Call of Duty Job Listing for Systems Designer Suggests Modern-Era Setting

We may have been given a hint at a new modern-era Call of Duty being in the works. A job listing posted by Treyarch asks for an experienced systems designer, specifically for one with a knowledge of “modern military technology.”

Here’s the part of the listing that requests applicants have a “deep knowledge base of firearms and modern military technology.”

And you’ll really get our attention if you have:

  • Combat design experience on a AAA competitive shooter.
  • Previous design experience owning entire categories of gameplay content both at the moment to moment and systems level.
  • Deep knowledge base of firearms and modern military technology.
  • Prestige 1 or above in Black Ops 3 Multiplayer.

David Vonderhaar, Treyarch’s studio design director, tweeted the job listing out himself:

So it seems perfectly possible that an upcoming Call of Duty game could be set in modern times! Would you like to see that?

Source: Activision Careers via Reddit

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  • RedKnightOH

    A Call of Duly Modern Day War game, designed in the mold of Battlefield 3… would be great. Including Private User controlled Game Servers, Clan Support for at least 24 vs 24 player game rooms and all the basics that BF3 had. Those were all left behind in BF4 and BF1.

    Can Call of Duty ever reach the level of a Battlefield 3 game…. not likely in this century. I expect any future CoD game… to be like all the other CoD games that came before it, that the little “kids” will love… not the adult online war gamer.

    • roland0811

      But personally, Battlefield has been nothing but CoD with vehicles for the last four releases at least. Its a super fast paced, arcade-y run ‘n gun shooter just as much as CoD is, bud. No two ways about it.

      I’d love to see CoD go back to 2 and 3’ s gameplay but with bigger maps. And I’d love to see Battlefield go back to having hard line classes instead of blurring the lines between them and making them jacks of all trades.