Modern Warfare 3 PS3 Problems are Being Worked On

Modern Warfare 3 has had a dodgy launch on all consoles; however, PS3 players have had the shortest end of the stick.

A few days ago, Infinity Ward released a patch for consoles that addressed several issues. The main fix for the PS3 was the ‘Out of Memory 14′ errors. While this problem might have been ironed out, there are still a number of issues, mainly with lag, hit notification, and crashes. Fans have been hitting up the Official MW3 Forums and developers’ Twitter accounts to get answers on whether Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games are fixing these issues. Luckily for PS3 users, Glen Schofield has acknowledged the PS3 issues. Activision customer support a step further and suggested one fix for the PS3 crashing issue; Mikey explained “[you can] try clearing your game data utility and let the game reinstall to your console again. See if that makes a difference.” Also, we recently reported on Voice Chat is being looked at.

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  • …any word on the terrible chat quality?

    • Anonymous

      I added this link to the article.

  • Have had no problems with MW3 on PS3.
    Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. People to this day still say that Black OPs is unplayable which is complete bullshit. I should know since I had since Day 1.

    • Anonymous

      I checked the official forums, developers’ responses, and friends before I reported on Sledgehammer games and Activision response, so may be you’re one of the lucky ones, but trust me many people are experiencing problems.

    • DarthDiggler

      You guys don’t get it do you?  The experience in COD changes from one host to the next even though they have more money than God now, they still haven’t introduced Dedicated Servers for consoles which would solve 80% of the issues.

      Great you manage to get a good connection, but if you log into Black Ops and you are the host, you will be lagged.  I had the same problem in BO that I had in MW2.  People running through my bullets to knife me and hit detection being stupid or I get tons of hit markers emptying half a clip into someone and they don’t drop.


    • Since launch if I am able to play 2 multiplayer games in a row I am lucky.  The farthest I can get in the campaign is Black Tuesday somewhere between when you just out of the humvee and the jewelry store before the PS3 SHUTS DOWN.  No warning just shuts down. 

  • FreddieP318ti

    Im interested in seeing improvment overall in sound quality. Thats not my only gripe but one of my biggest.  Even with Turtlebeach you cant even hear people moving or walking. So far far I’m not impressed with the multiplayer aspect of the game. The lag and the spawns make me want to just return the game and go back to black ops. Hopefully it improves…..

  • Michael Kelley

    Have they added an option to disable aim assist yet?  MW2 didn’t have it, and I never played BO, so I can only assume they made it an unchangeable feature to MW3

  • AddMove

    What about the number 1 problem with the ps3 version of mw3?….NO [email protected]#[email protected]$ MOVE SUPPORT!!!. I hate using an outdated duelshock and i am not buying mw3 until it gets patched for  move.

    • Forgetmw3

      @addmove  I couldnt agree more. there have been what?. Two?. Three cod games that have came out since the release of move? And NONE of them have supported move but BOTH have came out for the wii?. It is bad enough that mw3 player on the ps3 have to put up with crappy internet for no reason but we also have to use an outdated just because they are too lazy to support it?. Looks like Activision doesnt give a crap about ps3 owners.

      • Lulz

        I love your logic. Not all games support Move, especially many 3rd party games. Move is a cheap add-on that’s barely getting supported by Sony. So, why should 3rd party developers support it? It was released on the Wii because the motion control on that system is the MAIN way to play. Coding any core game for Move is just a waste of development resources.

        • KnowYourFacts

          @e798961bb8bc035578b7bf1b18b00f21:disqus Lulz @Lulz the fact that you say that the move is a ” cheap add-on” shows that you know nothing about the move controller and should just keep your mouth shut. Let people that know what they are talking about add to this discussion.

    • While I feel your pain, I think it’s probably better they get the game working with the baseline controller before they get it working with the Move. But it is strange how there’s been no support for it when it works quite well from my experiences with KZ3.

      • Duelshocksucks

        COD has had the SAME controls on the duelshock 3 since COD Modern Warfare came out on the ps3 in 2007. I dont think they needed any extra time to get the baseline controls right in Modern Warfare 3. (Just copy the rest of the games)

  • AddMove

    What about the number 1 problem with the ps3 version of mw3?….NO
    [email protected]#[email protected]$ MOVE SUPPORT!!!. I hate using an outdated duelshock and i am not
    buying mw3 until it gets patched for  move.

  • Makes me feel better about BF3 being completely bugged on the xbox.

    • Seriously, BF3 was atrocious 🙁
      Have not seen any issues on COD however.

      • BF3 might have had a bit of a rough launch, but it really wasn’t that bad.  DICE has been working very hard to make it more stable.  I’ve noticed a huge improvement over the last couple weeks.  Compare that with MW2 which had serious gameplay affecting bugs that went unpatched for months.  I feel like DICE is at least making an effort.  

  • Dave85

    Patch it for Move.  I don’t care about all of the other “bugs” because right now i don’t own it.

  • Ps4

    bought this on PC and never had ay issues….

    • Anonymous


  • Hm

    Well I’ve played it through on Normal and Hard, plus all of Spec Ops and some multiplayer, and not had any problems at all. And Unchartered 3 crashed on me the other week, so nothing’s perfect. I turn off voice chat anyway as it annoys the hell out of me. 

  • DarthDiggler

    Will Activision just freaking make COD an Xbox Exclusive since they can’t program for the PS3?  There is no other game ever that the fans are so willing to forgive and forget.  Why does COD get so much critical praise when it launches broken EVERY GAME!  Why do they get a pass when every iteration has the exact same issues as the last?  If you don’t demand quality as a customer this is exactly what happens.  You get a game that they did not bother to innovate let alone fix the issues that plagued the last 4 titles.  It is patently ridiculous.  If this was a PS3 exclusive with all of these problems it would be the hottest news on N4G.  THERE I SAID IT! LOL

  • Anonymous

    Our PS# got the YLOD while playing MW#.  Is that possibly an issue with MW# rather than the console?

    • If you can restart the PS3 after the game shuts down I would not call it the YOLD.  If it won’t turn on at all then you have the problem.  From my reading it appears to be a two sided problem.  Whatever the graphic load is for MW3 it does not work well for the older fat PS3 from what I read.  MW3 was designed to run on the slimmer model from what I can tell.  Activision support says that Sony does a stress test on all the system that are out there with the game before approving it.  I guess they missed something.  I tried deleting the game data and that did not fix it.  Also HD space for me is not a problem.  They need to get this fixed and soon 

      • alpha

        Same here. I tried tweeting the devs, etc., to no avail thus far :/

  • I friggin love how half-ass this game launched. Sure 750 million sold, but it has problems on BOTH consoles XD  When I went to Wal-Mart and did the Midnight Launch Tourny, the game had the “disc can’t be read” on the 360 while the guy was showing us what he had to do in Survival.  XD  So glad the copy hasn’t had any probelms on mine at home (YEA WON IT (>>) …. still sucks!!!)

  • Guitarist1980

    patch move support – give us something new

  • Me

    How bout they just make whats here work before we start giving them more to do.

  • Hey I didn’t know anything about this as I don’t have COD:MW3 and I’m really addicted to Battlefield 3 so now hearing that they have released the patch for solving different issues and major out of memory error is solved.

  • Tkovancity

    Random severe noise happens probably every couple hours so annoying not to mention horrible for my speakers.  I don’t understand what it is except it’s the game. I hope they get there act together and fix this and issues with lag and knifing.

  • MW3

    Whenever i play mw3 the system shuts off by itself after 5 mins of play. I did what the guy said to delete the game data and re install it. When i did that i was able tk play without it shutting off. Do you think my problem is fixed or you think it will happen again

  • alpha

    Has anyone found a solution to the fat-PS3 crashing issue? Confirmed that reinstalling game data and save data does not work (multiple fails). Only got around the midway point of the campaign, and it constantly shuts my machine down in the first few minutes of ‘Bag and ‘Drag’. No sense in even attempting multiplayer as the crashes are random. Happened 5 times now, and I am not willing to risk any more until there is a confirmed fix.

    Activision have dropped the ball on this, and I will think twice and do research before I even consider another one of their games. No more first-day buys for me.

  • Jfajardo 93

    Hey if there is anyone from SONY reading this then please fix the problem that causes all FAT PS3s to crash when playing MW3

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