DICE Has Non-Battlefield Projects in the Works, Says EA

EA doesn’t want to turn DICE into a “Battlefield factory,” explains EA Games’ vice-president Patrick Soderlund.

Speaking with OXM via VG247, EA’s Patrick Soderlund stated in regards to the risks associated with launching a new IP, such as Mirror’s Edge. “Well it depends, right? Maybe it is [risky] and maybe it isn’t. It’s also important for us – the DICE guys are roughly 300 people in the Stockholm studio; not all of them are working on Battlefield things, and that’s intentional, because we don’t want to become a Battlefield factory.”

He goes on to say, “the minute we start saying ‘you’re going to make a Battlefield game for the rest of your life’, they’re going to go some place else. So for them to make great Battlefield games there need to be other things for them to do as well. That’s why we have people who move around quite a bit. And then obviously we have a boatload of people that just want to make Battlefield because they love it.

One rumor has resurfaced since the interview with Patrick was published is that DICE is currently also working on Mirror’s Edge 2. According to a tweet via PCGamesN from former general manager of EA’s Easy Studio Ben Cousins, who currently works at ngmoco Sweden, “it is general knowledge in the Stockholm dev scene that Mirror’s Edge 2 is in production at DICE.”

Only Battlefield 4 and the rest of Battlefield 3’s expansion packs are confirmed to be in development at DICE.

  • DelucaFTW

    I thought EA wasn’t up for new IP’s…This is interesting.

    • well just because DICE makes it doesn’t mean that EA has to publish it

    • No that’s Activision. EA has way more notable and relevant titles under their belt. Activision only has Call of Duty as the rest of their games are poorly advertised and often overlooked.

      • masada157

        Transformers, Prototype, and Deadpool The Game. Your argument is invalid.

        • jonchr2

          i think he meant to say activision only has 4-5 games people know of. transformers? please, that sucked! Prototype 1 is really good, the sequel could be much more than it was, deadpool the game looks funny, but i think its going to flop. In other words they only have CoD at the moment which is making them the money they need. im excited for the walking dead game but nothing else from activision. EA has new and exciting games coming out and they are actually looking for new IP’s

          • Lufamos

            What about the game in development by Bungie.

            • We don’t even know what the game is! Granted it will be a massive success considering it’s going to be an Xbox exclusive and Xbox community loves frigging Bungie, we can’t count that yet.

          • And what will they do with them? Probably what they did with the rest, …mass effect.

        • Deadpool does not count.
          1. Hasn’t even gone gold yet
          2. Could be canceled at anytime for any reason
          as for the rest, are any of them even remotely a success l like Call of Duty? When I think Activision none of those games come to mind. They may because I know them but not because they are notable big name franchises. You didn’t even mention spiderman, whose games Activision published for years! I’d name Spider before any of the games you listed.

        • Can’t forget the Walking dead FPS.

    • MikePembo951

      mirrors edge 2 is not new IP

    • WarHero

      I think you guys forgot about Respawn’s upcoming game.

  • good idea not making DICE a Battlefield Factory, I love DICE games like mirrors edge 🙂


    300 people, yet things like the SOUND glitch are still ignored. lol

    • kyuubi_clone

      dude, are you being PAID by activision or something? i swear every website i go to – you’re there to bad mouth BF3. and in the same vein you give kudos to treyarch for blops2. hell, you even frequent BF3’s battlelog to promote blps2. give it up already bro. your OPINIONS are invalid

      • blastermaster

        > Constantly jerks off to Medal of Honor
        > Accuses other people of promoting games

        • I would play Medal of Honor over CoD any day. What I think is bogus is that little kids like you think that the only MoHs in existence are the ones released in 2010 and 2012 (Moh 2010 and MoH Warfighter). No no no…there is Medal of Honor Frontline, Medal of Honor Airborne, Medal of Honor European Assault, and so much more. Best Medal of Honor BY FAR is Frontline.

          • DanDustEmOff

            Best Moh is rising sun

      • VEX_VEHIX

        Paid by who?! lol

        No, i’m pissed that I paid for a game, ONE YEAR AGO, and it has been transformed OVER and OVER. I love BF3, but they are killing it…

        I speak my mind, don’t like it, move on.

        • tludt888

          I love this mentality, “don’t like what I’m saying, move on”

          People are allowed to disagree and say what you have to say is invalid/stupid/wrong. Speech works both ways.

          • VEX_VEHIX

            Yes, as in, why should he call me out on being upset with DICE’s decisions, I didnt shut him up about his opinion. So, he can move on.

            This isnt the place to argue, thats why i go to Battlelog. lol

    • Jason

      I have not had the sound glitch in a minute?! Is it still around?

      • Yup it’s still around. And it only seems to happen on certain maps, one of the worst maps for it is Damavand Peak. :I

    • lrishjake

      Boo Vex.. Boo. COD drops and you turn anti-BF3 on us?

      • VEX_VEHIX

        HAHAHA! I still like BF3, just upset with their decisions is all, bro.

        • I like the way, if you a criticise a game, people think that you are a fanboy of a different game! lol

  • mirrors edge 2 – woot!

  • K3nny7

    Gotta be Mirrors Edge 2 . 🙂 I hope so anyway.

    • lrishjake

      it is.

  • Jason

    Mirrors Edge 2 with Frostbite 2! YES PLEASE!

  • Hol_Up

    Mirror’s Edge has been in development for a while now, I can’t wait to see it. Maybe early next year is when they will reveal it! Also, DICE did make a rally racing car game that was critically acclaimed, so I wonder if they will take a chance and make another racing game.

    • Laser0pz

      Oh my god, I remember that game! It was International Rally Championship, wasn’t it? You could make your own tracks on it and everything. I still have the game lying around somewhere too!

  • lrishjake

    Its Mirrors Edge 2. There ya go..


      So informative. lol

  • ayrtonsenna94

    DICE are a bunch of turds. So are EA.

  • RoadTripToJalalabad

    I’d like to hear what the EA board of directors has to say about this. “Are they done with BF4 yet? Get those swedes cranking on BF Cinco, pronto! WHIP CRACK”

    • Fuck that, I’d much prefer a mirrors edge 2.
      The first one had great ideas but was not executed to is full potential.