read that they “will work closely with the Lead VFX Artist, Art Director, Technical Art Director, Lighting and Design team to create the most exceptional real-time effects with hyper realism for our current project.”

In addition, the “candidates will have the opportunity to contribute in various areas of in-game effects including but not excluding weaponry effects, vehicle destruction, large-scaled rigid body simulations and environmental effects such as fire, smoke, water, and weather system.

Also of note was the listing’s qualifications that include “at least 2 to 3 years of next-gen visual effects development on console hardware (360, PS3),” as well as “experience with and a good working knowledge of the limitations and expectations of current generation hardware (360, PS3).” Can we expect “next-gen visual effects” on current-gen hardware?

Earlier, Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg said that Call of Duty 2014 would be “a next-gen-first production and the current-gen game will be a version of that.”

Leave your thoughts in the comments and be sure to keep your sights on MP1st for everything Call of Duty!

  • MegaMan3k

    Man that title throws my head for a loop.


    Simple, no.

    Examples? Ghosts looks AWFUL compared to the previous call of duty games.

    • MegaMan3k

      It surprises me that Modern Warfare 2 still remains the best looking COD game by far.

      • Al

        Black Ops 2 looks much better then MW2, at least on the PC anyway.

      • CoDforever

        Hell no, Black ops 2 is the best looking cod by MILES.

        • Patrick Matthew Barahona

          It looks nice, but to me, it looks kind of “chartoonish”.

          • CoDforever

            It was their art direction

        • TheMuskyPotato

          Graphics ranking in my opinion:

          • Jacob Gaertner

            I’m 90% confident that you think the graphics in WaW was the worst because it was WWII era..correct? Am i the ONLY one that actually enjoys WWII era shooters? I’d definitely drop BO to the bottom of the list. Everything looked like toys.

    • John D

      I disagree. Ghosts on PS4 had some pretty great graphics on the single player. The Mutiplayer was a whole different story.

      • TROLLZOR

        Oh god… You read the article, right? If not, it says that Sledgehammer games want to implement “next-gen” rendering techniques for the old PS3 and X360 consoles. So, seeing that Ghosts on those systems looks horrible comparing to older CODs… why they want to implement new tech if those machines can’t handle the actual? It’s ridiculous.

        • John D

          Maybe they will adopt Frostbite 3. That would be funny. LOL

          Frostbite 3 though is a overrated engine just like the Unreal Engine. There is some bad problems that still are not fixed to this day on newer games.

  • sd94

    I read “hyper realism” and all I could think of was the scene in Toy Story when Woody told Buzz that the ship had “HYPER-ACTIVE HYPERDRIVE”

    • Herbert

      Its like one of those Michael Bay words, talking about the next transformers

  • Katana67

    The fact that “current gen”, “2014”, and “development” are in the same sentence tells me all I need to know.

    • MegaMan3k

      Of course it’s for the current gen. It’s also for the last gen, but it’s definitely for the current gen.

      • Katana67

        Couldn’t quote a sentence that doesn’t exist. Aaaand it seems they’ve amended the title as well.

        • Sorry. We thought it was a tad confusing at first. Tried to clarify better 🙂

          • CoDforever

            Where is the source for this?

            • In the article, bro!

            • CoDforever

              ohh usually you’d put it in the last sentence

    • John D

      The fact that they are gonna make this for five systems tells me all I need to know. If DICE puts BF5 on 360, PS3 it will be another glitched and bad optimized mess on PS4,XB1, and PC.

      • Mike

        I CANNOT wait until The Last of Us hits PS4 this summer. Thats why I own a PS4 instead of a Xb1. I owned a 360 so i missed all these great games.

        • Ally

          Do you think it will? I would buy it in an instant if they made an upgraded remake of it

          • Nick Salamon

            Last of Us will be on Playstation Now (stream game service) this year.

            • jspillen

              I agree this will be on of the games that helps to drive Playstation Now

        • Storm_Worm5364

          “hits PS4 this summer”. Naughty Dog doesn’t do that. They don’t like to port their games to other consoles. The game’s on PS3, it will stay on PS3. You’ll probably be able to play it via Playstation Now.

        • Just saying

          What you’ve missed on X1 is nothing compared to what we will get starting with Infamous: Second Son.

        • John D

          Yeah Last of Us is probably my second favorite game of all time. It is a masterpiece.

    • alexrr10

      No It doesn’t because the game is primarily for next-gen and then It’s gonna be ported to the last-gen consoles

      • Katana67

        Which means they have to use last-gen as a baseline in order to port it back. I don’t want last-gen factoring in AT ALL. Next/current gen should be the absolute baseline.

        • Jacob Gaertner

          Not necessarily. They can easily design a game with only next-gen in mind, and then scale back everything to function on last gen.

  • xkingxnitemare

    if it turns out like a cross-gen ghosts disaster im not even gonna bother this year.

    • Steph

      It undoubtedly will be just that

  • Mitch

    I’ll believe it when I see it. So I’ll wait 2 months.

  • Steph

    I can’t wait till last gen isn’t supported anymore in a year or two, games like COD and BF will be all the better for it.

    Can’t say I’m looking forward to the next COD unless they do some truly innovating stuff which most likely isn’t the case as per usual.

    • Oblivion_Lost667

      It’d be nice if the big titles like COD/BF and the like dropped last gen sooner, previous gen just keeps getting the inferior version of a game, and current gen keeps getting held back.

      • MegaMan3k

        It’d be nice, but it’s a terrible business idea. I don’t know when we’ll stop seeing last-gen “ports” on the tentpole games, but I imagine it’ll be a long ways off. Maybe 2016? Maybe 2017?

        • Jacob Gaertner

          I doubt it will be that long. It didn’t take long for games to stop being made for both 360/PS3 and Xbox/PS2. A year, max? It’s actually not a terrible business idea. Not for Sony and Microsoft at least. If people are still on last gen consoles, and they learn that a badass game is coming out only for next-gen, theyre more likely to go out and buy the new console.

      • Steph

        Agreed but like Mega said below, it’d be bad business so we are stuck with it 🙁 we can dream tho 🙂

  • grunt0311

    I’ll wait for treyarch….

  • Mike

    Confused… So updating last gen to current gen or current gen to next gen potential? hah kidding

  • Dennis Crosby

    Yea I’ll still past the last three Cod’s haven’t been that good its like the took a step forward with single player but took three steps back with multiplayer.Ghost could of been good if the would at least kept up with there promises, had better killstreaks and didn’t put that terrible lean in the game. The lean mechanic alone slowed the game play down

    • Jason Lane

      You can turn the lean off in the menu. This is why 90% of peoples COD complaints hold zero water for me. Such petty bitching over the dumbest shit possible. I’m not attacking you personally sir, just venting I guess.

      • Dennis Crosby

        I know you can turn it off what I’m saying is since the lean was incorporated into the multiplayer the game play has slowed down because everyone is to busy leaning instead of playing the objectives

        • Jason Lane

          Never see it enough to effect me.

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  • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

    if its gonna run 60 fps on old consoles, its gonna look like shit and you can skip it

  • jahladagaming

    Hey Sledgehammer, piece of advice:

    Gameplay is more important than visuals.

  • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

    How long do you have to torture the poor engine from 1999? i really have to ask. There is no doubt in my mind, cod 2014 is built on the same engine

    • Jason Lane

      Dodge has used the Hemi engine for decades and it still smokes a lot of what’s out there. Give the old engine complaint a rest. It’s not relevant anymore. Also, if it’s really that old of an engine than it’s the best that’s ever been released. At least it doesn’t crash the game like others out there.15 years old and it’s still 60fps on PS4? Get real man.

      • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

        the game crash because they are unfinished not because engine is shit. And by the way, it doesnt crash anymore

        • Jason Lane

          So you’re saying a game engine 15 years old, that consistently performs over many years and 4 generations of consoles, is garbage? Please tell me yes at least it will provide a reason for ignorance.

          • Jacob Gaertner

            Another ignorant part of his logic is the fact that he thinks it’s the EXACT same engine. Every year they make little tweaks and improve it. The engine in the recent CoDs is by no means the exact same engine from ’99.

            Unless my understanding of game engines is incorrect, then my apologies. But i do remember an article from a previous release of cod that they were in fact upgrading the engine and that they weren’t going to create a new one.

    • James Mulhall

      You’re an idiot, that is all.

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  • andrew boon

    Call of duty .. the best game !

  • Johnny Neat

    When are we ever going to get a truly new engine from the ground up for this game, jesus.?

    • Jacob Gaertner

      Never. Don’t fix what’s not broken, man.

      • Johnny Neat

        That must be a joke.

        • Jacob Gaertner

          Is the whole thing broken? Absolutely not. Does it have flaws? Duh. There isn’t a single game engine out there that doesn’t have any flaws. As FPS’s go, CoD has one of the top 3 engines. Sure there are other issues that contribute to making gameplay feel flawed. Lag may be one of them. But that has nothing to do with the engine.

          What specific problems are there with the engine that warrant a complete new engine from scratch?

  • Brandon Griffin

    Ugh PS4 / Xbone (and PC too, actually) will be immensely held back until they stop dev’ing for last gen

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