Destiny – First Impressions

We got to play the Destiny First Look Alpha a little early at a pre-E3 2014 behind-closed-doors event with the developers at Bungie.

Here are my first thoughts on what I saw and played.

Destiny’s First Look Alpha launches today on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. If you’ve already had the chance to check it out, be sure to tell us what you think in the comments!

  • Alpine

    wow i really like the intro..good job

  • Guest

    Your first thoughts was to get other alpha users to give you there first thoughts?

    • jameslara

      there’s an issue with the article, sorry guys fixing ASAP

  • So how do we get access to this first look alpha on PS4 you say is coming out today?

    • Ryan Schulze

      Sony’s Greatness Awaits website.

      • KiLLaMaNiLLa

        I believe they closed invites at 11:59 last night.

        • MrMultiPlatform

          They’s did.

    • Deadline was yesterday 🙁 They’re sending out the codes today.

  • Enochrewt

    The people that think Destiny looks boring might do well to remember the original Halo’s E3 showing in 2001. Nobody was excited, the general impression was that Halo was disappointing and it wasn’t going to be a system seller. Bungie has done climbed this hill before, and they’re much more experienced now. I think this is going to be one of the most engaging games we’ve ever seen.

    • Fernando

      I really hope you are right… I used to love Halo until I started to find it boring… And Destiny feels so similar to Halo…

      Again I hope you are right.. I really do…

      • jameslara

        In the Alpha. I thought it was going to be Boring and such from watching all the videos, but wow, when you actually control it and play it urself it’s a lot better. Everything about this game screams amazing. This Alpha is extremely impressive and polish to.

        • SubXero

          The alpha is Polish? 😛

          • jameslara

            Yes, very.
            It’s hard to find any bugs honestly. Typically when I Beta test any game there are network issues, clipping through walls, graphical errors, ect ect.

            It feels as if I am playing a near completed game

            • KiLLaMaNiLLa

              Agreed it’s very hard to believe this is a alpha i have yet to experience any issues at all and this game is a blast. Just finished a Public event and it was straight up craziness.

            • Lol. James. He was referring to your Eastern European description of the beta 😉

            • SubXero

              I agree that it’s polished but you said it’s “polish” as in from Poland. I knew what you meant but I can’t pass up an opportunity to poke fun at someone 😀

        • Fernando

          So great then! I guess I’ll start packing to hop in the hype train! ^_^

    • Richie Tellez

      I really would like to play Destiny. Reminds me of BL2. Shooting mechanics or the classes doesnt look anything like Halo to me. Sucks i just recently switched to PC. This is the one of the few games, i’ll consider buying a PS4.

  • Ryan Schulze

    Just got my invitation to download the Alpha. I submitted my request yesterday.

  • Mike

    I signed up for this and of course I get no code. I did get Battlefield code, rather have Destiny.

    • Joel Santana

      They might be sending them in waves.

      • MrMultiPlatform

        Hope your right man. I really want one.

    • KiLLaMaNiLLa

      Yeah i got both codes and i was rather blown away by BFH for 1 map and 2 modes its quite fun and runs a lot smoother then the BF4 beta. Can’t wait for both of these games to come out gonna be so broke this year with so many great games coming out from oct to nov lol.

  • MrMultiPlatform


    • Shit. I forgot to edit that. The secret is out! The secret to my ridiculously high K/D, that is 😉

      • MrMultiPlatform


      • Enochrewt

        Inverted is the way to go!

      • Dirtknap
        • Lol! FYI, only my soldier controls are ever inverted. Choppers, jets, and planes always stay standard, which are, in fact, inverted by default anyways!

      • David!!

        Inverted! Because we love when our friends grab the controller and look up at the sky uncontrollably.

        • theplantain


  • idi

    I’d much rather read then watch a video..

    • Mr. Thuggins

      Why would you want to read before you watch video? Wouldn’t that be redundant?


    DESTINY IS AWESOME!!!! The Alpha is smooth can’t wait to see how much better the Beta is and then can’t wait for the game

  • Green117

    Glad I saved over the last year and got myself a beast of a PC instead of buying a next gen console. Anything under 60fps can go take a running jump.

    Destiny was really the only game that interested me on the consoles. But 30fps, that really is not something to be proud of.

    • Jeuthy

      the point is that even with the limitations of consoles and not beast PC’s i hope everybody could enjoy this awesome game, i have a ps4 but i really hope it comes out soon for pc also cause this game is just amazing and i really want all people enjoy it, no matter 60fps or 30fps.

      • Green117

        Limitations? This is supposed to be next gen. I’m sorry but this is simply not good enough. I would love to play Destiny, but 30fps? After years of HD films, would anyone really want to see Avengers 2 in SD? I’m sure it will be a great film and all, but it would feel like such a step back from the previous film, don’t you think?

        I get what you are saying David. Yet gameplay, one of the most important factors in gaming can suffer greatly from poor frame rates. I’m all about the immersion. Sluggish movement is a big turn off and can easily pull me out of the experience. I suppose it is now simply a case that the grass is actually greener on the other side, and I’m happy grazing here for the foreseeable future.

        Dev’s need to stop appeasing to the graphic whores, cut back on a little texture overkill here and there and get their games running at a decent frame rate. Having been a console fan for so long (from the day of that Orange Pong Box that I still have in my attic to the Xbox360) it is far too noticeable now. Halo: Reach, despite being such a great game suffered from terrible drops in frames, and it was at that point when I really began to notice it in other games.

        Switching to a PC since August of last year, I’ve enjoyed Ultra settings at 60fps+. Gaming has never looked or ever felt so good. It really is a different feeling entirely when a constantly smooth frame rate is present.

        I would love to play Destiny, really I would (huge Bungie fan), but shelling out on a console, particular when the experience is far lesser than I could have imagined with this current, supposed next generation, it seems rather daft. Add to the fact that my most wanted game – The Division – is now also set for 30fps on consoles, I really feel I made the right choice.

        • theplantain

          screw being professional…hey everyone, we got a virgin over here!!

          • Green117

            And if I was, what would it matter? Believe me, if I could go back and not sleep with half of women I had I would. You live and learn from your mistakes and I would give anything to have lost my virginity to the only person I have truly loved and not have been with anyone else ever in life.

            Sex with someone doesn’t make you anything special. And lets be honest, we are both here posting on a gaming site. Treating me like I am some kind of PC version of Sheldon simply because I have a strong view on frame rates in games is a little sad. And yet you come off believing you are being big and clever with some lame attempt at humour. Good job sir. Now grow up!

            • theplantain

              oh dear…mistakes? dat herpes got ya huh? oops

            • Green117

              Dat herpes got ya? Really? You aren’t exactly the brightest spark I’ve ever come across, but then judging by your two comments, you are ever very young and naive or quite pathetic when dealing with others. I get you are trolling and if it helps you to forget about your own insecurities, great, I’m happy to lend myself as a target to yet another sad individual on the internet.

    • I admittedly find it very interesting that you’re willing to skip out on an entire genre-defining experience that’s been years in the making, one that you can’t get on PC, because of the number of frames that flash on your screen in the time span of one second. I mean, when did frame rate alone become more heavily judged than the sum of more important factors like gameplay, presentation, quality, fun, depth, features, social experiences, exploration, etc.?

      Definitely not disagreeing with you. That’s totally your choice to make. I’m just intrigued that this really ‘is’ a thing. I suppose the chances of it coming to PC are favorable, however, so it can’t hurt to wait.

  • dpg70

    Loving it so far. If this is the alpha then the full release should be amazing. This looks and plays silky smooth. I was a little worried just from watching gameplay videos, but it’s really good.
    And that’s from perhaps the only person in the world that hates Halo.

  • Playmaker

    first few leaks were very sketchy. since, the vids have been awesome. this is a day 1 for me on xbone.

  • Sgt. Mofo

    The alpha is very enjoyable. The mechanics are solid, and I can’t help but feel I barely scratched the suface of what the title has to offer. This has jumped near the top of my most anticipated titles.

  • Jeuthy

    Bungie really needs to have a lot of confidence on this game to release an Alpha, that means that they know what they’re doing is just amazing.

    And after i played it im sure it is, the wait till 9/9 will be really long after this little taste Bungie gave us.

    (and if my english is a bad its because its not my original lenguaje XD)

  • xkingxnitemare

    its a good game. But PvP needs some work. the controls feel alot more sluggish than they do in the mission portion and the matchmaking could be better. Ive run into quite a bit of lag. the vehicles in the moon map ruin it IMO. and the weapons seem good for the most part but i hope theres more in the full game. overall its a buy for me. i just hope they fix a few things before launch.

  • Spectre01N7

    It’s Halo and Borderlands, and it feels great, i’m excited.