God of War: Ascension Beta Codes Now Available, Begins December 12th

As of today, players of the Rise of The Warrior Challenge will be able to get their early Beta Access code for God of War: Ascenion.

Though I was on the winning side (Spartan’s), according to the tweets made by Santa Monica, the Beta is available to both teams. That means if you were on the losing side, you’ll get early access after logging into Rise of The Warrior and syncing your PSN account.

The code will begin to work on the 12th of December and will say “invalid” if you try to redeem it now.

Steps to redeeming your code

  1. Under “PlayStation Network” on the XMB, select “Account Management”
  2. In the next menu, select “Redeem Codes”
  3. Three input boxes will appear. Your voucher code will consist of 3 sets of 4 characters, Like this: ABCD-EFGD-HIJK
  4. Enter the code into the three boxes. Voucher Code input is not case sensitive.
  5. Once entered, select “Continue”.
  6. You will be presented with the content assigned to your voucher code! Simply download it and install.

  • it will be epic …

  • Alpine

    can i have a code plz???

  • DarthDiggler

    Fuckin eh, can’t they just give out shit any more without them making you jump through a million hoops? Is it not enough that I have bought every goddamn God of War game on Day 1 (including the original).

    Fuckin eh Sony. I guess this game can’t be any worse than the Resistance RTS, what a waste of fucking time.

    • jimmylara

      I’ve heard many great things these past days from other sites about the Beta, We’ll have our impression up once we break it down.

    • Alpine

      yeah man , i totally agree. They make us to beg and suck **** just to get access to a damn beta. well, if anyone has a code and not using it, i be more than happ to “test” the game. XD

      • DarthDiggler

        Well I get why they do it, they can’t give codes to everyone and if you put out a couple of hoops you can limit the Beta Supply. I am just annoyed by said hoops. 🙂

  • #1gow fan

    i just linked my psn with rise of the warrior and was accepted into the spartans, than i completed the story, but nothing. isnt it still possible for someone to enter and get beta and ps plus?

    • jimmylara

      If you entered after the Spartans won, then no Beta code will be available. PS+ will be getting the Beta but at a later date.

  • Dave

    I got my code just right now, I can´t wait until December, 12th.

  • Alkanida

    damn, why did the website make me a trojans?
    even a friend who doesnt own ps3 made it and he ended up as trojans…
    i think this was basically an EU VS US fight.
    Anybody from EU won?

  • liljj4u

    i got an early beta code, i was a spartan. then it gave this link to enroll my code at, after i linked my psn account. So on december 12 do i use the same code i got to download the beta from psn. also on the site i enroll it on it said i wasn’t guaranteed a spot. can anyone explain this stuff to me

    • jimmylara

      if you got a code then your in the beta, it will be available to redeem on the 12th of December

  • baldstinkygrossboy

    so if u got playstation plus can u play ?

  • Azza

    When ever i click “access now” button to get my beta code it just refresh the page and i cant get the code. I played this before Spartans won so that’s not the issue. Is it because im in Australia?