MP Talk – Medal of Honor: Warfighter Edition

Welcome to MP Talk, Medal of Honor: Warfighter Edition.

As per the title, this week’s episode is dedicated entirely to the recently released Medal of Honor: Warfighter Beta on the Xbox 360. We give you our thoughts and impressions and let you know what we hope for the final release.

But more importantly, we want to hear what you think about Medal of Honor: Warfighter so far! So, make sure to drop a comment or two below before heading on out.

We also leave you with this video introduction to the Medal of Honor: Warfighter beta from the Danger Close team, featuring commentary from our friends at CharlieINTEL, MOHHQ, BigRedBarrel and MOH-Resource.


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  • XFistsClenchedX

    I am loving this beta.

  • Lufamos

    I like the beta but I hate the map. I wish they did a day time map like bf3 (which was well incorporated with day outside and dark in the metro area. I tried to join with my buddy like 10 times and we ended up in different teams. Last but not least I am not buying this for xbox since I will be playing halo all the time.

    • I actually enjoy the map, it was really well designed.

  • JohnO

    I’m enjoying the beta but I just wish I could choose my side arm :/

    • I want to use the M1911 as the sniper class sooo bad.

      • JohnO

        Its the only pistol i use in bf3….

  • leadfarmer153

    Map is garbage. Game mode is garbage…come on its stupid head quarters from COD. Spawn trap is brutal. Guns sound like pea shooters. And graphics wise……its obvious frostbite 2.0 isn’t designed for these dinosaur console. I suppose danger close hasn’t learned the lesson. Put the game in sub hd run it at 60fps with little lag input. Blops 2 will once again be better.

    • mike

      its a shame but i have to agree with everything you said, it is a beta though, everything could be improved upon release.

      • leadfarmer153

        Thank you….atleast there is one smart objective critic in here. I looked forward to this beta. It’s like this….Dice will never take down COD. They don’t understand console players. Even the menu screen is designed for the PC with tabs at the top.

        And what is up with how the guns sound? They all sound like BB guns.

        • Ol1VI3R

          DICE? what the hell are you talking about…. dice did not do this game… mabe have a second look mr cod fanboy probly destroy you in cod anyways….lol stop playing cod cuz of those hackusation from those same little cod fan boy that dont beleve someone is better then them…

          • leadfarmer153

            This is a Dice engine. I know Dangerclose made this game but it feels like BF3 with less input lag. The vaulting mechanic let’s you know what you are playing.

            I know you think I’m just a COD fan but I’m not. Why does someone have to be pro or con cod? Like I said I’m a shooter fan. I played the original Doom when it was released and all the main FPS since. I’m an older gamer. And this game just isn’t that good.

            • Ol1VI3R

              I mean really. you must think your a smart guy telling me that frostbite 2 is made by dice lol… anyways you dont like it good for you… i am tired of bf3 and this will really give me the tactical team gameplay that you just dont see in a fast past shooter like cod so yeah this game brings something new to the table…. lol its like unreal engine everybody use it those it mean the halo looks like cod… NO so your irrelevant…

            • leadfarmer153

              I see nothing new in this game and by January this game will be irrelevant.

              I said it’s made by dice because you assumed I didn’t know. Please try and keep up here. I don’t like explaining myself to someone that uses lol and your in a debate.

          • leadfarmer153

            Gametag tough guy?


      Get off here COD fanboy Blops would not be better if medal of honor was a stick figure game. Cod players does not know what a good game is. GTFO

      • leadfarmer153

        What’s funny is that I’m ranked up 15 times in BF3 and I’ve got tons of hours in Gears 3. I’m a shooter fan not blinded by hate for one series. Nothing controls like COD, and if you have quick twitch thumbs like me COD is it. This game looks like crap man. Open your eyes.

        • DontCommentingOnArticles

          Game looks like crap, maybe because that it is indeed the beta that they had to i dont know, reduce the overall quality of the graphics for a smaller file size for the beta? Not to mention that this is indeed running on the frostbite engine so ofcourse the current aging consoles are having a hard time running the game(as with the case of bf3 on consoles, input lag etc). If it still looks like shit on the final release, then bash it as much as you want, not while its still on its BETA release.

      • enough of the stupid fanboy accusations.. it’s gotten just a wee bit old

    • Actually it’s more like demolition from COD… not headquarters… except in demolition you have two bomb sites and you know where they will be… in Hot Spot it randomizes one bomb area.. that being said.. I can’t wait to play it on PC with all of the game modes and maps etc..

      • HighBob

        well, it looks like sabotage with multiple targets.

  • sgt_mofo

    Pointman having the shotgun for secondary is awesome. The kickback is pretty immense when ADS, but the one-shot/one-kill in close range is very useful considering how the AUG is suited for long range. If the gun didn’t have infinite ammo, I’d get plenty of bonus points getting ammo from my partner since I burn through ammo so fast on the shotgun. Think its best they keep it infinite ammo. : )

  • So far, the Beta has been interesting. I really need to put in a few hours before I can really talk about it, but as of right now I like it more than the MP of MoH 2010. Even though there is only one map available at this time, it kind of gives us the basic layout of what to expect from the final version. Sure there are some things that they can clean up or finalize but overall its been an enjoyable experience. I do like the buddy system even though the fallback spawns didn’t necessarily mean we would be safe.

    If I were to compare this with Battlefield 3 (Frostbite 2 etc), I would still have to say I like Battlefield 3’s gameplay / movement more. I’m not sure if it’s because the various classes have different stats on mobility and whatnot, but at times the controls felt a little sluggish. The slide feature was nice though, saved me a few times.
    One of the things I wasn’t too happy of was that I thought the standard sidearm was kinda weaksauce. I emptied nearly an entire magazine into a torso of a player at close range before gaining the kill… maybe I just needed to aim higher, I’m not sure.

    Mostly I’ve been using Canada’s JTF-2 and I find it to be a nice class that suits my preferences. Using long range weapons feel nice and sound really good 🙂 I also liked that the killer of my buddy was outlined in red, it helped a lot, especially when they were trying to out flank us.

    My opinions on some things will probably change after more game time so I’ll post up an update sometime later.

    I mean really, honestly, and truly, I wasn’t “mind blown” as I thought I would be, but it’s still a Beta and I understand that it’s not exactly meant to do that. I still look forward to my pre-order though. Warfighter is a good game, I enjoy it.

    • jrstryker

      Have to agree with your assessment. For whatever reason the BF3 beta blew my mind and made it a pre-order. Not getting the same vibe from MOH WF. Didn’t blow my mind. Fun but sort of Meh…

  • Josh

    The weapon customization is fucking epic i can tell u that i played it already :b

  • Joe

    Tried the beta last night & thought it was pure dog shit. The game has no fluidity to it, the map has no flow whatsoever & the graphics look like they’re from a PS1 game. I know it’s “just a beta,” but I’ve beta tested close to a dozen games so I know how they generally translate to the retail version.

    • JoeLikesHorseDicks

      So basically that ONE map that was given in the BETA generally shows that all other UNRELEASED maps will be exactly the same? Uhuh. And yeah the graphics look like a ps1 game? Well basically i think you either had eye problems, you were playing on sd, or you didnt play the game at all and you just want to troll here on warfighter articles. So yeah I think youre just butthurt that the fact that you didnt get the chance to play the beta of youre upcoming oh glorious and precious call of duty game. Please. So much butthurtness and fanboyism in mp1st that it disgusts me to even read comments like these. Keep youre comments objective, you cod fanboy.

      • Hastsko

        He’s entitled to express his own opinion about the game, no need to bash on him.

        • Jay

          He’s entitled to express his opinion when replying, that’s how the Internet works.

      • Joe

        I’m a cod fanboy, huh? Hahaha, shows what you know — absolutely fucking nothing. And, when did I say all the unreleased maps will be the same? I didn’t say word 1 about any map other than the 1 in the beta. The only fanboy here is you, ignorant fool. Why is it that every time someone dislikes a non-cod FPS, fanboys of that game call them a cod fanboy even though they NEVER mentioned cod.

  • schulzey

    I was really interested in this and will give the demo another shot, but after 3 or 4 matches, I switched back to BF3. The map is decent and I like the engine, but it just feels like a variation on COD rather anything really unique. And the hit detection seems pretty awful. Maybe it’s just me, but I swear I’m emptying a clip into some guys head and he doesn’t die. I’ll still give it another shot, but think BLOPS2 will be better and I’m a BF3 Fanboy / COD hater.

    • I fill the exact same way about the game and I also have the issue where it seems like I just cant kill people yet they seem to shoot me and drop me like nothing. The game just isn’t for me and I will be sticking to BF3 since MOH W. seems to be catering more for COD players then BF3

  • Hatemail

    The beta has been fun for now, I have put in 10 hours of actual game play and I have noticed the hit detection can be a bit spotty and the sounds aren’t that great. I am a bf3 player with over 800 hours played and drop 5.0 k/ds most games. So this game is a well needed break form bf3 but to me its just like bf3 in ways because of the engine but its still fun and its like bf3 and cod mixed with the support bonuses, Overall I prob will not buy this game and just wait for halo 4.

    Best moments in the game so far have been 2 Apaches in one game ending with 60+ kills or a quad tomahawk going for 2 more and dieing 😛

  • Radza82

    So far I am not really positive about the MP part of the game, I’m sure I will be enjoying the Campaign.

  • plasid93

    The weapon customization is probably the best part. Feels like GRFS mixed with a bit of Army of Two and parts of Battlefield and CoD. Gameplay and aiming felt a bit stiff, but probably because I’m not used to it.
    The map is epic and pretty well laid (my opinion). The fact that you can defend or attack a hotspot at any time is epic, not like BF3 Rush where you just have to defend or attack. Mixes the game and strategies up a bit. Weapons feel unique.
    The main menu is a bit confusing and still is. Platoon integration into the main menu s one aspect I like a lot. You can finally manage your platoon without having to have access to a pc at any time.
    Well that’s my two cents.

  • Hugh G. Rection

    i love the way it plays…. menu system is horrible though imo

    • Medibee

      Because it’s made for PC

      • coolname

        Hahaha made for PC yea right:D PC didnt even get beta.

      • coolname

        Hahaha made for PC yea right:D PC didnt even get beta.

    • yeah the menu is bad.

  • Guest


  • John

    This is not a beta. The game is 2 weeks away from shipping. They are just calling that so they can say it’s not the final product because the game sucks. I can’t believe they made it worse than the last game which sucked as well. If anyone picks this up over Halo or BO2 after trying the beta, lol.

    • Ol1VI3R

      i think you never heard update or patches… i have seen 3gig patches that change a game dramatically

      • Mr. X

        Stop drinking the Kool-aid and read the comments, if a demo has lag and poor hit detection, then yes it is representative of a game’s final state before release, another hint is EA ‘reduced expectations’ for this game, meaning that something is wrong and they couldn’t get it to AAA state. Not buying this game and will play BLOPS2 for a while. And yes I have played over 200 hours of BF3 and BFBC2, so not a CoD whore (sold MW3 after a week, lol).

  • FROST14179

    So far I think the beta is pretty good. To me it feels like a mix between Call of Duty with the fast paced gameplay and Battlefield 3 with the teamwork. The map is alright not great but the game mode is a new take on classic game modes like demolition, which I find is very refreshing and fun.

    For me the weapons and movement are solid, I’ve ran into only two bugs so far with grenade throwing animations and reloading animations, all the sounds are great and in sync. I love how if you call in a little bird or any support action how the pilot/gunner will talk to your radio telling you what they are doing, how many passes they have left, etc.. Also the peak and lean feature is very helpful and allows you to pop your head up or around corners without exposing yourself too much.

    My big main issue is the fireteam and weapon selection, I haven’t figured out how to join my friends fireteam even if there is an open spot on his team. The party system is broke and doesn’t do anything. What I do like about fireteams is the healing your buddy and supplying them ammo with the press of a button. The weapons system is ok. I like the customization and the different weapons you can choose from for each class, what I don’t like is the fact that I can’t choose my sidearm or even customize it.

    Regardless of what I think of the beta I’m still getting it Tuesday morning, mostly for the single player campaign that the 2010 game left at a cliffhanger.

  • newagewolf

    played it for a few hours not bad but not buying no wow factor at all and the menus are bad

  • WarHeroes

    MoH took customization to the extreme and I really like,who doesn’t like 6 attachments on their guns?

    • That was really well done this time around. Love it.

      • Kazuela

        the level of custromization is almost on par with gunsmith, i’m really liking it

  • travis mura

    I was excited about this game….until I played the “beta”. I mean it has potential but I don’t see this game doing too well on release. Highly disappointing. I guess we can just wait for the next FPS to come out and hope for the best.

  • Boomee

    I love to leave my thoughts on the game oops I only have a PS3 Grrrrrrr

  • Ol1VI3R

    this game looks amazing… predoder it pc version hey console ppl time to do PC your console cant run games anymore grow up and keep up with the thec you will see much better, i was a console player…. console was not keeping up 2years ago i can only imagine now…. lol they are telling us graph or not good well are you serious they were bad 3 years ago you think frostbite 2 will run like a charm on your xbox cadilac 360 come on they just tone down the graphic to make it run smooth for you cheap ass that cant even understand what hardware they have…..

    • Michael Kelley

      Not even the Rosetta Stone could translate this…

      Also, graphics =/= good game, dumbass.

      • Ol1VI3R

        lol you cant understand whats up there lol your clearly and idiot
        good gameplay equal good game and COD proves that you that game you buy over and over again… now please what the fuck the Rosetta Stone can translate anyways are that much of a ignorent

        • me no speak english

          bloody hell, don’t write anymore and attend a basic english class first and make sure you pass.

          • You are right. That was pretty bad English. There’s no telling what country or what version of translating software they are posting from these days, however.

          • You are right. That was pretty bad English. There’s no telling what country or what version of translating software they are posting from these days, however.

        • leadfarmer153

          Gamer tag tough guy?

    • Demo

      Shut up you stupid pc elitist

      • Ol1VI3R


        • Ol1VI3R


    • JK Monroe

      Get it on PC? The amount of money you have to spend constantly upgrading your PC is just stupid. All that for playing games? Man that’s just sad and foolish.

      • actually, you can get a PC to run BF3on ultimate settings for around 600$

    • Ol1VI3R

      i must say thats not the best way i could of said it …. hahaha

  • Steve Jobs

    This game isn’t very good, definitely not buying.

  • Michael Kelley

    Haven’t played it for long, but it feels pretty solid thus far. Could use some polish with regards to changing classes and customizing weapons, though

  • RealBubs

    The menu is so terrible but not interesting in Buying it, Gameplay is fun and good but not impressing.

  • swagferdays

    fucking loved the bf3 beta
    fucking loved bf3
    mohw beta is pretty fun
    will i love mohw?

  • spawns & lag(not that bad but its there). Why i wont buy.

    • ryan

      So if you don’t buy games because of spawn trapping and lag, what FPS online shooters do you have. They are in every game, albeit some games far more than others, but you cannot refuse to buy a game based on two variables that might not even occur in every match you play.

  • The multiplayer is better than the original MOH, but this is an average game. The menu design really hurts it which is a shame because… how hard is THAT to get right?

    • It will probably be changed , this is what beta’s are for.

  • dpg70

    Cancelled my preorder today. Not because its a bad game, its just not day 1 good. the BF4 beta, er demo…is not enough. We already know that will be a 48 hour exclusive for preorders and probably a joke.

    I know I can pick it up a month later on sale. i also won’t have to deal with the day 1 VoIP limitations and other issues you just know will plague this game.

  • Jason

    I like the Beta, it’s great for being a BETA also! I have hardly noticed any game breaking glitches. The Controls are smooth and Hit Detection is on point. BUT I can already tell this game will not break me away from BF3! It just doesn’t offer enough for me to switch over and I am not the kind of gamer to switch back in forth through games lol. It does certain things better than BF3 and some worse but for overall content it just doesn’t deliver that “Oh Man! I have to get this!” feel. Some of my friends on Xbox live said it was much better than BF3, but they are also the ones who prefer TDM and Close quarters over Conquest and Rush so it fits them I guess lol. I would buy this if I played that style like COD games and others plus I am trying to save money since Far Cry 3, Halo 4, and Crysis 3 are on the way.

  • I’m REALLY hoping at this point that the PS3 version on Warfighter isn’t going to be complete garbage since we get no beta at all. I deserve an enjoyable gaming experience just as much as an Xbox player. Just saying.

  • Briman25

    I know it’s only a beta but I’ve been looking forward to this game for ages and I have to say moh 2010 looked better not as cartoony and the spawns are a joke like home front battlefield 3 beta was nearly what you got in the game I’m hoping its not the same for war fighter and the glow around the characters looks bad and seeing people trough walls come on now !!!!!????

  • Briman25

    The beta is well below par war really hoping for more the menu is nasty really hard to get your head round and the red glow around the last person who killed you isn’t great the can see you trough the map and run for you

  • Well…Saw the BETA footage and this shit looks like a cross between MAG and SOCOM 4……….I’ll just wait for the PS4 and “next-gen” gaming, because MoH: Warfighter looks like shit; and I mean gameplay wise. Nothing “new” at all!!!

    I fucking hate the idea of anything “streak!!!”

  • emerald of dawn

    I’ve played this game for many hrs now and i got to say it’s a fun game but there are definitly issues..for 1 the spawns are terrible, probably the worse I’ve ever seen since mw2..and second idk what it is but shooting someone in the head doesn’t seem to drop them faster then shooting them in the body. I feel like i might as well aim for the body cuz it kills them just as fast.unless you are sniping of course..and 3rd, the red glow is nice cuz it shows who killed your partner..but it’s still alil cheesy cuz that’s almost a free kill all the time..that should be twicked alil..

    which i tally don’t

  • rick boezaard

    ik can’t talk with my friends how is that possible