Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC – Peacekeeper SMG Q&A With Treyarch Developers

Treyarch Combat Designer Anthony Flame and Lead Artist Murad Ainuddin detail Call of Duty’s first DLC weapon ever, the Peacekeeper SMG, in preparation for Black Ops 2’s first downloadable add-on, Revolution.

In a recent Q&A session on the Call of Duty Elite website, both Flame and Ainuddin talk about the design and balance philosophy behind the Peacekeeper SMG, saying, “It has the lightweight design of an SMG, but with better range and accuracy at the cost of close quarters firepower.”

Read on for the full Q&A.


Weapon Choice

There’s a lot of excitement around the Peacekeeper SMG, as it’s the first time Call of Duty has ever offered a bonus weapon with DLC. Why did you go with an SMG?

Anthony:  First we began thinking, what will get the most people excited – what is something that people haven’t seen before? The conversation quickly gravitated to the fact that our two most popular weapon classes are SMGs and assault rifles, so we thought it would be cool to create a hybrid of those. Having a weapon in DLC is new, having this type of weapon is new and it speaks to the choices that players make – we loved the idea.

Design Inspiration

The Peacekeeper is an original design by Treyarch. What inspiration did the art team take for the weapon’s look?

Murad:  Based on Anthony’s direction of creating a hybrid assault rife and SMG, we designed the Peacekeeper to have a compact rifle look. We also wanted to give a base white finish to provide a stark contrast from all the other weapons in Black Ops II, but also in Call of Duty history. We chose a lot of synthetic polymers and lightweight materials to make up the surface look to represent that near-future “hotness.” We want players to feel like this is a familiar weapon, but one they’ve never seen before.

We typically start out with some side profiles, not worrying about detail – getting the big ideas down first. After the profile is approved, that’s when we internally start breaking up components inside the silhouette.

Early Silhouettes



How does balance factor into the Peacekeeper to ensure that it falls in line in terms of stats with other weapons?

Anthony:  The Peacekeeper is a Submachine Gun-Assault Rifle Hybrid. It has the lightweight design of an SMG, but with better range and accuracy at the cost of close quarters firepower. It’s a great weapon for objective modes like Hardpoint, where you need to quickly get into position and cover objectives from a safe distance.


Is there any kind of backstory to the Peacekeeper? How does it fit into the lore you’ve created for Black Ops II?

Murad:  The idea is, this is the weapon that is issued to special ops forces of the future to deal with counter-terrorist threats and for VIP protection. It reaches out far, yet compact enough for concealment, and easy to carry and operate in vehicles.

Diamond Camo

For our Diamond Camo fanatics, how will the Peacekeeper affect SMG Challenge progress?

Anthony:  The Peacekeeper does not affect diamond progression for the 6 core submachine guns – they will function exactly as before. If you earn Diamond Camo on the core 6 SMG’s, when you earn gold for the Peacekeeper you will then get Diamond for it as well.


Any last words from the team in regard to its use?

Anthony:  We’re very excited for the opportunity to give players a DLC weapon for the first time in a Call of Duty game. This has allowed us to evaluate how the fans are playing the game, and offer new content that improves the online experience. For the Peacekeeper, we wanted to give players a high mobility weapon that wasn’t just meant for close quarters, which will open up more medium and long range firefights. Internally, the team has been having a blast with the Peacekeeper on the new maps. We look forward to the community getting their hands on the Peacekeeper, and seeing how this affects the meta game of Pick 10 selection.

That concludes the interview. We’d like to thank Anthony Flame, Murad Ainuddin, Will Huang, Mark Manto and the rest of the design and development team at Treyarch for their work on the Peacekeeper and taking the time to walk us through its creation.

  • I hope at least one of the new maps is a bit bigger. Run-and-gun is only fun for so long.

    • gimme hazard from BO1

      • That map really grew on me. Wouldn’t mind seeing something similar.

      • I’d prefer Cliffside from WaW. Same map, but looks better IMO.

        • nah hazard is bigger but man putting them betties down and camping in the bunker was awesome XD

          • Laser0pz

            um… Hazard IS Cliffside. It’s a reskinned version of the WaW map.

    • MassNERDerer

      Honestly, that would be nice. I love the high action games, but it was always nice to have a large map or two. I struggle with the single shot & burst fire weapons up close, so loved the opportunity to take advantage of them in larger maps.

      • Very true. I’m terrible with the semi-auto ARs at close range.

    • Hydro and Mirage looks big. Grind is small and Downhill is mid-sized

  • Thatbeastlytaco

    This is the first CoD game since WaW with the exception of BO1 that I didn’t get bored with when January reached and now a DLC? This looks like a good year for CoD

    • this is the third COD that i got bored with in 1 week *the first and second being MW2 & MW3* but that’s because i bought BO2 for zombies 🙁

      • Thatbeastlytaco

        Is it just me or is it that zombies is lacking? Its a whole lot boring now. It seems like they took that wow factor and brought down to the bare minimum.

        • not its not just you Bo2 lost alot of zombie players who wen’t back to BO1 i did the same but nuketown zombies is pretty awesome

          • Thatbeastlytaco

            Another problem is the lava is just obnoxiously placed everywhere with no use just to piss you of.

      • They should have had at least 1 more map on the disc, a normal map like Kino and Ascension etc.

        • yeah i almost sold the game day 1 when i saw that there was only 1 freaking map…

        • josh moore

          right bring back kino as a special free download but with new upgrades and stuff like that.

      • Retired cod player

        1st for me. Used to play the last 2 all of the time. I think I’ll move to good games.

    • MrLadyfingers

      If they fix the lag (broken camera) problem in the next patch, this game will instantly get a lot more fun. Hopefully some larger maps like Hazard/Cliffside will help a whole lot.

      • Dirtknap

        Big up!

    • asd

      So Treyarch’s trilogy is the better one?

      • They don’t have a trilogy yet. I guess you can count WaW, but I personally don’t. If they make Black Ops 3, I’ll consider that a trilogy.

        Besides, the WaW campaign is very loosely connected to the BO1 story.

    • It’s a good year for those who like leveling, challenges and achievements. Treyarch promised a more competitive COD this time and I feel they’ve missed the mark. Instead they’ve fed the trolls who really do not care if they win or lose so long as they are able to ruin the experience for everyone else while they get their diamond launchers. They need to bring back the importance of attempting to win in public games.

      • It is more competitive if you play league – less idiots as well….

  • since this is the first DLC to included a weapon in COD history they need to get it perfect.


      I wish they would make the laggy ass connection perfect.

      • and stop the freezing

        • Zombies is unplayable for me because I never finish a game without freezing up.

          • titled bored

            yup ur another one with cheap ass connection

            • For starters, how the hell is freezing related to connection?

              Second, I pay 80$ per month for super duper high speed internet, so shut the fuck up right now.

  • MassNERDerer

    I really think they are doing good work with this gun, sounds like it should be really solid, one we WANT to get our hands on. At the same time, not one that will be the most powerful gun in all situations, since it seems SMGs will still dominate the close quarters.

  • Nice Gun

    I dont play COD but I got to admit that is a bad ass looking gun.

    • titled bored

      stfu first ur bitching about blops 2 now ur lying tht its a nice gun it is but ur lying it is even though it is in ur mind ur saying this is the shittiest gun ever

  • FastJimmy

    gotta be honest but cmon all this for one gun? jeezus 15 buck per dlc how about adding a couple more in there as a thank you?

    • Thatbeastlytaco

      Chill its only January and the fact that Treyarch went out of their way to put it in surprised me.

  • I feel like I am already done with Call of Duty. I see DLC coming out in Feb (for my platform of choice anyway). I see a new weapon. I see a tremendous amount of time and money being spent to create all of this, and I can still look at the game and see a handful of game-breaking issues that drive me away from the game. Why don’t they spend that time and money fixing the game?! My guess is that the majority of the players don’t care enough about the broken things in the game. They just want more new fun ways to troll. It’s been nice knowing you COD.

    • all i see in Bo2 is BROWN BROWN EVERYWHERE

    • I know your pain.

      Honestly I felt the way you do ever since MW2 thats why I went to BF and I have not looked back since. Once you play on dedicated servers with the epic battles that battlefield produces there is no going back. I used to be a hardcore COD fan but the older I got the more childish the game become and the more I realized I was getting ripped off every year. I have been playing BF3 for over 700 hours and its still golden.

      • Dango man

        here you are again PREACHING about your BF3 damn man do you ever get off the web? or better yet do you ever take BF3 out of your ass and walk around for a bit maybe get some fresh air? hang with friends? or are all of your friends on BF3? lol sheeesh and loook your at another call of duty form! Get a life BRO.

        • opinions vary

          You tell me too get a life when your commenting about every post I make. Your on here just as much as i am. And I was just stating facts. I use to play cod that’s why I still read the stories about the game. I play all kinds of games I just play bf3 for My online fix. It’s a opinion. Trust me cod fans are all over bf3 stories too.

          • dango man

            Yeah im on here to read about the game i PLAY….you dont play this game…but i see you here everytime bashing call of duty’ just saying its getting old. So you say you see COD players on BF3 forms..ok does it mean you have to be THAT guy, No you dont its just immature and annoying…not saying you are but what your doing is…its like you think no one has played BF3 and you got to tell everyone how awesome it is when probably 90 percent of people on here that play COD already played BF3 and its their chose to play it or not.

            • fuck that guy

              Get em <3

      • mrneoshredder

        Cute story.

      • fuck you and battlefield

        You made yourself hate cod. You expect pure fucking magic from these guys. Jesus they try and do everything everyone wants and it won’t even be called call of duty anymore! People like you suck, battlefield is way worse and stay off cod articles. Don’t preach shit bitch.

        • Bo2is4noobz

          this person is obviously a 10 yearold quickscoper or and adult with the mentality of a 10 yearold. treyarch know the majority of their sales are going to the underage little tykes whos parents buy it for them this is why they have boosted the quickscoping and made it easier, instead of getting rid of sniper rifles from short maps to stop camping or making so they crosshairs have to be visible all they did was make it the focus of the game, notice how a sniper rifle doesnt even have to hit the body to achieve a kill. at e3 they talked about ‘addressing’ the quickscope issue but they didnt because they know their sales only come from underage players. If the map packs are no good on ps3 I will probably move to battlefield shortly. But this is definitely my last COD purchase ever.

      • Exactly same story as me… for me there is no going back to COD anymore.

      • Nice way to waste a month straight of your life.

        • dylan thomas

          ^Hi I’m Taylor Faile. My gamer tag is XxxQu1ksC0p369xxX. I no scope with a shotgun. I live in my grandmothers basement. My best friend is my dead cat.

          • Damn, we got a bad ass over here! Look at all that originality!

      • dylan thomas

        I agree with you BF3 is for mature people. COD can be fun to play with friends, but COD is more for little kids. It’s a lot easier, and takes little to understand. More smart people I see play BF3 over COD. Ill get a lot of hate, but whatever.

    • BF3 fanboys get a life

      yeah its very disapointing…i guess we gotta wait til respawnentertainment drop what they got in the makes right now.

      • It’s another sci-fi shooter.

      • Zombies

        Its a Zombie game it was in one of the game informers. Its going to be a next gen.

    • masada157

      > Treyarch announced that they’re releasing a massive patch.
      > People still bitching about Treyarch not fixing issues.

      • Dango man

        But did they mention anything about lag comp or anything to do with network NO they said small bug fixes and some other pointless shit.

        • masada157

          1) “Pointless shit”? So nerfing guns like the Select Fire FAL OSW and the SMGs is pointless? Okay sure, whatever you say.

          2) Where did they ever say “small” fixes? Nowhere.

          3) It was a tiny tweet. You expect them to mention ALL the fixes on there? I sure don’t. I don’t remember DICE doing that either. Hell, they don’t even announce what their patches would do until, like, a day before they get released.

          • LAG fix

            Your right about the nerfs they do need to nerf alot of guns like the FAL and SMR,targetfinder,shotguns, thats just a few off hand, so i guess thats not so pointless but from what i heard from multiple websites they didnt mention anything about lag or network just bug fixes. SO idk i would think they would mention lag or network atleast if they were going to patch the issue. Oh one more thing i dont play Bf3 so i dont know who dice does i never enjoyed battlefield. I really never liked treyarch either just Infinityward or what used to be of Infinityward.

            • FastJimmy

              why the hell would FAL be nerfed?? even worse the SMR which to me is just a weaker FAL and the shotguns only gets 1 hit kill when your almost hugging the guy personally i usethe 870 when a smartass starts using a perked out knifer setup i think the only complaint with the shotgun is the semi auto one which can seem cheap because you can really spray and pray with its large magazine and worse with scavenger but that ones range is even worse than the 870 and you need more than one shot outside of hardcore

            • Jim the JIMMY

              I did Not agree with anything you just stated…and the only reason you dont see they way i do is because your the one thats using all the above.

            • Stephen

              shotguns are fine besides i rather the shotties like they are now compared to black ops 1 where shotguns were comepletely useless. so i like it how it is and i mainly use assault rifles which feel slightly weaker to the other classes

            • Dirtknap

              Until there’s an official press release from Treyarch, I’d be ignoring the speculation found on other websites and forums. If there’s a legitimate news source that has the inside word on the upcoming patch the whole community should be privy to it, please share.

          • masadaisnoob

            there is no nerfing, all they do is change the randomness probability this game is all about random, start a private game with 2 people, go shoot the other player at the same distance in the same spot, the first time might take 3 shots, the second time it may take 2 or 4, headshots do not mean headshots. walk up and shoot them in the head it may not even say headshot all it does is use a randomization code to give hit marker values.

        • Agreed. Hit registration for whatever reason needs to be improved substantially. My opinion is that there is no point in patching anything else unless this gets fixed first. Consistent effect from a given weapon is incredibly important in COD. Nothing should feel like chance unless you’re using a weapon that has chance built into it by design. And overall the argument is that if previous games in COD can get it right, this one should also. If it isn’t right, then it isn’t better or equal to the previous COD games, and it shouldn’t be released.

          • It’s still very early. MW3 didn’t show any improvement until after a few months.

  • Pepe Silvia

    So they designed a carbine? I like how he talks as if they came up with the functionality of the weapon all by themselves, like the series has never had a carbine in it before. All that aside, a weapon DLC is a big step for Call of Duty; and hopefully Black Ops 2 steers the series in a better direction.

    • Laser0pz

      A lot of the guns in COD are designated as carbines or similar IRL: M4 Carbine, G36C (a smaller version of the G36K, which is a Carbine), AKS-74u, MTAR.


    As we all know many issues plague this game. Why wont Treyarch at the very least acknowledge these very specific issues and assure the community that in addition to all the DLC they will be offering us they will also be fixing the game where it is obviously needed. MP1st you are my only MP gaming source. I really wish you were putting some sort of pressure on this studio for answers. Has asking questions as a journalist become to much work/effort? The new SMG looks awesome. Cant wait to use it all of you.

  • SMGs are overplayed while no one touches the LMGs. Solution? Make more SMGs of course! Fucking brilliant. And yeah this is DEFINITELY the first SMG-AR hybrid ever right? The UMP (slow shooting, higher damage) and MP7 (MW3’s sniper rifle of choice) don’t count amirite? Not to mention that every single SMG in BO2 is retarded accurate with a massive clip. What ever happened to the Kiparis? The PM-9? Real manly men SMGs where you have to hold the stick straight down or look at the clouds.

    • Don’t forget the black ops 1 Brokimbos 😀

    • Stephen

      LMGs are not used because maps are too small. simply the maps favor smg/shotgun plays. but i do agree smg need a nerf and maybe some sort of lmg love.

  • thebulky1cometh

    Call me crazy, but this game HAS been improved via patches/fixes. After 2 weeks, I was so distraught by the amount of errors that I very nearly sold it back to begin looking for a new FPS. I decided to wait it out, and I was happy to see Treyarch make a solid attempt to fix many issues. Is it perfect? No, but does the “perfect”cod even exist? People tend to.get all nostalgic and romanticize the previous titles. In my opinion, the game has been improved immensely since it was released and over the past few weeks I’ve been growing more and.more excited about playing it- I am confident the new patch will HELP to improve some issues, but I don’t expect it to be perfect.

  • Jordan Matt

    I traded my BO2 copy for Gears: Judgement, CoD blows. I have lost all hope for it since MW3 came out. I bought BF3 instead and I don’t regret anything whatsoever. CoD has only brought me lag comp, bullshit, and released my inner rage by “copying and pasting”. BF brought me superior graphics, amazing gameplay, and it’s pure awesomeness. I even said MoHWF was better than CoD, heck, even Skyrim is a better fps than CoD. Plus not to mention, the CoD community only consists of 12 year olds and immature teenagers who brag about their so-called “skill” in CoD.

    • Oh look! Another BF3 fan calling COD copy and paste and saying 12 yr olds play it. Speaking of copy and paste… I feel like I’ve heard this before… Belittling someone will not make them stop playing a game.

      • Jordan Matt

        What the hell are you even saying? It’s my opinion, besides, it’s common sense to know BF3 is way better than Camp of Duty. And this is coming from an Ex-CoD fan, it might sound similar but it’s not the exact same. I hope you know the differences before speaking like a moron.

        • Still nothing new. You’re saying the same regurgitated bullshit every other “former COD fan turned BF3 fan” says. Go read your BF3 articles or just stfu. It makes zero sense to go into an article about COD and talk shit when most people who read this enjoy COD.

          • Jordan Matt

            Obviously you were confused here, I understand that you’re an American and that your IQ is equivalent to a retarded seal. I stated my opinion, but not my thesis to this situation. I do not wish to convince anyone’s opinion to mine.

            Just ask anyone who happens to be intelligent and they’ll tell you that Battlefield is beyond better than camp of duty. People like yourself fail to see the truth and continue to be arrogant and say “CoD redefined the FPS genre”, seriously, go jump off a bridge. People are too stupid to realize that CoD is practically a dead series that contains nothing less than bullcrap.

            BTW, I never encountered a “douche-bag” on the battlefield forums/matchmaking. Everybody i played with were team players. I encounter d-bags every time I get on Camp of Duty.

            Besides, if you’ve read my second point, I stated my opinion. Then common sense, but I never stated any facts whatsoever, I don’t know where you managed to find my so-called “facts”. I suggest either agreeing with my opinion or disagreeing with it. The choice is yours.

            • Your common sense is uncommon. If it was common sense, then the masses would be fawning over Battlefield like they do for CoD. Just because a game is slightly more challenging doesn’t mean it is automatically better.

              Yes, I am an American, but no, I’m not an idiot. Don’t attempt to insult many intelligence while showing your own ignorance by making assumptions.

            • titled bored

              ur IQ is related to my dogs ass

        • Dirtknap

          Common sense? Fact? Opinion is not related to either of these things. The whole BF vs CoD flame war is moot, the similarities end with them both falling into the military FPS genre. Each should be played and enjoyed (or not, depending on your preference) for their own merits and stylistic choices.

          Just throwing it out there, I play and appreciate both franchises, I am not a child/teenager/immature player, nor do I brag about my skill. None of my friends indulge in this behaviour and you’ll find the majority of MP1ST readers do not resemble your description of the wider community. It seems you are letting the vocal minority cloud your opinion of 20 million CoD fans. Not to mention, I experiance equal quantities of douche-baggery within the BF community.

          I fail to see how you are adding anything valid to the conversation on this article. Please, If you have something constructive to say, go ahead and share with us.

          • Jordan Matt

            I’m not sure if you’ve read my first point, I stated that “I lost all hope for CoD”. I mentioned “CoD” didn’t I, otherwise, I would’ve not wasted my time here expressing my flat-out opinion.

            • Dirtknap

              I read it, and I respect that you have given up on CoD, I’m not far off calling it quits myself (pending the new patch) . The point I was making is you can’t tar all of us with the same brush and you have tackled this conversation with a distinct lack of logic and a bunch of conjecture.

              I also pointed out that the comparisons between BF and CoD shouldn’t be made beyond their genre, they are two entirely separate beasts that both have their pros and cons.

        • titled bored

          Battleshit is for faggots like suck a dick maybe that’ll calm u down

  • One thing I love about the BlackOps 2 multiplayer is that 85% of the lobbies I jump into everyone not just using one of the same gun alot of variety, so adding more guns is OK with me

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  • the specialist

    everyone who says that battlefield is better than cod is wrong.i will tell you one are playing fps games with real weapons in modern battles.the game must be as close to reality as it can when battlefield all weapons need from 5-7 bullets to kill in core and 2-3 to kill in hardcore then the game is just awful.think about that and then talk about cod.

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  • my friends told me get BO2 and you will like it .. exactly 5 games then throw the game out of my window .. it’s shitty that’s why the are making DLC so early like this … the became just like battlefield 3 add weapons into their DLC

    • So early? They always release the first DLC in January / February.

    • Durka durka

    • Stephen

      ok you dont like it? thats cool just wondering why? calling it shitty but presenting no reason makes me feel like you didnt get the game. or your doing it wrong.

  • I’m going to pop in Black Ops 2 for the first time in about two weeks today for double xp.

    Also I have a question. I’m aware that Xbox is getting the DLC a month earlier than PC and PS3, but does that also affect the patch, or I will I get that simultaneously? The sooner I get it the more likely I am to keep playing BO2.

  • There seems to be some sort of boycott of league play on PC, here’s why. PC players play leagues/ladders with regulated rules, player input, anti-cheat, and dispute abilities. There are weapon bans, score streak bans, item bans the whole lot! What 3arc SHOULD of done is talk to these companies and websites. who host these competitions/ladders and integrate a system to create matches and match schedules in game with complete 3rd party support.

  • mrup2nogud

    If the FAL gets a SECOND nerf im done with cod if the FAL is so op then why is the vast majority of people using subs still? Because they love just aimless spraying and dont like getting done off the FAL to many faggots rushing dont like getting killed off an assault rifle that is nowhere near as versatile as subs. is it not fair that the FAL has high power but needs aiming when subs have the advantage of no aim needed and 50 bullet clips.. If the community gets its way you will have all the subs the type 25 snipers and the 870 its a joke i dont even get killed off the FAL that much and when i do its usually in an area where it should have advantage

    • It’s a powerful semi-auto that you can turn into an auto. How is that NOT overpowered? Yes, it does take some work to get to that point, so it’s not very cheap. People only use SMGs because that’s what almost every map is built for.

      • Stephen

        FAL even with the full auto is not op. why? because Smgs still win in CQC unless FAL shoots first or lucky spray from the FAL. also map design favors smgs more then AR anyway. now if fal always won or 99 percent of the time won CQC then its OP until then its not.

        • People who use the FAL don’t get in CQ battles. They head glitch from a distance and they will win that battle every time. Every map is tight in places but most have a least a few medium range lines of sight perfect for messing people up with the FAL fully auto.

  • dpg70

    Yanked from base game to be sold as DLC = invalid

  • here’s a good question…. why does the LMG not have scope sway on the Variable Zoom scope?!

  • Nemesis_96

    Awesome! I like that design process, pretty clever.
    Great interview 😀

  • mego

    Can you use this wepon in all gamemodes or just in the dlc hopper?

  • CoDisaFish

    if it wasn’t for the broken net code then i would enjoy the game more. 1st rule of DLC, don’t buy it until 3 days after release due to campers. Any ways i hope that big patch Vahn or other people said will tweak the net coding

  • Jake

    I hope this “Peacekeaper SMG” wont be an overpowerd gun. It would suck for those who do not purchase it if it is. The DLC does look good and I am pretty excited for it though!

  • Matt Esser

    We need a DLC sniper a bolt action preferably give us the L96A1 then CoD would be sick…
    -Hallucinat1onzz- look at my X-Ray 1 & 2 sickest sniper kills in CoD (Headshot thru 3walls)

  • Since it appears to be able to fire 5.7×28 rounds as opposed to conventional pistol rounds, wouldn’t it technically qualify as a PDW?

  • [email protected]

    just saw Bruce Almighty GREAT AND HILARIOUS

  • Ed

    Sure, leave dlc to the very end of Christmas holidays….

  • cory curtis

    When does the dlc come out for the ps3 will it be on the 28 or sooner

  • bo2isfullof-LAG

    Boring boring boring worst cod of all and I thought MW3 was bad. This game so laggy its not funny doesnt draw characters on screen properly and they will see you first because of ridiculous camper kiddy quick scope favouring COD series lag compensation. It truly is a game for kids now who just scope n camp. If you wanna quickscope and use lag compensation to get your kills this is the game for you it randomizes every bullet hit strength and has a nintendo catchup system terrible terrible programming. I say if you american kids wanna shoot something up forget the schools, go to treyarch or activision head office and shoot those tossers and show them how far a shotgun shoots.

  • bulshit this weapon because if you dont have pluspack then you suck bravo bravo fail again for normal users,..fu..u treyar and activi

  • Steven Hickman

    You can’t run as fast with the Peacekeeper as you can with all the other SMGs. The Peacekeeper is more like a AR Rifle (slow running) then a SMG. Slower then most SMSs in fire rate also.