Modern Warfare 3 Elite Drops 4, 5, and 6 Now Available on Xbox 360

Modern Warfare 3 DLC drops, Black Ice, Black Box, and Negotiator, are now available to download on Xbox Live for Call of Duty Elite premium members.

The three brand new pieces of DLC, which include two spec ops’ missions and one new map (Black Box),  are live on the 360, and will set you back 222.93MB in memory. The new drops brought along a mandatory 5MB patch, supposedly patch 1.10. The patch notes haven’t been made public as of writing this, but new achievements have been added to the game, you can learn more about here.

No changes have been made to the Elite playlists:

  • Popular game modes Team Deathmatch, Domination and Kill Confirmed only
  • ELITE Objectives
  • Hardcore Ricochet and Mosh Pit

Non paid Elite members can expect all six DLC drops released for Elite to date to be bundled in Modern Warfare 3 Collection #1, which comes out on March 20th. You can watch a new trailer for Collection 1 below.

  • that was quick… where is PS3 first drop oh wait thats right APRIL!!! 

    • ps3fuckedintheass

      Two weeks ago, almost. It is utter bullshit that PS3 Elite gets it after non-Elite Xbox. I could live with getting it after Xbox Elite, but to get it after non-Elite Xbox is an utter joke.

  • Plor92

    The patch made matchmaking on he xbox360 regionlocked…
    again -_-‘

  • Xbox 360 GT: Zombie Bitz

    and added a option to disable DLC on normal play lists

  • whats up with everyone with elite premium having founder status? just wondering