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Call of Duty: Ghosts – Hi-Res Images of “The Ripper” Weapon DLC Media 48

Media 48 Coming to Call of Duty: Ghosts Season Pass holders is a brand new weapon that developer Infinity Ward is calling “The Ripper”. As we mentioned in our earlier report this morning, the weapon sports a very futuristic aesthetic with a unique bullpup design. Its hybrid sight allows it to toggle between sub-machine gun and assault […]

Fan Video Highlights The Sounds of Battlefield 4 Media 18

Media 18 By now, you’ve probably seen your fair share of Battlefield-related YouTube videos showing off the game’s striking scenery and gorgeous and backdrops, usually titled something along the lines of “The Beauty of Battlefield”. But what about the sounds of Battlefield? DICE’s sound design team have be highly regarded as some of the best audio engineers […]

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Gets a Trailer For New Micro-DLC Items Media 25

Media 25 Developer Treyarch has launched a brand new gameplay trailer showing off some nifty new customization items now available for Call of Duty: Ghosts Black Ops 2. Xbox Live members can pick up all four personalization packs in the Marketplace or in-game Black Ops 2 store right now for $1.99 USD each: Weaponized 115 “The Weaponized […]

Diablo 3 – Blizzard Shows You What’s New in Patch 2.0.1 Media 2

Media 2 Diablo 3 patch 2.0.1 is now available to download for all dungeon crawling hack-and-slashers and developer Blizzard has put together an info vid telling you everything you need to know about it. The patch is intended to prepare the game for its upcoming expansion, Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls, launching March 25 on PC and […]

Microsoft Details Xbox One March System Update, Rolling Out Today Media 13

Media 13 Microsoft is launching a brand new Xbox One system update today that looks to improve a number of features with some of the biggest tweaks coming to the console’s Friends and Party functions. The update also prepares the platform for Respawn Entertainment’s upcoming shooter, Titanfall. “I’m excited to share that our second, and most significant, […]

Check Out These 9 World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition Tutorial Videos Media 0

Media 0 Now out on the Xbox Live Marketplace, Wargaming West’s free-to-play World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition introduces 15 vs. 15 battles in the definitive tank vs. tank warfare experience. Helping you get on your feet – or, wheels, I should say – quicker, the studio has put together nine tutorial video covering everything you need […]

Titanfall Gets an Amazing Launch Trailer Media 10

Media 10 Towering mechs, wall-running Pilots, explosions, slow motion, space — it’s all in Titanfall’s official launch trailer. Developer Respawn Entertainment is gearing up for the launch of their new first-person shooter IP, Titanfall, which went gold earlier last week. It officially launches on the PC and Xbox One this March 11, and on the Xbox 360 […]

Rumor – First PlanetSide 2 PlayStation 4 Gameplay [Off Screen] [Updated] Rumors 17

Rumors 17 Update It’s been pointed out that the camera man was recording PlanetSide 2 gameplay footage being played back by PlayStation 4′s web browser and not from the actual disk drive. The video is, therefore, unquestionably fake. Original Story Above is what appears to be some of the first footage of the PlayStation 4 version of […]

Insider Leaks “Modern Warfare 4″ Gameplay Details to YouTube Personality Rumors 103

Rumors 103 New details on Sledgehammer’s Call of Duty 2014 surface via leaked insider details. Allegedly, “somebody inside the Call of Duty machine” showed a ”variety of media files” to Call of Duty YouTube personality Drift0r who has relayed that information in the video above. Drift0r, the same personality who leaked Call of Duty: Ghosts’ initial details last […]

New Titanfall Trailer – Life is Better With a Titan Media 10

Media 10 EA and Respawn Entertainment are showing off what life is like with a Titan. The studios have released a new TV Spot for the Respawn’s upcoming sci-fi first-person shooter Titanfall, launching on the Xbox One and PC March 11 and on the Xbox 360 March 25. Check it out in the featured section above. Be sure […]

Warframe PS4 Update Introduces New Warframe, Weapons, and Mode Media 4

Media 4 A recent Warframe update on the PlayStation 4 introduces new content like the Zephyr Warframe, new weapons, a new in-game HUD, and the new game mode, Interception. “For Update 12, we really wanted to introduce a Warframe like no other, and we believe we accomplished that with Zephyr, the air-based Warframe,” writes Digital Extremes associate […]

Destiny – Everything We Know So Far Media 14

Media 14 While we most certainly don’t know everything there is to know about Bungie’s upcoming shared-world shooter, Destiny, it turns out there’s at least enough info out there to fill a 40-minute info vid by YouTube channel Destiny Updates. The video, which developer Bungie calls ”almost completely accurate”, dives into the game’s background, story, RPG elements, gameplay, and […]

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