MW3 Elite Clans Can Earn Double XP Weekends – Paid Elite Members Contribute More – Clan Cap is 100

Noah Heller, Product Manager at Beachhead Studios, reveals some of Modern Warfare 3’s features.

In a recent interview, Noah Heller shed some light on the new clan system by saying,

Clans have levels so you can level your clan up. If you max out your clan’s level, you unlock a weekend of double XP for everyone in the clan.

Clans are free and paid, so you can be in the same clan with the free and premium guys. Just, the premium guys can contribute to the clan leveling up a little bit heavier.

It’s worth noting that the cap on the number of clan members is 100. It seems like paid members can pull their weight more heavily in a clan’s progress, so it’s safe to assume that the premium guys get more points towards, e.g. Double XP Weekend.

Like many multiplayer aficionados, I love double XP weekends, so this gives me one more reason to use Elite. Obviously, because I’m a part of a mp1st, a site that mainly covers multiplayer, the paid version of Elite is a must for me.

What about you? Are you going to subscribe to Elite or use the free version? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

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  • Lolhehe2

    It is the biggest waste of money i believe i dont understand why we are going to pay for all these extra features $5  a month when we already PAID for the fricken GAME that is messed up like WTF… and besides that fact the only bonus is that map packs are free  with it so i am going to buy it at the end when all map packs are out so I will get all 5 map packs for dollars cant beat that.
    Cod Elite is the lamest excuse for greedy developers…

    • product_of_fallout

      or you can buy it at the beginning and get i dunno all the map packs when they release? the subscriptions last for a year, all the dlc for mw3 will be released in the next 9 months

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  • Oz_hayes

    I am an elite founder and support the service 100% why not save money by getting elite rather than buying all the packs individually and on top of it all I got myself exclusive titles, logos, and weapon skin!  All of those things alone make it fully worth the money but to add to it you become a more instrumental part of a clan if you join it as a premium member! So all in all you get exclusive stuff all the add-ons free of charge for a year and make yourself invaluable this is more than other companies like epic and Microsoft are doing those season passes don’t cover nearly as much and cost more than half of what elite is.

    • shomazta

      they suspended some of my elite privileges for reasons unbeknownst to me… I’m pretty much unsatisfied with this service… also it’s not every level that you get double xp… so that’s a load of bogus

  • mr.philadelphia

    Its total shit. They dont care about what they charge us for because most of their profits come from mommy and daddys credit card accounts but adults who enjoy the game get robbed. its a shame what these clowns have done to the industry 

  • Msuchocki

    join the bmf clan 30 bucks a week