Modern Warfare 3 Terminal, Patch 1.18, and Elite DLC Drops Now Live On Xbox 360

Elite drops 16-18 and Terminal for Modern Warfare 3 are now available to download on Xbox 360 for premium Elite subscribers.

Two new multiplayer maps, Decommission and Offshore, Spec Ops mission Vertigo, and Modern Warfare 2’s Terminal can now be downloaded, and weigh in at 122.82 MB, 98.01 MB, 65.07 MB, and 124.76 MB respectively, 410.70 MB required space in total.

A new mandatory patch is also live, and will set you back 8MB in HDD space.

Here are patch notes, as listed on the forums:

  • Support for Elite drops 16, 17, 18
  • Liberation Map – Added death trigger for rock glitch.
  • Black Box – Patched up wall glitch
  • Javelin (Weapon) – Reduce Javelin explosion radius by 20%.
  • Sit-Rep Pro – You can now see portable radars without being in their range.
  • Fix for player accuracy being miscalculated.
  • Fix for minute long kill cam duration with Reaper.
  • Fix for both team’s receiving losses at the end of a round based gametype. (Demolition, CTF, Search & Destroy)

Tomorrow, Terminal will become available to everyone on Xbox 360 for free. Terminal is expected to release on the other platforms next month, but there’s no official release date announced.

  • mrup2nogud

    Still nothing for the sporadic lag problems.. Also since last update I get disconnected from server message about 1 in 10 games… When mw3 plays well it’s great but there is just something wrong with it. Shot Round corners one minute hit detection is fine then really bad seconds later.. I miss the days of host advantage one guy with an advantage was far better than 6 guys having problems

    • Like a Boss

      I agree. I’ve had one day where I didn’t lag at all, even partied up, and I did excellent, and had so much fun…the next day, lag comp returned and I quit the game. 3 devs made this POS and can’t even fix it? Wheres that face palm pic when you need it?

  • So when will expect the oh so pleasing content review guy?

  • Lemonhead

    Actually the sitrep pro fix will be great. Seeing radars all over the map will be helpful taking out campers

  • aclient

    where’s the volume adjustment for music at?

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