Black Ops 2 Vengeance DLC is Coming July 2

Activision and Treyarch have unveiled Call of Duty: Black Ops 2’s third set of DLC, Vengeance, and announced that it will be coming first to the Xbox 360 on July 2.

It will come packed with four brand new maps, a whole new zombie experience, and a new zombies weapon that you’re sure to have a ‘blast’ with.

Game design director David Vonderhaar mentions that “Vengeance addresses a community desire to have head-to-head, super controlled gameplay that’s pushing you, and the players who have the skill, are the ones who are going to come out on top of those battles.”

Check out some of the new content:


Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 11.01.51 AM

  • A rocky outpost island in the Indian ocean
  • Lots of flanking opportunities
  • Surrounded by water on all sides


Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 11.02.21 AM

  • Set on a large bridge with multiple levels
  • Lots of head-on-head gameplay
  • Caters to all ranges of play styles


Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 11.02.40 AM

  • Battle in a paintball arena
  • Supports multiple environments
  • Different shapes of cover
  • All about fast-paced action


Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 11.03.00 AM

  • Places you in a satellite control facility
  • A re-imagining of Black Ops’ Summit
  • Lots of good choke points
  • Different ways to play the map


Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 11.08.09 AM

  • Old Western Zombies map set in an underground cave
  • Characters have a lot more information to share, as far as the story goes
  • New character that could be friend or foe

Ray Gun Mark II

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 10.56.14 AM

  • An evolution of the Ray Gun
  • Will go through entire trains of Zombies

Check out the recently released trailer for Black Ops 2: Vengeance and let us know what you think in the comments!

  • Cole.

    It’s a bit late, pretty sure most people quit this game in December.

    • Raymond Featherston

      I personally will play the zombies as to me that is the redeemable quality of this game. And I will take a peak at the Summit remake, just because I want to see what it looks like and all that.

    • Thomas

      It’s still one of the top selling games for PS3 and 360, so it’s still cycling in new players.

    • killzoner

      Your pretty sure opinion is absolutely wrong, BOP 2 is still no 1 in XBL and joining matches in both MP and zombies is a snap.

  • Thomas

    Looking forward to playing the zombie map for a couple weeks until I figure it out and then putting it back on the shelf until the final DLC.

  • nightwing

    when i bought the season pass, it said on it, all new maps. not a few new maps and a few reskins of black ops 1 maps.. so now we have nuketown, Firing Range and Summit, so far the only pack that has ‘all new maps’ is revolution, and to be fair that map pack is pretty poor. at this rate we’ll have 3 map packs and a reskin pack…

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns

      What’s wrong with that?

      • nightwing

        reskins aren’t new maps, they are old maps. £40 for season pass, £11.99 per map pack, where it stated on the promotion all new maps. i expect, all new maps, not a few new maps and being lazy and throwing a new texture on a map they had 2 years ago. thats whats wrong with that. its called false advertising.

        • zacflame

          either way, i love the fact that they bring back 1 old map with every DLC now, i just hate the fact that they are choosing all the wrong maps. literally, the only maps that they have brought back in black ops 2 (nuketown, firing range, and summit) are the 3 overrated maps that are only fun when playing private matches or certain modes under certain curcumstances. either way, treyarch is going downhill and the new zombies is shit.

          • nightwing

            if they’re bringing old maps out, fine, but put them outside the season pass. i honestly don’t mind not buying those maps, i’ll play BO1 if i want to play them, but dont put them in the map packs that they said were all new, because they arent all new

            • zacflame

              i would simply prefer them to add more maps to black ops 1 and call it black ops 2.

          • Morgan Freeman

            This is obviously an opinion, but I’m pretty sure 90% of the general COD fanbase loved Summit and Firing Range.

          • I think Mob of the Dead is a good zombies map and in my opinion it makes Die Rise look like a joke. Green Run and Mob of the Dead are my favorite Zombie maps in Black Ops 2.

            • zacflame

              green run and Die rise aren’t even maps, they are complete waste of time.
              mob of the dead is sub-par, by that I mean somewhere below mediocrity.
              the only reason I still have black ops 2 is so I can play the (shitty) final mission again and again for an epic digital concert with people like reznov. that character was in call of duty black ops and it deserves a sequel, it must have taken some balls for activision to let good treyarch give bad treyarch the rights to use black ops characters in their game.

          • Iheardumbpeople

            Then that should be included as a FREE map!

    • killzoner

      These morons don’t get it, BOP 2 are reimagining old maps because of the fans. The fans want these maps to come back. Obviously this is not intended for you.

      • nightwing

        actually i’d prefer to get what i paid for which is all new maps. All new, not new skins on old maps, all new maps

        • jacob lehman

          Chill the Fuck out man I don’t see you ass in a chair all day trying to make new maps if they want to bring back new maps that’s cool as hell it’s new skinned who gives a shit besides you they have new maps every time a paintball arena I don’t thinks that’s familar so give them a break

    • AtheistMason

      Consider Nuketown 2025, Studio and Uplink as new maps then. If it makes you feel any better

      • nightwing

        but they arent new maps, they’re old layouts with new textures.

        • There’s a lot of changes that go on in the background, such as the maps coding. Not everything is a simple skin.

    • Chris Rash

      Don’t forget crysis(cove) is there to.

    • Treyarch is simply bringing back fan favorites from Black Ops 1. They are not going to bring back every single map from Black Ops 1. Fans wanted Black Ops 1 favorites back, and Treyarch is giving people what they want.

      To me, I don’t think Revolution was poor at all. It gave me a new gun, the Peacekeeper, which I like a lot and was the first gun I got gold.

  • clark griswold

    YAWN – more tiny ass maps that will cause you to get shot in the back more times than head on

    • MTARded

      I think you’re mistaking these maps for another redesign of nuketown, the worst map to date. To me, these maps look smaller than the rest of the maps already out and i’m more of a larger map guy (yes, i like them big, array>nuketown any day) so that isn’t a promising start but nevertheless, haven’t experienced the maps yet and i’ve got a season pass so i can’t back down from it, even if i didn’t want these maps.

    • On small maps what do you expect? Do you expect the enemy to wait for you to turn around so they can shoot you while they risk themselves also being killed?

  • Morgan Freeman

    Oh boy, I can’t wait to be disappointed!!

    Zombies map looks okay at best but I’m glad to see the return of Summit, even if I’ll probably play one match of Black Ops 2 before I get pissed off and put it away until DLC 4.

    • Thomas

      I never thought that would come to fruition. That would have required a lot of forward thinking from the team and I just don’t think they have it in them.

  • Blaine Reinsma

    Cove and Uplink look really good, Rush could be fun, and Detour looks like the worst DLC map yet (unless it could be played with the old “War” game mode as it seems it would work well with that). Love the idea of Buried, but the new Ray Gun is not a bonus -.-

    • The new ray gun will be available on all the other zombie maps as well so it kind of is a bonus. David Vonderhaar confirmed this on twitter

      • AtheistMason

        And in the video

  • Emre

    They need to add all the weapons in the new zombie map or in all the zombie maps.
    Makes it more fun.

  • MegaMan3k

    “Game design director David Vonderhaar mentions that “Vengeance addresses a community desire to have head-to-head, super controlled gameplay that’s pushing you, and the players who have the skill, are the ones who are going to come out on top of those battles.””

    I hate you so much, Vanderhaar. You have no idea how much I hate you. You can’t just say words and expect them to be true. The problem of BLOPS2 not having head to head skill based battles is so much more than the map design.

  • z0ml3ie P1kachu

    If they’re going to constantly bring back old maps can we at least get the bigger ones? Honestly they should just bring back the bo1 final mp map pack that had silo, hazard, etc. Best cod map pack yet imo.

    • I liked Hazard. It’s the first map of its kind that I’ve seen. I don’t necessarily think they should bring it back but it would be neat if they did.

      • Morgan Freeman

        >First map of its kind
        >Hazard was a remake of Cliffside

        • Well, I didn’t start playing Call of Duty until Black Ops 1, and I liked the golf course map 🙂

  • thebulky1cometh

    I’m getting to the point where I look forward to hearing David Vonderchode try to polish this turd of a game more than the actual map packs.

  • I’m excited for this new map pack. I am looking forward to seeing the summit re-make and also the new ray gun. I think it will still damage the player if the shots are too close, though.

  • sam

    what time of day does it come out its July 2nd here and its not out does it come out at something like 8 am??