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Nvidia Titan V Graphics Card Announced, Priced at $3000 News 0

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Nvidia just dropped a surprise bombshell during the NIPS 2017 conference. Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, revealed the $3,000 Nvidia Titan V graphics card. It’s less about gaming, and more about compute power for artificial intelligence. With that said, it should probably be pretty capable for gaming, too! (I mean, even programmers have got to […]

24-Karat Gold Xbox One X Giveaway Now Live News 0

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Microsoft is giving one lucky person a chance to win a 24-karat gold-plated Xbox One X. Not only that, but it’s the Project Scorpio Edition version. That means you can have the most powerful console, “Day One” edition, in pimpin’ gold! The gold Xbox One X is being given away through the console’s Game Pass. […]

AMD Adrenalin Edition Announced, Major Driver Update Improves “From Great to Greatness” News 0

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AMD has announced the “Adrenalin Edition” version of their Radeon Software. This major driver update is said to improve things “from great to greatness,” though no real specifics have been given. While there’s little in the way of information on how this new driver update will enhance gamers’ experiences, there is at least a shiny new trailer. […]

HDMI 2.1 Final Specs Confirmed: 10K Resolution Support, “Enhanced Refresh Rate Features” & More News 0

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Not every HDMI cable is created equal. Different versions do different things. You may have learned this while trying to set up a new PlayStation 4 Pro or Xbox One X… Well, now a new HDMI spec has been finalized, boasting features like 10K resolution support, “enhanced refresh rate features” and more. We’ll be waiting […]

Royole Moon Review – Portable Boob Tube Reviews 2

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While there are dozens — if not hundreds — of TVs, monitors and the like available in the market, the same can’t be said for personal virtual theaters. Not familiar with those? I don’t blame you. Think of it as giant private screens that can display whatever you’re playing, watching, streaming, and more. Enter the […]

PSA: Don’t Plug Your Xbox One X Into a Surge Protector News 0

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It’s possible that you’ve stumbled onto this page because you’ve plugged your Xbox One X into a surge protector and it won’t turn on. First, don’t worry, it’s not broken, it just simply isn’t drawing enough power from the socket. The thing is, the Xbox One X (and Xbox One S) already has a surge protector built into […]

Ubisoft: PS5 and Next Xbox Are a Minimum “2 Years” Away News 0

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It’s already been a few years since the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have hit the market, and some gamers might be looking forward to the PS4 and next Xbox. Well, if you are, prepare for a long wait as Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot thinks we’re a “minimum two years” away from seeing it out […]

Best Buy Black Friday 2017: TVs, PS4 1TB Bundle, Xbox One S Bundle & More News 0

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It’s almost time for crazy deals that are bound to “bust doors!” Starting on Thursday evening, Best Buy will begin slashing prices, and thanks to the “Black Friday Preview”, we already know a bunch of the discounts! Here are the highlights spotted thus far: A large selection of television deals including the Insignia 39-inch LED […]

Intel and AMD Combine Forces for New Processor News 0

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So, this is a thing! Intel and AMD are combining forces to bring “thinner, lighter, more powerful enthusiast mobile platforms that deliver a premium experience.” The ultimate goal here is to reduce the height of systems that currently use Intel Core H-series processors in addition to higher-powered discrete graphics solutions. A smaller form factor, while […]

Destiny 2 Xbox One X Enhancements Still Unconfirmed, Activision Remains Tight-Lipped News 0

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Despite being included in the Xbox One X reviewer’s pack, which contains the system and eighteen games, Destiny 2‘s Xbox One X “enhancements” — if it actually has any — have yet to be confirmed.  The game is expected to be enhanced for Xbox One X, in a similar way to the game’s boost in resolution […]

Elgato 4K60 Pro Price and Release Date Revealed News 0

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We’ve known about the Elgato 4K60 Pro for quite some time now. It’s exciting tech that will allow gamers to record 4K gameplay at 60fps. With the PS4 Pro, and soon the Xbox One X, releasing and making 4K console gameplay a reality, there’s been a surge in demand for a 4K60 compatible capture device.  […]

Report – White PS4 Pro Console Standalone Launching Next Week News 0

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Previously only available as part of a Destiny 2 bundle, it now looks as if the white PS4 Pro will be launched as a standalone console purchase. UK retailer Smyths has listed the console for pre-order. It’s priced at £339.99 (~$444) and will apparently release on November 7.  Here’s the official feature list, according to the Smyths […]

Nvidia GTX Titan X Collector’s Edition Teased in Short Video News 0

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“It’s coming…”, Nvidia warns enthusiast gamers’ wallets, as a newly-released video teases a revamped Titan X graphics card. In the clip, we get a clear look at the engraved name: “Titan X Collector’s Edition.” Give the video a watch here: You can spot the name by pausing at 0:11.  Sadly, all we’ve gotten so far […]

Razer Enters the Smartphone Market With the Razer Phone for Mobile Gaming News 0

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Razer, the video game hardware maker is now entering the super-crowded smartphone market with the “Razer Phone.” It’s based on Android, with built-in Dolby Atmos audio tech, and reportedly, has an amazing battery life. Check out the phone specs and features straight from the press release. SMOOTHER. BRIGHTER. FASTER. The Razer Phone is equipped with […]

Top 5 Xbox One X Enhanced Games to Play at Launch News 0

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This time on Pixel Enemy, I’ve listed the five best Xbox One X Enhanced games to play at launch. If you’re picking up the most powerful console on its November 7 launch, you’ll want to give these games a go! Click “play” on the video above to give it a watch, and be sure to […]

Microsoft Intellimouse Being Resurrected With a Refreshed Design News 0

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Microsoft’s Intellimouse is as classic as the ’90s Lamborghini Diablo, with a sleek design, a scroll wheel(yes, this wasn’t a default feature back then) and two side buttons for that extra “oomph” in your workflow. Now, Microsoft is bringing back the mouse in a sleek and updated design after discontinuing the 3.0 five years ago. […]

Xbox One X Unboxing: Here’s What’s in the Retail Box News 0

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Interested in purchasing Microsoft’s “most powerful console”? If you answered “yes,” then you’ll be interested to know that the folks over at Digital Foundry have given an in-depth unboxing for the standard retail edition Xbox One X. Alongside the Xbox One X unboxing, Digital Foundry has provided a quick size comparison with the other Xbox […]

Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti Officially Revealed, Pre-Orders Now Open News 0

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The Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti has been one of the worst kept secrets. We all knew it was coming, and its release was never going to surprise anyone. What might surprise people is the price. Nvidia has now officially revealed the product, and it’s available to pre-order for $449. It’s set to launch on November 2. On […]

Xbox Kinect Dead, Production Has Officially Ended News 0

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The time has come for the Xbox Kinect to give up the ghost. Microsoft has officially confirmed that production of Kinect has concluded. No longer will cameras be being made, and you can bet that software support for the hardware will also soon cease to be.  After making waves on Xbox 360 with an impressive […]

Xbox One Officially Licensed Keyboard & Mouse is Launching Soon News 1

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The Xbox One is getting a new keyboard and mouse! What’s more, the Hori Tactical Assault Commander Pro One is officially licensed by Microsoft, and so should work well.  Here’s the more premium $149.99 peripheral’s key features: Officially Licensed by Microsoft Key and sensitivity settings can be saved to user profiles and adjusted with mobile […]

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