Black Ops 2 – Check Out Nuketown 2025 Remade as a Real Life Paintball Field

So, this is pretty cool. A paintball arena in East Dundee, Illonois called Paintball Explosion has been created to emulate the fan favorite Call of Duty map, Nuketown 2025, from Black Ops 2.

It opened last weekend and includes all of the well-known landmarks like a yellow school buse, mannequins, weatherboard house, and even the “Welcome to Nuketown” sign but with “2013” instead of “2025.”

The development was backed by paintball manufacturer Tipmann Sports. The park, also houses other real-life map remakes from games like Call of Duty: World at War, and has Zombieland and Shipyard paintball fields in the works.

Check out the Nuketown 2013 paintball field in action below, or in these screens on Tipmann Sports’s Facebook page.

Thanks, Polygon.

  • Jason


  • This is pod racing.

    Wow for once it’s nice to see people play Nuketown the right. And lag free!!!!

  • This is pod racing.

    The right way I mean.

  • mrup2nogud

    Yeah great.. However nuketown itself is a terrible map I truly hate it it was bad on bops and is just as bad on bops2 and gets voted for all the time by people who think they’re amazing because they just had a good round on it and they put it in normal rotation the clowns.. Why are people happy to have crap maps to play on.. Meh utter shite

    • Katana67

      Thing that bothers me is that… It’s probably one of the worst maps ever designed. But everybody loves it… and that boggles my mind.

      • SangheiliSpecOp

        I don’t have black ops 2 so I can’t comment on 2025 but I loved the original nuke town from black ops one because of it’s break from the seriousness and the fun saturated color of the map.

        • WarBro

          are you 10? Fischer price has fun colors too

          • Dirtknap

            So aesthetic sense determines ones age? I can surmise from your comment that you like a drab, dull color palette, therefore, you must be 103?

        • Dirtknap

          Yeah, I admit I like a game on Nuketown from time to time, breaks up the seriousness and its nice to not have to think about shotgun strategy once in a while. Not to keen on the 24/7 thing however, gets old fast.

          Regardless of people’s opinions on whether Nuketown was good or bad, it obviously lends itself well enough to a paintball field it they wouldn’t have recreated it.

      • mrup2nogud

        It’s because anyone can have a good game on it kills wise and when they do it’s the best map ever so they vote for it any chance they get… The only map I would really like to see come back(as I prefer new maps) is backlot from MW1 I just loved that map..

      • MrLadyfingers

        Let’s not forget what the demographical majority is on Call of Duty. You and I both know that there are 3 types of people that play: 9 year olds, peurto ricans, and rednecks. And then there’s me… just a 19 year old white kid who tries too hard.

      • Lol

        “Worst map ever designed?”
        Aw, poor you – too bad the only the tens of thousand of players who like Nuketown disagree with you.

        I don’t see how a small map that offers fast-paced combat and sufficient sightlines for every weapon is bad map design. Just because Nuketown doesn’t conform to your map preferences doesn’t mean that it’s a bad map.

    • Lol

      “Why are people happy to have crap maps to play on”


      Get the hell over yourself – online multiplayer doesn’t revolve around everything that you like. Don’t like the map? It’s as simple as not playing it. Back out of the lobby and try again, or play in a playlist that doesn’t include it (like Ground War).

  • they can’t make a battlefield map .. ever

    • stu

      It’s impossible. To simulate BF3, hey’ll need to make the sun 50 times larger, and paint every object blue.

    • sparta

      They can if they make the shittest map on cod, BF maps relate to that right? right guys…? anyone…?

  • Latch

    People like it because its fun chaos. Close quarters mayhem. You nerds take shit a little too serious. Campers are just mad because its so easy and fast to run up on them.

  • Life needs a new engine.

  • JustinD

    People who paintball in full military gear are sad wannabes. I’ve seen so many people dress up and think they are utter badasses. When i paintball with friends its shorts and a t shirt or no shirt and you give up when you can’t take the pain. That’s the most fun.. And painful. Nuketown is the worst map of anything ever but seeing it in real life for paintball is pretty cool.

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  • Kalen Krause

    Very cool but they should add furniture/cover inside the houses for some “breach and clear” type play. 🙂