More Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Gameplay Inbound

Prepare 4 more Battlefield 4 as brand new multiplayer gameplay hits YouTube thanks to a handful of Battlefield community personalities.

Last week, we brought you 14 brand new Battlefield 4 multiplayer gameplay videos from various YouTubers, all which you can check out right here. While the gameplay takes place on the same multiplayer map developers DICE showed off at E3 2013, Seige of Shanghai, each video displays the game running at Ultra Settings using the brand new spectator mode.

Below, we’ve gathered 11 more videos (more as we update) for your viewing pleasure. Similar to the previous ones, they each show Battlefield 4 running on Ultra Settings using spectator mode, but you’re sure to find some new surprises here and there.

Check them out and tell us what you think in the comments below. Also, be sure to keep your sights on MP1st for all your Battlefield 4 news.

Thanks, BF-Blog Czech.


  • Kyle Jackson

    I had access to the alpha, and enjoyed it. Hopefully the beta won’t be too long.

  • Mohammad Nassir

    FPS game of the year !! BTW, another BF4 footage

    • WarBroh

      ESL detected

  • jaskdavis

    I hope this game is a launch title for next gen!

  • Alkanida

    getting sick of this map already…

    • dieger

      they could atleast show something new

    • YinYang27

      People like you make me wanna stab myself. This is gonna be a giant game and they’re working their asses off getting all of this to you so be thankful.

      • dieger

        umm may i ask WHY you are getting so angry? he didn’t say anything bad about BF4 he just said he was sick of seeing gameplay of the same map of the E3 reveal…

        • YinYang27

          I’m just saying when this game comes out it’s gonna be one of the biggest and best in the industry. And DICE is busting their ass just to get this one map to you. So before everyone starts bitching about the same map how bout they actually appreciate that it’s even there.

          • dieger

            “when this game comes out it’s gonna be one of the biggest and best in the industry” oh so your from the future? tell me is it still buggy as hell at launch?

            “So before everyone starts bitching about the same map how bout they actually appreciate that it’s even there.” how is it wrong to want to see a NEW map? seeing as we already saw tons of gameplay at E3 of THE SAME MAP. to be honest Seige of Shanghai looks ugly as hell its mostly grey with a little bits of blue and green someplaces and the overall map looks boring (in my opinion.) would be cool to see a snow map or a jungle map to really show off the beauty of frostbite 3.

            • YinYang27

              Obviously you love the single player as do I. Because that’s where they go all the fuck out making it look as good as possible. And did you ever think that it was gray because a massive ass building fell down? And we’re seeing a bunch of gameplay because DICE is letting people record and post their Battlefield moments. CoD Ghosts comes out near the same time and they barely show off anything. So at least be patient because there will be a snow map, there might be a jungle map. And to address you “buggy at launch” comment there probably will be bugs, but I can assure you those will be gone ASAP because DICE is working really hard to make the best FPS possible.

            • dieger

              “but I can assure you those will be gone ASAP because DICE is working really hard to make the best FPS possible.”

              godamn time travelers…all right ill seen you in october if its still buggy 2 months after release i am confiscating your’e time machine

            • dieger


              ” And did you ever think that it was gray because a massive ass building fell down?” then explain why its so damn ugly before it falls? :=

      • Kidanny Mendez

        Are you a die hard battlefield fan boy or just dumb? because getting butt hurt over his comment makes you one or the other…maybe even both

        • YinYang27

          I am a die hard BF fan who appreciates every little thing DICE does for us. Un-like most other people out there.


      Exactly why I’m on my BF4 info blackout.

    • Billy Bob

      Really you probably have only seen 40% of the map. Patrich Bach said there is a subway system that you can go through even with a tank. Good things come to those who wait. My PS4 and this game cannot come soon enough.

      • James Mulhall

        Well then why don’t they show us gameplay of that instead of showing the same stuff over and over? The color on this map is so bland.. they should just show off another map.

        • Jamal Garnes

          Because they don’t want to reveal the entire map before the games release. Then once you get the game this would end up being your least favorite map because you already know ever inch of it.

        • Tech

          “The color on this map is so bland” This is Alpha, that’s why it looks like that.

          • James Mulhall

            Why do you battlefield fanboys always use that excuse? “It’s broken because its in alpha/beta.” “It has that glitch because its in alpha/beta” No, its not. Chances are the game will look the exact same on release. If it takes them almost two years to finish a map then obviously something is wrong, especially with the map that they’re using to advertise the multiplayer.

            • Sunny

              the real reason the map looks so bland most of the time is because the when the skyscraper comes down it spreads a dust cloud over the whole map. its not a flaw, its how its supposed to look.

            • James Mulhall

              It’s dull even before that. :3

            • Kevin

              Are you retarded?

            • James Mulhall

              Pretty sure I ain’t.

            • iSpiRiiT

              Never go full retard

            • James Mulhall

              Went there did that.

        • Are you dense? They don’t show the subway, because the map isn’t finished! You want to see blank area? You’re supposed to be able to blow your way into the subway, but you can’t do it in the alpha because they have not completed that part of the map.

          If you’re so tired of it, then take a nap, or just stop watching the damn video, it’s a choice and you choose to bore yourself.

          • James Mulhall

            Am I dense? No. I’m clearly not. Sorry for not constantly keeping up with Battlefield news. The only game news site I use is MP1st and I didn’t see anything about the subway until now.

            • Eh, my comment was a bit much coming to read it again. In all honesty, I tire of seeing the same map too, which is why I’m on a blackout until the beta is released, maybe they’ll do a different map or maybe we’ll have access to the full map with most of, if not all of the missing textures in place. I merely come to see people’s reactions to unscripted gameplay and such.

      • James Mulhall

        Okey dokey. For all the people losing their shit, I’m sorry. :3 Anyway, yeah. I honestly think the map is too dull in color even before the building falls. If you ask me, they should’ve set this map in the night time. Imagine how cool it would be with all the lights on building turned on and then the building falling.. TOTAL AWESOMENESS ENGAGED..

  • kyuubi_clone

    the alpha was a blast!! i’m sure the beta will be too!! can’t wait!!

    • WarBroh

      Yay!!!! Go team!!!!!

  • James K

    What’s with the blinking tank on the second to last clip?

    • Tyler Dominick

      Its an eye lid, but i think its either over used/ glitch or something that will be there for types of shock to the player ( huge explosion or bumps in road or something)

  • Katana67

    Anyone see the “eyelid” effect in the first one? Jesus, I hope that one’s out by release… or a bug. And I see the M2 turret on the Abrams requires more than five direct hits to the torso to kill… idiotic (hopefully will be changed).

    Less and less impressed by the damage here in BF4. Yes, I get that it’s BC2 levels as per Symthic analysis. But damn, I really hope they don’t actually think of going in that direction. BF3’s damage model was already weak enough.

    • WarBroh

      Quit whining about minutiae, its called adapt and overcome. Whatever advantages or disadvantages the enemy has, you have too.

      • Katana67

        I wasn’t aware “whining” and “wanting a better game” were the same thing. Who knew?

        Wasn’t it you who immediately jumped on me for my critique of Battlefield 3’s lack of an ejection timer from jets? Then backed off after I further amplified my statements? Or am I way off?

        Furthermore, the damage model in a first-person shooter can hardly be considered “minutiae” as it is a fundamental facet of the shooting mechanic. Minutiae implies insignificance, this is not. The “eyelid” effect, has been pointed out by others, and is annoying.

        Adapting and overcoming applies to in-match adversity, not foolish mechanics that make zero sense from a balance perspective. One cannot “adapt and overcome” poorly designed things. One can accept them or not. I am not willing to accept things (from a developmental point of view) which I disagree with, so, I voice a critical perspective.

    • WarHero

      With the interview in Machinima with Patrick Back one of the statments he said was that they lowered the damage model for the E3 demo since well he also said they don’t want players to die alot. Personally, BC2’s damage model was perfect IMO.

      • Katana67

        BC2’s damage with Magnum Ammo on Hardcore was acceptable, I still think it had flaws (with assault rifles mainly, but the weapons have been changed so much since then it’s not a worthwhile comparison). I sure as hell miss 90% OHK sniper rifle shots, but I can understand why they dialed it back.

        And yeah, I saw that interview, and that Symthic had posted the damage model from the Alpha which seemed to be the same. I’m just reacting to what I’m seeing, I can’t comment on what they will end up doing, only that I’m not liking what I’m currently seeing (regarding the damage). Any regression in damage from BF3 is a bad thing in my opinion, as on Hardcore, it is still unreasonably difficult to drop people (for a number of reasons including hit-detection, “random spread”, and range-damage dropoff, none of which make any sense).

        I assume they’ll up the damage to an acceptable level in the final product, but have no idea how far they’ll go. Likewise, have we heard -anything- about how Hardcore is being handled in BF4?

        • WarHero

          Little Details about Hardcore but they’re trying to simulate a realistic elements in hardcore like losing ammo if the mag isn’t empty.

          • Katana67

            I saw that as well, and have a concern. It’s not explicitly “realistic” for someone to lose access to those rounds entirely, as normally the person would have a “dump bag” when performing tactical reloads. They don’t normally just toss the mag with five rounds left, they place it in a dump bag or back in whatever pouch to be used later.

            This is why they’d have to divide the ammunition by magazine (not just a big pool of ammo) to make it realistic. Unless they’re doing this, which I doubt, I don’t see any purpose in having this be a feature of Hardcore.

            • Medal of Honor Warfighter had the same feature. I expected things from that game will appear in this one, like the second ironsight.

            • Katana67

              I don’t recall MoH:W very well, did the mags disappear entirely when you reloaded or did they get recycled back? Ghost Recon does this very well, in that you don’t lose the mag entirely if you perform a tactical reload, it just gets put at the bottom of the list so you can eventually get back to the same mag.

              I had hoped that BF4 might include (as an alternative to BUIS) the back-up RDS that they had on ACOGs and the like from MoH. Haven’t seen anything like this though, which is a bummer. But BUIS will work just as fine, not sure how I feel about it’s usefulness.

              Still really bummed that they’re even -considering- allowing BUIS/Irons or sub-6x magnification optics on sniper rifles. Beyond me.

        • Asmitty56

          Apparently some snipers are getting a buff. And the damage models for the guns are likely suppose to encourage better aim, basically if you get a headshot then you will drop them.

  • Asmitty56

    Need to add a light bit more to those explosions when the tank disappears. But it is alpha so oh well

  • Collision

    “but you’re sure to find some new surprises here and there.”
    No surprises.

  • Reason

    I like that there’s a spectator mode now, but it could definitely use some work. I don’t think it does a good job being representative of what the player actually sees on their screen

  • AtheistMason

    Hmm I hope the Beta has the snow map (that linear one teased several days ago)

  • markopolo

    i really dont like the ironsights, i dont know why they give all the guns the same iron sights. the p90 and scropion evo are exactly the same

    • WarBroh


    • Asmitty56

      maybe those are the real ironsights for those guns? Not that I know fore sure.

  • markopolo

    why do they give all guns the same iron sights the scorpion evo and p90s iron sights are exactly the same

  • Aria68

    When you have game like this who is gonna seriously play Titanshit or COD hu ?! i wonder !!!!

    • DigitalDaniel

      Titanfall is not even out yet and still you’re shitting all over it ?With CoD I get it because it’s a yearly release, but Titanfall is a new IP and they’re making a game that is different from the rest of the fps games out there. So what’s the problem ?
      I don’t see any reason to diss other games just because we’re looking forward to BF4. I’m looking forward to Titanfall, Destiny, Killzone and I might even try out CoD Ghosts if they manage to switch up their formula a little bit.
      There is no need for this fanboy nonsense.

      • Aria68

        Jesus christ man, stop jumping on the band wagon, what’s so unique about it ?!!! there are already dozens of robot/mech games out there, Killzone 3 MP had mech 3 years ago, just mechs weren’t as agile as on Titanfall, other than that the game mechanic is exactly like COD, the graphics are way below the competition (im not saying it’s bad, certainly i prefer it over Ghost), with that being said, there is absoutely nothing unique about it, if the existance of mech and jump around is consider something different from fps, then Battlefield has already got dozens of different vehicle and heli and jet and even bicycle, each of which can be a game on it’s own… now tell me what’s so unique about TF, while BF4 will have literally everything in it packed with destruction, best graphics and audio!!!! and millions of way of playing it!!! (though im still gettin KZ and destiny!!!)

        • MillionCrore

          Just because you don’t find titanfall interesting doesn’t mean its not going to be fun for somebody else. Even though bf4 looks awesome its not going to be much different from bf3 in terms of gameplay.

        • oofy

          There’s nothing wrong with being a fan of a series. That’s you’re opinion. Shitting on other people’s opinions paints you a fanboy.

        • Joseph

          That’s great man, but nobody gives a shit.

    • xupacabra

      Thank you, but I don’t want to run 2 minutes just to get to objective.. I will leave boring games to the fanboys 😉

    • Joseph

      lots of people.

    • Asmitty56

      Well Titanfall does look awesome coming from someone who is getting a PS4. CoD? Meh.

  • KennyKyle

    OMG! I figured out what’s the blinking shit every time! ITS NEW SUPPRESSION SYSTEM! Look, every time bullets fly by him or hit, he blinks every time! Correct me if im wrong.

    • Joseph

      lolno watch the second last video…

      • KennyKyle

        only in first person.

    • marpla78

      i was wonder wtf was that blinking thing….hated already!

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  • Kevin Garvey

    When would the beta for bf4 be released?

    • marpla78

      probably around 15-26 september…maybe we get lukcy and they put it out first week of september….who knows.

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  • Jaxx377

    At the 2:00 mark of the second video the player looks up the skyscraper and I see what looks like a predator drone. Am I seeing this correctly and are they confirmed to be in this game?

  • Scott | MassNERDerer

    Ok way too many videos to watch, even though they are short. Any must see’s I should watch???

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  • CodNumber1SinceForever

    Watched every single video, same shit what a joke. Ghosts is better.

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