Big Changes To Weapon Balance In Store for Battlefield 3

Alan Kertz, Senior Gameplay Designer at DICE, has some significant weapon balance changes in mind that might be making its way to Battlefield 3 soon.

Much of this was hinted at earlier when Kertz discussed his feelings on the FAMAS assault rifle, which many players may see as over-powered. However, recently on Reddit, Kertz threw around some ideas for various weapon attachments and came up with a few suggestions. Basically, the primary goal is to “focus on improving the under performing and under used attachments.” He also mentioned he wanted to give more weight to unmodified weapons so that they will “offer the best balance of Recoil, Accuracy, and Stealth.” Based on feedback and other discussions among the community, Kertz came up with a list of changes he would like to make to weapon attachments in the future. This, however, is not guaranteed and is subject to change. Keep reading for a summary of each attachment, whether they are being nerfed or buffed, and how the developers at DICE feel they should be used.

Foregrip (Nerfed)

The forgrip’s purpose is to reduce vertical recoil by 34% while giving a -20% penalty to base accuracy while aimed down sight. Generally, it should be used for close quarter situations when firing from the hip would me much more beneficial.

Bipod (Buffed)

The Bipod is meant for players who want to take the time to set up in a good position and defend said position or objective. It will reduce horizontal and vertical recoil (percentage depending on the weapon) as well as bullet dispersion (again, depending on the weapon and ammo type).

Suppressor (Slightly Nerfed)

The Suppressor’s main function is to provide stealth (keeping the player from showing up on the minimap when firing as well as reduce sound and visual muzzle signature) as well as provide an additional 25% accuracy bonus when aiming down sight including a 10% reduction in vertical recoil, due to it’s weight. However, the drawback here will be a reduction in minimum and maximum range (not damage) as well as a -50% penalty to base accuracy when firing from the hip.

Heavy Barrel (Greatly Buffed)

The Heavy Barrel will allow players to increase their maximum range (not damage) as well as benefit from a 50% bonus to base accuracy when aimed down sight. However, due to the barrel’s weight, it will make firing from the hip -25% less accurate as well as increase the dispersion per shot by 25%.

Flash Suppressor (Greatly Buffed)

The Flash Suppressor will give players some of the benefits of the suppressor but without as many penalties. It will only provide players with a reduction in visual muzzle signature as well as a 20& reduction in vertical recoil. The penalty here will be a -20% decrease in base accuracy when firing from the hip.

Target Pointer (Unchanged)

The Target Pointer will greatly benefit those firing from the hip by providing a 33% increase in base accuracy. On top of this, it will still be able to slightly blind opponents but will also give away the players position more easily.

No Attachments

It was not mentioned in Kertz’s Reddit post, but we can assume that a base weapon would be ideal for players who wish to avoid any negatives of any attachments, provided that they feel the bare state of the weapon is fine.

Of course, feedback is not only appreciated but beneficial. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • The only things that I think actually needed the buffs were the HBAR and the Flash suppressor. The HBAR pretty much cancels itself out because of the increase in recoil, and the flash suppressor served almost no purpose.

    The thing that really bugs me is the proposed foregrip nerf. This game is supposed to be at least a little realistic, right? I don’t know how many people have fired a rifle before, but for me, shooting with a foregrip made a huge difference in my accuracy. As is, this is also true in the game. It makes sense this way too. A foregrip provides stability while aiming, it’s simply a more comfortable and organic way to hold the rifle. It only makes sense that you’re going to be more accurate when shooting, and this is reflected in game. But now you’re going to be less accurate while using it. Just doesn’t make sense to me. The other alternatives to a foregrip are a bipod (which makes no sense on an assault rifle and carbine) and an underslung rail which isn’t even necessary, or nothing at all. To nerf the only attachment in that’s actually worth using boggles my mind. Why not increase the options or make the other ones better? Or how about a nerf to the hip fire accuracy with a foregrip equipped?

    • Fignugent

      You’re absolutely right. All this stupid tweaking and it ends up distorting “real-life” uses of this attachments. The reason soldiers use foregrips is because of the added control of vertical muzzle climb and when they need to engage targets are longer ranges. I have yet to see an assault trooper use a bipod because he is always stationary. Assault means a military attack or raid on an enemy position, not sit back and give supporting fire – that’s what your support class is for! Oh, my, the pieces connect mysteriously. Hm.

      • But this isn’t about creating an accurate representation of real life warfare, it’s about mirroring Call of Duty so that the launch of Battlefield 4 will sell a billion copies. 

    • Jmlipp

      Agreed. It’s absurd to think having a foregrip would make you LESS accurate when aiming down your sights. Who fires from the hip anyway? This nerf will make the foregrip completely pointless.

      • jjwiggs

        I was thinking I was the only idiot who thought the same way…  I love the foregrip as it makes the “Hop-up” much more bearable when firing auto or hold the trigger down.  It would be pointless to apply if the accuracy decreased when utilizing this option.

      • rtm00se

        if you are ADS at less than 50m you dont know how to play battlefield… this isnt CoD man you can hipfire VERY accurately up to 100m with most carbines

        • Moocrew247

          Hipfire, looks like YOU don’t know how to play battlefield, because in the game even 40m is a considerable distance (most guns reach their minimum damage at this range), 100m is absurd, hipfire is only useful up to 15m, maybe even more depending on the weapon (but if it can hipfire that far, than it doesn’t even need the foregrip)…YOU SIR ARE STUPID AND HAVE NOTHING OF VALUE TO CONTRIBUTE TO THIS CONVERSATION!

    • ADASEA

      I AGREE

    • we are gonna have people hipfiring like mad now

    • Cjohnson76

      Agreed, they are only making it less accurate for the people crying about the game being fair. To all those who complain, the game is supposed to be realistic. I got news for you, all is not fair in battle. The most prepared (more game play), the most equipped (more unlocks) and the most organized (teams that play together) will dominate. I’m not that greatest player and get my ass handed to me all the time. That’s the game and I love it… This grip thing absolutely goes 100% against real life… What a shame it takes place! Its like some people want to play the whole time without dying. And they will demand changes until it happens…

  • Omega_trigun

    At first when I saw some of these, I wasn’t so sure they would be good changes. But after thinking about it in more detail, I think they will be good changes.

    Heavy barrel and flash suppressor will be much better and definitely strong choices for attachments. Thinking about combinations of attachments, this seems pretty interesting. If you want to play cqc a lot, you can put on laser pointer and foregrip for great hip fire. I think we will also see a good amount more use of heavy barrel + bi pod on lmgs.

    You can use attachments to accentuate range or cqc strengths or even use an attachment’s strengths to counteract another attachment’s weaknesses and vice versa, making for a more balanced weapon that gains some small benefits, but doesn’t have any extreme strengths.

    One thing I wish they would do is let you put the heavy barrel on sniper rifles. The increase in max range would be amazing.

    • Dros666

      Support don’t have Heavy Barrel , only Engineer & Assault

  • Tre Cool5


  • Fambruce

    Not played it sinced they nerfed the guns. takes half a clip. no its thanks . Its about as realistic as mw3.

    • JohnDoe

      Learn to aim

    • Anonymous

      Half a clip lol what game are you playing

    • A D M Prv

      half a clip.  yeah right.

    • Anonymous

      Man, you need to learn to aim seriously.

  • stop with the balancing PLEASE!! just fix the game 🙁

    • H’M

      Other than the famas… Being gimped! Yes i agree bug fixes etc first!

    • It is possible to work on multiple things at once, they probably have the weapons team work on the balancing stuff and the other teams working on the bugs

  • Shane

    caring about thing that don’t need to be done.. do the main things VOIP and INput lag… 

    • Akira2020

      I haven’t touched my PS3 version going on two months now.  They keep allowing members of their team to talk about these pety little changes BUT they continue to ignore talking about shit like the VOIP and input/lag problem.  All this smoke and mirrors just to hide their lack of acknowledgement and or dedication to fixing two of the major problems with their game.

      Oh, will there ever be a chance for Private Matches?  Probably not.  But hey, at least they’ll be fixing the way some shadows fall on leaves.  🙁

  • Anonymous

    DICE, fix the game first then balance the weapons. I understand the FAMAS nerf but why are they nerfing attachments?  Leave the silencer, forgirp how they are and buff the other attachments.

  • Anonymous

    They need to stop worrying about all this and just fix the bugs. But while they’re at it, Nerf the fuckin auto shotguns with frag ammo. Unbelievable how many pussies are running that setup.

    • fixit

      couldn’t have it said any better myself. the shotguns are way op. theyre the easy-mode weapon

      • No, they aren’t. You just get killed by them because you’re terrible. Maybe if you tried some tactics and coordinating with your team rather than spending your time blaming other people you might not see shotguns in the same way. Or, you know, you can use a shotgun too.

        That’s the other thing I don’t understand, it would be unfair if YOU didn’t have the same weapons… but you do. You clearly don’t know how to use them, otherwise you’d be having fun rather than crying for everyone to make things easier for you.

    • You realize that in real life a frag round has an effective range of about 100m and a maximum range of 200m? And in Battlefield it isn’t just point and click and someone dies. One has to aim their gun at the right height to drop rounds on targets at a distance. And as far as CQB, you also need to not kill yourself with frag rounds. I mean how is it being a pussy to use explosive rounds? Clearly the people using them must have been effective as you’re crying about it. So I guess we should just nerf all the weapons that kill people when they’re effectively used. We should just shoot marshmallows at one another.

      • Anonymous

        Because they’re easy kills, genius. Have you not played the game and seen just how MANY people are playing easy mode? Have you not seen people spamming the trigger and hitting the wall next to a soldier, but getting the kill? You’re going to tell me that’s aiming? Its pussy because it takes no skill. EVERYONE is effective with them. That’s the point. People just want easy kills, rather than play team game, so they go with the easy weapons. Nobody is crying about anything, jack. If you knew my numbers, you would know I can take care of myself, but please dont sit here and act like an automatic shottie with explosive rounds isn’t easy as hell to go on streaks with, without even trying.

        • They aren’t an easy kill. You have to aim them to hit someone at a distance and if you use them like a fool up close, spraying it fully auto you’ll kill yourself. I’ve seen many people use the USAS like an idiot and kill themselves more than the other team. Plus, if you play hardcore you have to pay attention or you’ll kill your own team mates.

          Nah, seems to me you get your ass kicked a little too much. You’re probably one of those stand out in the open idiots if you’re getting so butt hurt by the USAS.

          The thing is, they shouldn’t nerf things because people aren’t clever enough to over come a situation. That’s why the game had the slogan Play It Your Way. It meant that if someone was 0wning you with a USAS, an intelligent human being would be able to coordinate with his team mates to take out the target. That’s what you do. You say to your friends or squad mates, “Ther’es a guy with a USAS, let’s flank him from the Right and I’ll take him out.” Or you also use the USAS to remove the problem and then continue on your way.

          People that cry about how unfair everything is and how things need to be nerfed need to grow a set and stop asking for the world to make things easier for them. That’s what’s wrong with the world today. People are confronted with a situation that appears challenging to them, rather than man up and deal with the problem they cry until someone makes things ‘fair’ for them.

          The USAS is fine, it’s crappy players that need to be ‘balanced.’

          • Anonymous

            Get my ass kicked too much haha. That’s funny shit. You’re probably one of those lames who rely on easy-kill weapons like shotguns if you’re so butthurt over my comment. See, I can assume things and speak like a child too. Gets us nowhere. Telling a team mate there’s a guy with easy mode over there doesn’t help, because as I keep saying, there are too many people using them to get easy kills. And a shotgun has spread. I’m gonna assume again that you know this. Believe what you want though. Makes no difference to me. Its an easy setup for people to use who can’t aim a rifle, or who would get 0wned with anything else, and that ain’t me.

            • Afk212

              apparently no one checked the damage for the frag rounds. they do less than almost every gun in the game. keep crying children

          • jjwiggs

            I love the USAS and have nearly 1000 kills with it!  But I love the m249 w/ 2000 kills & the FAMAS also.  Just b/c you go with the shotgun all of sudden you’re a noob with no skill. 

            The map dictates which gun I use, not my skill level and I would assume, if you’re a good bf3 player, the map would dictate what gun you use also!   No since of using a USAS on Karg or Firestorm IMO but Metro & Bazarr, then hell yes…  Let em’ fly!

            • Dave

              Wow, you have a lot of kills with the USAS and FAMAS? Both guns require absolutely no skill. As for the m249, I don’t have hardly any experience with that weapon but from the looks of it it is very spray and pray. 

          • Melodicmetal1

            So you think spraying a god damned cloud of explosives at somebody takes skill?  

            Ok Jack..

            Single Shot domination is coming to you my friend.

            Whats your Xbox GT?  

  • HogMaster

    I disagree with foregrip NERF, the foregrip allows for greater accuracy, reduced recoil and then faster reflex in CQB. The NERF here as far as I can see cancels out the positives making it a pretty pointless piece of kit.

    • HogMaster

      On a second thought why are we messing with these things?

      The GAME needs fixing, major team features are missing and other needs major overhauls.
      Please fix this before we NERF anything else. Weapons are weak enough as they are, DICE stop screwing us over!

      • Forzamoto3

        totaly agree why does dice feel the need to nerf? if i worked at dice i would on the main bf3 homepage post a poll asking players to vote if they think said wepon should be nerfed. the game already feels like my gun shoots air softs 

  • Hawk

    Fix the VOIP, being able to group up w/o breaking the group, stop with teh nerfs and buffs.

  • Forzamoto3

    I personaly dont think any attatchment deserves a nerf. like really nerfing a foregrip? seriosly a device made a proven to increase accuracy in real life is going to reduce acuracy in game? has dice lost thier marbles?
    and again really just leave scilencer its fine.
    on the contraray i do afgree with the heavy barrel buff becuase no one uses this attatcment peronally i find it usless becuase of the reciol.
    also agree witht the buff of the flash supp.

    i think dice has the total wrong aproach the game is fine leave it, if they go and nerf the foregrip so more people use the bipod they are asuming that players want to stay stationary and camp this is simply unacceptable i think bipod should be support and recon only. leave the forgrip for engi and assualt these classes are made to move in on the enemy. 

  • Vanity

    Reduction effects of vertical recoil are too strong. I think that one-third is good.

    • Vanity

      All weapons become like PDW if they reduce vertical recoil too much.

  • Nemesisurvivorleon

    It seems that the only strategic difference semirealistic shooters have is range.  A single sniper rifle, assault rifle, and pdw would be all this type of game needs weapon-wise.  So many weapons…. all of them just copies of these 3.  The only exception being firing multiple bullets at once from the shotgun.  Not much change there either.  I would miss quake and Unreal varied fps gameplay, but team fortress 2 is a nice, recent game that satisfies that need.  Although millions of extra, redecorated copies of the same 3 weapons are repetitive, it’s nice to have so much decoration.

  • mke67

    All this nerfing is horseshit!!!  Fix the fucking voip and input lag.  I am really sick of all the weapon whiners getting an ear from DICE.  Pretty soon this POS game is gonna resemble all the mediocre FPS games out there.  

    Alan Kertz, you are an ass!!!

  • mke67

    You know, do I hate getting killed by the FAMAS, yes, the dbag sniper/recons, yes, the FRAG rounds, yes,  the IRNV whores, yes, but I ADAPTED and in the proper situations used all of the mentioned.  

    Even if these are/were spammed by players there is/was always a counter, and it made you play the game more cautiously and you even got better.  Now with all the nerfing/planned nerfing, the above are but shadows of their former self, and all because of whiners.

    By the way I am not an ace player, just a noob that enjoyed the challenge that was BF3 before all the nerfing began.

    RIP BF3…….

  • Guest

    Nerf the foregrip?! DICE, get your heads out of your asses and do some real fixing. I play on the Xbox 360, but I feel bad for the PS3 users who still suffer with REAL PROBLEMS! The 360 stills has sound glitches and black screens on loading, and my squad and I still get separate in matches. But, no… it is more important to take weapon attachments and ruin them so we end up like Bad Company 1 where it took an entire magazine to drop somebody! This is why Call of Duty will always be better than Battlefield. I cannot believe I said that, it pains me because I am a diehard Battlefield fan; I have EVERY SINGLE BATTLEFIELD TITLE minus 2142.

    • I agree with much sadness that Call of Duty is better, but it has nothing to do with the game but rather with the ability for the developer to understand WHY people are playing that game. People play CoD because it’s stupid, mindless, point and shoot. People play Battlefield because of its realism. Activison doesn’t over night decide to program in bullet drop and create a realistic FPS because they understand why people play their game. EA needs to realize why people are playing Battlefield. I won’t buy the next DLC unless they stop ‘fixing’ things.

  • Larry Palmer

    They really need to fix the real problems before any of this crap. 

    • Suntzufan

      Totally agree!

  • Sirdiealot53

    Attention morons!

    Alan Kertz is the senior GAMEPLAY designer. He is NOT a bugfixer. He’s just doing his job rebalancing weapons/attachments like he is supposed to.

    It is NOT his job to fix VOIP or input lag so stop bitching and calling him retarded for not fixing those things.

    Finally, I do agree with giving certain attachments a buff especially HB and FS. They are nearly unused because of their downsides. Foregrip and silencer buffs I’m still iffy on. Perhaps there is a different downside he could introduce that the community wouldn’t bitch about as much. Maybe lower first shot accuracy?

    • A BF3 Player

       Make it his job. Move Alan onto the bug-fix/voip team since almost nobody is asking for this”update”, and doing so could help speed up implementation of these things everyone IS asking for.

      Alan’s talents would be better used in this way, even he’s only able to provide ideas to the team working on the things the community has been asking for, as opposed to working on something most people not only weren’t asking for, but are actively opposed to.

      We’re suggesting DICE is at fault for miss-use of their resources, not that Alan is at fault for there being no VOIP.

  • Whiro

    yeah fix all the glitches/bugs

    then nerf the hell outta ARs

  • tehihi

    Pretty Good! I approve of these all.

    • Anonymous

      Yep, me too.

  • Just throwing out an idea here, but is it possible to buff other attachments to make them more desirable, without nerfing the foregrip just because it is popular.  

    Is there a downside to buffing some attachments while keeping the rest the same?

    On a side note, I hardly ever took an attachment in BC2 because I like the XM8’s iron sights and the faster sprint speed.  But in that game, I never felt like I needed a sight attachment, because I felt like the player who aimed faster, more accurate, and controlled their firing usually won encounters.  I don’t quite feel like Battlefield 3 is quite at that level yet.

    P.S. – Did I just read in that article the my precious foregrip gave me a 20% hit in accuracy while aiming down the sights?

    • Dsfseakl

      Your accuracy is worse by 20% if you aim down sight

  • 7franko7

    Yep, time to sell the game. Sad to say it, but i’m gonna buy mw3 again. With all this nerfing and so called fixing, they screwed the game so bad, it become shit to play. And more to come… Bye bf3

  • Dros666

    Heavy barrel should be in the bipod & Foregrip category, balance wise

  • ultimo dragon

    I don’t really think firing from the hip is that common in this game.  Why nerf something that behaves like how it is supposed to?  Just improve the other attachments to make them more attractive.  They should really focus on glitches and bugs, like what the others are saying.

  • herp derpin

    Whats a target pointer? The Tactical laser you mean?


    Ok, when those idiots will fix input lag, voip, nerf the fuckin flashlight etc…?

  • Austacker

    In BC2 if you went ‘pure irons’ you were rewarded with an extra perk slot free.  This was a solid compromise and gave people real benefit to running in the purist format.

    I’d prefer to see a proper incentive for ‘pure irons’ players brought back to BF3 rather than ‘if you run irons, at least you won’t be kicked in the balls’ as our only ‘incentive’.

  • Stupid. When did Battlefield become all about coddling bad players? Most of the problems with this game that these noobs are crying about has more to do with their lack of tactical skill than weapons being over powered. Case in point AT-Mines. As of now they are still visible on the minimap all the time, yet people still drive right through them. Why? Because no amount of highlighting something is going to help a stupid person. Battlefield is about using your brain to over come your enemy just as much as it is about being able to aim your weapon. The moment they began to fiddle with the ‘balance’ of weapons they made their slogan ‘Play it Your Way’ totally moot. I still enjoy playing this game but not as much as I did. I cannot use AT-Mines because intelligent players get free points off destroying them. When I’m on my own I do TDM and when my pals are on I do Conquest and Rush. I cannot stand playing with all the random Call of Duty noobs.

  • Chrisp

    STOP MEssing around with the GUNS. and sort out the bigger issues that are out there
    nothing wrong with the guns / attachments the only people that cry about these are people that havent unlocked them or unable to kill people cus there a bad player..

  • Anonymous

    What is it people complaining about fixing ‘bugs first’? Do you people realise that they have teams within the different aspects of the game working on fixing several issues? You may hear something about ‘Weapon tweaks incoming’, but it doesn’t mean bugs are not getting fixed. A different team is working on that.

    As much as I want these bugfixes, I have to say that I’m not too fussed about weapon/equipment/attachment balancing, a good player can adapt and deal with these nerfs. A bad player will cry because they’ve lost their crutch!

  • GOLD.3.N

    aw… DICE, come on! don’t let these little 13 years old kids that can’t stand being killed or being left with an assist, make the buffs and nerfs when they make f*cking sense! PLEASE!

  • yay, the messed up…

    the first thing they need to do is bring the hit detection off the client end

  • Willosi

    Fix you shit game that i havent play it for one month because of the Freeze PS3. Just nerf the Famas and leave the rest how it is. I think i might end it up selling this game. I will never preorder a DICE game trust me i did the same with CoD games and now DICE.

  • They should fire this Alan Kertz guy. He sounds like he doesn’t understand what the real Battlefield community wants, rather he seems more interested in what he thinks will get more people to play Battlefield. I’ve only seen a few positive responses to this article about balancing the game. I don’t see anyone on the Battlelog forums really praising this. So why do they feel the need to constantly keep fiddling with this game? A lot of people on the Battlelog say this is to get Call of Duty people to switch, but that really doesn’t make a lot of sense. A lot of the people I see complaining are saying they’ll go play MW3 instead BECAUSE of how stupid these changes are… and these are people that don’t even like Call of Duty. So where does this overwhelming need to constantly ‘fix’ the game come from? I have a theory that maybe Alan Kertz got his ass kicked in a game of Conquest, driving his tank through mines and getting blown away by people using a Famas or the foregrip. He cried a little and then realized he can change the game around for himself and bam, Battlefield 3: Bitch Edition is born.

    Seriously though? This guy doesn’t seem to have a clue that most people want them to stop messing with this game and fix actual problems like squading up, lag, voice chat. Maybe if we all boycotted the next DLC until they fired this guy?

    • Melodicmetal1

      Dude… You need a life son.

      I know a guy just like you.  Arrogant, loud, and fairly unintelligent. 

  • BF Player Wanting Balance

    So what about adding some MG buffing to help against choppers and aircraft in general? You guys reduced damaged which would have been fine but now MG,LMG,.50cals don’t do ANYTHING to choppers, Not even the Glass Transport choppers.  So how about some love for the people that actually use your ground to air guns? And How about making the Engineer in a Transport have to be out of the Vehicle to repair it.  Repairing in the air is making them almost unstoppable.  If you’re going to keep that then allow me to repair my tank while I’m in my driver/gunner seat in the tank. That way when some chopper flies by, my tank will be 100 percent just like when we shoot at a chopper, it turns  around and is 100 percent by the time our MGs or Stingers are done reloading.  I don’t care about nerfing this or buffing that with the regular guns. Just make vehicles have pros and cons. If a chopper is flying low, then it shouldn’t be able to take a direct blast from rpgs,mgs and a stinger only to fly away like nothing happened and come right back fully healed. 

    I just think you have some designers that are too much into the Flight Sim part of this series when it’s supposed to be a FPS, not a Flight Sim with Helpless ANTS called infantry.

  • Justin

    Please fix the bugs and glitches worry about the attachments later

  • Capita_7

    WTF all these “balances” are crap ideas the only thing I would change is the power of the tactical light I personally find it a little to blinding and to fix the glare that occurs from even being around low light environments

  • rtm00se

    there is a typo in your breakdown.. the foregrip affect HORIZONTAL recoil not vertical

  • xSoBaked420x

    How about fixing the problem of not being able to leave between rounds, come on that should have been noticed by now 

  • I think heavy barrel should provide much more range than it currently does.
    I would like to shoot back at snipers hiding in bushes when they are shooting my ears off….
    I like to play with long range weapons simply because im an assault and not a engineer.
    I like high recoiled weapons but their stopping power in this game are just way too low.
    The ak74km is sexy lots of kickback with heavy barrel just the way i like it.
    The bullet drop feels off and especially the stopping power with heavy barrel equiped.
    Im an ak74m player with around ~8000 kills. This attachment patch sounds really great im looking forward to it. 

  • TomGrovestock

    uhhhh please, why make people use all the stuff, let people use what they want, know ones going to like this fix because they all use optimal setups allready, so your just penalizing everyone, stop it,

  • MOOCREW247


  • Asdfasdfasdfasdf

    Based on feedback and other discussions among the community, Kertz came up with a list of changes he would like to make to weapon attachments in the future.”
    This is when I knew everything was going downhill from here on out.

  • Bongwalker

    some people just dont know how to read. Thanks morons for really really ruining this little discussion that turned to a hate each other battle and bash on someone party,  trying to help. Thanks for your much needed trash talk because that helps solve problems not start them.(sarcasim for you morons.)

  • Way2metal

    Cant agree with foregrip: 
    The forgrip’s purpose is to reduce vertical recoil by 34% while giving a -20% penalty to base accuracy. Completely contrary to its real world counterpart. I know its a game, but this is just so far off. There is no drawback to having a foregrip, dont falsely invent one.

    Supressor: Mostly agree, i dont understand why the -50% from the hip?? take that part out and it makes sense.

    Heavy Barrel: Excellent, remove the Negatives though. A heavy barrel isnt that heavy. and weight barely effects hip accuracy. same like supressor. The negatives here are not having it equipped to take something else, thats the negative.

    Flash Supressor: Every modern AR has one of these standard.. It reduces Flash… I just dont get what the point of this is?? No one is going to use it.

    Laser: good bump, should have a more noticeable Dot, however should also increase ADS speed. 

    Just 2c

  • Cjohnson76

    I don’t get it? I’m not the greatest player… My K/D/R will show you that (Battle Log: KTROY476). When I play I don’t see any problems with all this stuff and like I said before, if I was a great player this would matter. But I am not so if I can deal with it why cant others. For example, the USAS with Frags, I’ve been using it and its not all that easy to kill. Very good for suppression but that’s it. I read all these complaints (no offense to all who have made them) and don’t understand how they could be all that bad… In my opinion the only thing that needs to happen is for private servers to be introduced! I have a huge platoon with three separate Companies and a few different break off groups. Its so tough to play together. We spend half our time getting all onto the same team in a game. Give us private servers, I will pay! The only other thing I guess is this, lets leave DICE/EA alone and let them work on new maps, new weapons and the stuff we have not seen yet. Leave the game the way it is. If anything make it harder… Make us have to climb into a vehicle rather than hit “B” and your in. make the game tougher, not easier. When you ask God for strength he doesn’t give you muscles, he gives you a challenge so your muscles grow.

  • Eco

    Take away snipers and mortars would make the game beautiful! 😉 i can only dream right.. 😀

  • Amurphy6091

    Will someone please do something to ensure that there is little to NO incentive for matches full of the SAIGA/DAO-12/USAS-12 with frag rounds? There is a certain level of skill that someone should have to exert to get a kill in BF3 MP, skill higher than just pointing a weapon in someone’s rough direction and getting a kill with two shots.

  • Maxmoody 42

    I think everyone has over reacted about the Foregrip Nerf … before taking a look at the Heavy Barrel BUFF, If you use Heavy Barrel with Foregrip you actually GAIN 30% more accuracy – Thus you can still play effectively at long range with AR’s but when the Close quarter battles occur your gonna suffer a bit. Read every single change before screaming “NERFNERFNERF” You sound like WoW players, and that REALLY isn’t a good look.

  • Heres an Idea.. Make it realistic like BF2 was, and BF3 AT RELEASE.. when tanks were TANKS, when stuff did what it was SUPPOSED to do. Tanks could take a beating and then some, (until ppl found out C4 blows tanks out of the water with little to no effort), so nerf C4, to make it more REALISTIC.. here’s a thought, change the NRV.. oh wait, you did? great job! you made it REALISTIC…

    FYI Guys, people love Battlefield BECAUSE IT IS NOT COD…. We dont want a COD spin off, we want BATTLEFIELD… Realistic warfare with stuff that makes plain sense… if I see a tank, I should be saying “oh crap, go around” or telling my planes/engineers to take it out.. not saying “oh wait I got C4, I’ll just derp it up to the tank and blow him and myself up” -.-