[Updated] First Black Ops 2 Double XP Weekend Now Live, Nuketown 2025 Atari Easter Egg


Treyarch Game Design Director David Vonderhaar shows you how to earn double XP in Black Ops 2 this weekend.

Treyarch has just activated the very first double XP weekend event for Black Ops 2 on all playlists on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Just a reminder, you need to have Nuketown 2025 downloaded in order to gain double XP during this event. Nuketown 2025 is available in the first print copies of Black Ops 2.

Update: Not all players are gaining double XP as the comments below indicate. Also, the extra XP is received at the end of matches.

So, while Nuketown 2025 is downloading, check out this easter egg.


    Sweet! Thank you!

  • Angelreborn96

    Nuketown all day.


    so the CODE used to download the Nuketown Map is the ONLY code needed to participate in the DOUBLE XP weekend.. ??

  • Peppertooth666

    Mine isent working I have already downloaded nuke town 2025 but no double xp

  • Pleh

    wtf normal xp for me

    • Its still 100 points a kill but xP wise your getting double

  • dayve

    does it say anywhere on screen that its double xp?

  • Nemesis_96

    Aaa hahahah classic trey putting in a hilarious Easter egg 😀

  • nickal1207

    Double xp not working for me!

  • bob

    not double xp for me either

    • Q

      I downloaded my mappack days ago and it installed itself. But no double exp an no nuketown either.. I did it a few times.. How the fuck do i get it to work?

  • Jay

    I cant imagine we would see the double xp on the things related to score streaks but I dont see it doubling at the end of the match either or anything.

  • No double xp for me either. UK ps3 #Blackops2fail

    • the man

      it’s still 100 points a kill but scorewise its double
      aus PS3

  • Jay

    Def not working. Just used the elite site and took note of my score before and after cuz I thought maybe it was doubling post round but still not

    • Guest

      Ok now im more confused. I took track of the XP vs total score this time. I scored 100 points last (came in late got one kill) My score went from 1,049,370 to 1,050,700. I give up lol

  • no double xp ;/ uk

  • veryupsetps3player

    this is so frustrating! Ive been waiting for double xp for hours now WTF! it say it starts on the 16th so WTF?? got nuketown downloaded and all!

  • Dawgs4ever

    Is it double xp only on the nuketown map? Or on all maps?

  • Wyatt

    Not working. I mean come on! I paid for this and don’t get the full thing!

  • Cameron

    mines working

    • Help

      Did you do anything special to get it to work?

      • cameron

        no i just get it after every game

  • Darth Bongrip

    How do I know if it’s working? It says 100 per kill in match, but when you’re playing objective based games and getting assists and various kill streak points, it’s hard to keep track of your score in your head and compare it to the after round score.

    Do I have to be playing Nuketown 2025 to get this or is it for all maps/game modes?

    With so many people not getting it, if I happen to not get it (been working all day, just getting on) when will it be fully operational and debugged?


    During the game, you’ll see 100 per kill. The 2XP is added at the end of the match, so the scorestreaks are not going crazy.

  • InferiorAnterior

    The Double XP is working. It takes your score at the end and doubles it. You can’t have 2X EXP working in game as people would be getting ridiculous Scorestreaks all over the place.

    Double exp + hardline = air support fest.

    • XP is NOT score! They are two separate things! So double XP could be active in-game.

      • Kill streaks are not linked to “score”, aka kills, anymore. Its 350 “points” to get the lowest streak. You could never actually get a kill & get a streak. So, if Double xp was in effect during the game people would be kill streaking like mad. That being said, I am not seeing double xp anywhere.

  • Ustasa

    I have Nuketown 2025 as I pre-ordered the Harden Edition and I do not have double XP, what BS!

  • Guest

    How do you see total xp earned at the end of the game??? Like with challenges and all.. Can’t find it!

  • USMC Davis

    “Now they’re saying the 16th” ? Ummm today is the 16th

  • Dom

    bag of wank

  • Anonymous

    Come backk to CoDzz

  • Danielle

    I dont understand say for instance I got 10 kills thats 1000 points, but at the end it says 1900 wouldnt those other extra 900 points come from things like if I take down a helicipter etc. how do I work out if I am definitly getting double xp ??

  • Dave

    100% not working for myself. Scored 4800 points in match. Checked combat record and only 4800 points had been added. Dafuq is goin on?!

  • hakkaman

    Mine would probably be working except the game has that stupid ps3 lockup issue they haven’t patched yet.

  • hakkaman

    There should be some confirmation for codes thay are active.

  • FishPenetrator

    It works. Remember, score and XP are different in this game. You won’t see the xp at all this game until after the match.

  • richie_rabbit

    any ideas if we will get double xp tokens to use for us that cant get on to play the double xp weekend? Damn servers error for 2 days now 🙁 im so sad right now

  • Mike

    Tried playing free for all as scoring is simpler scored 10kills so that’s 1000points but after game score stat still 1000points
    No double xp added

  • Jones

    Way too many issues. Gun keeps shooting after stopped and didn’t even kill the guy.

  • Your score at the end of the match get doubled. Its different now.

  • tina

    Why is xp not working on ps3??

  • first the game is laggy as crap…. now i cant even get double xp??? what the hell r they doing at tryarch???

  • jay14

    Did you have to pre order the game to get 2x xp

    • jay14

      To get nuketown 2025 i mean*

  • Frc04260

    Now working at all. Not even after match. I’ve been playing all day and everyone else is reporting same problem

  • augiedog53

    I can’t even play with my party because we have “incompatible playlists” Wtf

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  • Neil

    Has any one got it to work ?

  • Ian

    I have a first print copy how do I down load?

  • Josh

    I have been playing for 8 hours and still no double Xp. Come on ! I am getting so mad 🙁

  • Chase

    I was getting double xp in NukeTown all day until about 2 hours ago when the double xp simply stopped. I’m now only receiving regular xp & don’t understand what happened…. this is bogus.


    Yeah, stopped getting dub xp a while ago this is dumb

  • russ

    Out of 85 friends in UK with nuketown map not one is get double xp another nail in Treyarch coffin crap crap and total shit this game sucks

  • Nay

    My double seems to work sometimes. If I do well and win a confirm kill ill average about 5 or 6000xp. But right before I prestiged the xp seemed normal.

  • my nuke town 2025 has been downloaded and i have being playing on it but the new update is stoping me from playing

  • plshelp me my nuke town 2025 has been downloaded and i have being playing on it but the new update is stoping me from playing

  • Jesse

    Its prolly to late but after the match, does it say doubl xp earned or something?? I all saw was match bonus and was the exact amount before the xp weekend. And also before the ps3 update, it seemed i was leveling up every game then after the update i would only get like 1000-2000 xp points when i had earned way more than that in challenges and emblems. The yellow bar had only moved slightly. As a first time cod player, this really gets me mad i was really looking forward to double xp

  • coty

    My nuke town 24/7 is gone I played it last night and now its not there no more

  • donut

    Friday the 16th at about 11pm to about 1am on Saturday (2 hours) I was 200XP after the match for things like headshots the rest of the weekend and now 100xp. 2hours is a really fast weekend. And now I got on and nuketown is gone. WTF. Its a good game they didn’t have to dangle fake carrots in front of our faces.

  • Franky

    Okay so i downloaded, nuketown 2025, then they removed it, etc..and when i tried to play again, on different game mode, it keep saying that i dont got the map, can i like re-download it again or ?

  • Guest

    Half of you are so dumb

  • SARTELL_13

    I want more double xp I was leveling up quick and now it’s slow and borning what about Christmas break for 2 weeks

  • Dark soldier

    I cant find reason why but my black ops 2 update every single day and it is always 2.8 GB.Someone pls reply.

  • H e c K z HD

    why cant I play nuketown 24 7 or 2025? It doesn’t appear when I search for a match?