Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC – Design Directors Give “Bullet Points” For Success on New Maps

Design Directors David Vonderhaar and Jimmy Zielinski give out a few “bullet points” to help maximize your K/D ratio and familiarize yourself with Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Revolution’s brand new DLC maps, including the brand new zombie content.

Speaking with GameTrailers, Vonderhaar tells you everything you need to know about the new multiplayer maps while Zielinski gives you a few tips to succeed in Die Rise and the new game modes, Turned, in this video series below.

Speaking of tips, we also learned a thing or two from Zielinski when it comes to kicking zombie ass. You can find out what we discovered here. Don’t forget to check out our multiplayer gameplay as well.

Onto some “bullet points” for the latest Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC.







Thanks, GameTrailers.

  • Donut212

    I have to say usually whenever a new DLC map pack arrives for any CoD game there are usually 1-2 maps that just…well…suck. I have yet to find a problem with any of these new maps. The are actually pretty good. I just wish Treyarch would offer the map pack “a la carte” giving us the option to not purchase the zombie maps since in my opinion Zombie mode just…well…sucks.

    • DoucheJackson

      they wouldn’t make as much money offering “a la carte”, duh

      • al client

        They would make more! Sell a multiplayer game for $60. Sell a Zombies game for $60. Sell DLC for both. Zombies is easily a stand alone game.

    • saw all of grind on youtube…im on PS3 and i haven’t even played it yet but i can tell i already hate it.

    • Black Ops 2 zombies sucks, or Nazi Zombies as a whole?

      • Donut212

        Just the whole concept of Zombies as a whole. They should honestly just release it as a stand-alone game and make additional money that way. Also with that plan they can also develop Zombie DLC and regular Multiplayer DLC seperately and also save space on the disc for other things such as more maps or whatever else they can cram on there that is Multiplayer related.

  • I have two tips for being successful on the new maps:

    1. Play the Objective.

    2. Don’t die. Ever.

  • Brrrr

    who gives a shit about tips for new map packs, weapons, perks etc when they still fail to realize that BOPS2 is a broken game until the lag and spawning issues are fixed or even addressed, i mean seriously? all we all wanna do is experience a great, even, and balanced game right? can anyone here actually say that whatever game they play their favorite weapon works the same as it did the game before? it doesn’t, plain and simple, every lobby you join is a different mechanical experience, guns even sound different, one minute your firing bullets, the next cotton balls. And lag? jeeez, give me a break.
    Hey i have an idea…. if Treyarch, Activision, Vonder.. whateva his name is, seem to think that this method and implementation of lag compensation is necessary and we all keep complaining about it, how about instead of a double XP weekend lets try a ‘ NO LAG COMPENSATION’ weekend, or a vote for the amount of LAG COMPENSATION’ we would like to se, based on what is currently in effect? If not then just say, once and for all… ‘Hey, sorry guys, we have absolutely no clue what we are doing with this LC but we heard we need it just like you guys need Mountain Dew, so… … DOUBLE XP, DOUBLE XP WEAPONS! MAP PACKS! FUCK YEAH! GET SOME!!.

    • Brrrr

      Ha, i just went back on for the first time in a while and damn! it’s worse than ever! at one point i lied flat on the ground with an LMG aiming at a corner, waiting, just waiting for somebody to come around, i even started firing just for the hell of it before i saw anybody, i mean LSAT, non stop, blasting away, MF walks around the corner, dodges a little and kills me dead with one shot of a shotgun from about 100 feet, good times! what a f..n joke!

      • mellowmelon

        I’m sorry but it doesn’t sound like the gun, that’s just you. Maybe try aiming.
        And as for you complaining about lag, maybe check your Internet cause I seem to be fine. don’t play it if it bothers you.

  • andymil
  • alex nunez

    I got a new idea for a new map, they should make a map of a boat exploded and there is shipping containers scattered everywhert on the map email me for more questions [email protected]

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