Battlefield 3: End Game Is Now Live on All Platforms For Premium Members, How Do You Rate It?

Battlefield 3: End Game, Digital Illusions CE’s fifth and final expansion for the popular military FPS, is now live for all Premium members across the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

End Game will be available for download for non-Premium PS3 users on March 19, and regular Xbox 360 and PC users on March 26.

The final expansion comes packed with two exciting new game modes, Capture the Flag and Air Superiority, as well as four new maps inspired by the four seasons and a number of new vehicles including the motor-bike, new AA vehicles and the new Dropship. You can check out our preview here, but make sure to keep an eye out for our full review soon.

You can also learn all about the brand new assignments and dog tags End Game is introducing right there.

Don’t forget that all Premium members are entitled do a period of double XP this weekend, so be sure to mark your calendars. Click here for more info.

With all Battlefield 3 Premium members now able to take a crack at the new content, we want to ask you, how do you rate Battlefield 3’s final DLC, End Game? We want to hear from you in the comments and see you vote in the poll below!

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  • I think the IGLAS ruins the motorcycles, you may as well put a giant target on your back that says FREE KILL. Anyways, good maps nonetheless

    • Robenter

      You mean javelins? I disagree. They keep the dirt bikes in check.

    • Daniel Matros

      you’re obviously a hacker if you can lock on and destroy the dirtbikes with an IGLA lol

  • Currently Air Superiority needs rebalancing imho. other than that, It is great as all the others. Sadly this game is really old now, and I think most of us are ready for a fresh start in the next BF.

    • yeah, even to me, who gets A LOT out of video games, It’s starting to feel old. Maybe because it’s main feature is online and there is no modding.

    • MegaMan3k

      I haven’t played it yet. What’s unbalanced about it? Are jets with heatseekers and air radar too dominating against players without any Jet unlocks?

      • There’s no below radar. Once you flared, you don’t have anything to counter missiles. And air radar has a 10 meter range.

        • AL_GR33N_

          That is actually not true. There is below radar. It’s just that you have to get very low (think amongst the trees) and while the terrain is largely clear of obstructions, the terrain itself isn’t particularly smooth, making it difficult to stay grounded.

      • Nick Loner

        Air Radar is actually pretty much useless now since in Air Superiority its range is nerfed beyond belief. A regular minimap is much more useful.

        Heat Seekers also aren’t that big of a problem, since the air space is enormous and you can’t just lock onto someone at the other end of the map. Below Radar and just good speed control are also good ways to avoid lock-ons.

        Personally, I don’t find it unbalanced and really enjoy this gamemode. It lacks depth, but is a good dumb fast-paced bit of fun. I just wish there was a bit more to it than just jet TDM.

    • CaseyFTW

      End game = End game. Like the man said it was a great run but gimme something fresh.

    • born2expire

      Ahhhhh puppets for EA, but we have BF4 just around the corner!!

      2 years is not old, hell Counter-Stirke is well over 12 years and still better than 99% of the FPS games on the market (im looking squarely at you COD).

      • Every good game has its community that sticks forever, but modding ensures that these games stay. However the quality rarely comes close something released by the original developers. So we are puppets of ea? Valve does free DLCs? Or do they release things like in an engagement ring in TF2 for 100$?

  • Kyle Jackson

    I give good gun.

  • Close Quarters or End Game…

    Anyone want to try to tip the scales?

    • No comparison. CQ is fun and had its charm, but there are no modes except TDM, CD and GM. That’s it. No Rush. No vehicles. No reuse of the maps in unique ways for each mode. You get 4 maps that are the same for any of the three game modes. Then again, if you crave CQ combat like COD, but a little slower with lots of destruction, and slightly larger maps, then go CQ. Of course, you won’t get CTF or the dirtbikes on CQ

  • Wade R

    still downloading @ 1.5mbps…

  • its a good DLC but i expected A LOT more for the last DLC :/

  • Eberhard

    Endgame maps = helirape by attack heli’s.

    There is no good counter against that, not even the weak humvee-AA which has short lockon range.


      grab a javelin and get a recon to equip the SOFLAM

    • I’ve taken out a lot of Heli’s with the AA vehicles. Stagger the launch. Considerably easier take down than a Javelin…unless you pair it with a Soflam.

      • Hot-Wire

        What is this soflam javlin nonsense. Stinger/Igla. Avoiding its use to due to some pathetic honor code only hurts your team. That is all.

        • Yes…correct. A consistent error. But it’s the SOFLAM paired with the Stinger/Igla that’ll do in the other team.

  • EPIC Sauce… I really like the new maps and will be dumping hot lead all night long! FAP

    • nonono


  • I a xbox, aftermath lover, stat whore, gun skill guy hate this DLC and will play similar to AK. Hopefully BF4 is either all Aftermath style or BF3 original. With epic spilt of way to big maps that people love. Horrendous maps ( Highway ) and perfection ( Bazaar ) .

    • Jason

      64 players on next Gen, so those big maps will work out and normal will be 32 players not 24 so even maps the size of bazaar will be crazier

      • I heard from intheworks the ideal player counts are 24-32 no 64 sounds useless.

  • MegaMan3k

    While I haven’t played it, I have to say that I’m some what disappointed that there wasn’t a final salvo of new weapons. Even if most niches are covered, I’d be happy to have some weapons that are functionally reskins, or have extreme specific niches.

    But oh well, I’m sure there’s a reason it wasn’t to be.

  • Katana67

    I know this has happened on every DLC… But why the hell do they make te DLC and MP update so huge! It’s almost 4gb for EG… What is all that space used for? My BF3 file is 31gb…

    • barbarbarclay

      Same, and 31gb on a 120gb SSD is a bit much.

      • JustinD

        Lol exactly how I feel I didn’t check after the 4gb it was but battlefield is 28 or 29 gb on my 120 and I only have 3 left now

        • prostynick

          Hmm… what’ll happen if you uninstall it and then install a clean BF3 copy? Will it download 30 GB?

          • JustinD

            Idk it works fine only problem is the space it takes up ill delete other things for my favorite game

  • MegaMan3k

    While I haven’t played it, I have to say that I’m somewhat disappointed that we didn’t see a final salvo of weapons in the last DLC. Even if there aren’t many niches left to cover. I’d be happy if they were functionally reskins, or fell into extremely specific usages.

    But I’m sure there’s a reason that it wasn’t to be.

  • buttfacebob545

    I was honestly incredibly excited for End Game on PC, but I can say it isn’t as much fun as I though it’d be. I got bored fairly quickly. I agree with the others here, we need Battlefield 4!

  • guest

    I really enjoy CTF gamemode a lot, it’s really fun playing it with friends on mic xD

  • I feel like DICE just needs to make all the different game types available for all the maps that can work on them. CTF on bazaar, AS and TS on Firestorm, SCV on seine, ect… That would really send BF3 out with a bang.

    • Could they work some sort of Rush or Squad Rush into the CQ maps? Rework those maps somehow for something else.

      But yes, CTF on every single map seems a must. Too bad they said they’re done with BF3.

  • Loving it

    Love this DLC 3 of the maps remind me and my team of BFBC2 maps and the layout is superb. Capture the flag is a freaking blast and intense. Letting your bud get the flag then driving him back with all hell on your tale on a motorcycle is so epic. The only black sheep map would be nebanan flats. I would give this a 4 out of 5. really good.

  • Old building models for everything re-used in supposedly “new” maps. Same thing that plagued Armored kill. It wasn’t the fact that the map design was flawed. It was the deja vu feeling of being on a building a being like hmm… i’ve seen this place on 5 other maps. Bikes should of been in the original game tbh. The hit reg is still pretty wonky too. 2/5 Nothing new and exciting, the dirt bike isn’t gonna bring me back.

  • ThePlantain

    Op Riverside and Railway are great (they give me a BC2 vibes for some reason)

  • This DLC is pretty awesome. Ive heard people say its like armored kill. Let me tell you right now that it really isnt. Its like Caspian Border and Operation Firestorm all over again IMHO

  • Hol_Up

    I played rush on the desert map. Felt like Bad Company 2 all over again. It can get pretty hectic too. 4/5

  • Not blown away, but then again, I couldn’t stop playing last night. Just one more game was a chant that went on for far too many hours. Air Superiority is as boring as i thought it’d be. CTF is fun, but completely favors a well organized team better than almost any other mode. Conquest is okay, but haven’t played enough yet. Need to get into some Rush. I imagine the maps will be a lot of fun for Rush. Like the new AA vehicles to seat those pesky helis outta the air.

    And the dirt bike is a blast. Decent physics. Not a racing game, but it handles well, stops suddenly, and actually gives you some great maneuverability.

    All in all I’m content with the BF3 DLC. Only wish the new game modes were added to a lot of other maps. And that they did something (Squad Rush) with the CQ maps.

  • Mitra

    almost perfect except the total lack of co-ops

  • h’m

    Im on ps3…. N I like the new maps but endgame or the update has completely stuffed up the textures eg on nabandon flars take a x12 scope n look the the other end and your vertical lines vanish, n pop and textures have got very bad bigtime.. N thought it was hdmi prob, yet tried two tvS, 2 ps3s n 4 hdmi cables and same problems i even reinstalled bf3 all map packs n 1.09 patch.. N nothing changed!!!!!!!… Dont believe me, ps3 stop.. N have a look, youl see

  • michal

    i think we should be told when they come out for ps3 and how come xbox gets them fist

  • stevo

    i was hoping there would be new guns. but with bf4 coming out in a few months, i guess its no big deal

  • bonner eater

    this new pack brought in new ways to wreck and destroy

  • Bin Larden

    Shame, seems we’re gonna have to wait for BF3 🙁