PS4 Not Backwards Compatible with PS3 PSN Purchases

Shuhei Yoshida, Sony Worldwide Studios’ head, confirms that your current PSN purchases will not carry over to the newly announced PlayStation 4.

In addition to the PS4 not being backwards compatible with older PlayStation discs, Yoshida told Engadget that PSN purchases will not carry over. The reason behind the incompatibility is that the architecture of the Power-PC-based PS3 is vastly different from the x86-based PS4.

However, Yoshida did promise to bring back some titles “in some form.” Sony’s “longer term” plans include both server-side and cloud services to offer older games.

Thank, Joystiq

  • Wow. I won’t be purchasing any games from PSN! Thanks!

    • welp there goes the plan of me buying the major exclusive games on the PSN,

      • lrishjake

        Neither of you would buy a PS4 game on your PS3.. so when you buy a PS4, keep your PS3 and you never have an issue.. just plug in the PS3 and play those old games. Problem solved completely. Maybe one day the PS4 gets a program to install your old games via UPC code or some other form of varification like your old PS3 account, etc.. Their already saying it wont block used games.. and that is the only issue to be concerned with.

        • funny i wonder if people said the same thing about PS2 when it could play PS1 games or the PS3 when it could play PS2 and PS1 games? i do agree though backwards compatibility would be nice as a extra feature but it would probably drive up the price and extend the date of release.its not a deal breaker. *atleast to me*

          • pot51e

            I was gutted when I bought my PS3 that I couldnt play my PS2 favourites. That feeling passed after about an hour or so. I expect I will be gutted that my PS4 wont play my PS3 titles as well. Probably for an hour or so.

        • Donut212

          “Neither of you would buy a PS4 game on your PS3..” And you know this how exactly? Good to see that you are still speaking on other peoples behalf.

        • Oh my god shut up already.

    • ok ill still be buying metro:last light……if it ever lets me :c

  • dpg70

    yeah, i was kinda hoping that PSN titles would come over. i wasn’t holding my breath, but hoping nonetheless.

  • Jimmy

    This news has rustled me beyond rustling.

  • jahladagaming

    This news and them basically apologising for the faults of the PS3 plus the hardware going to be so similar to the next gen Xbox means they’re really going to have to re-think some of their plans. I currently own a PS3 and an Xbox 360 and was hoping to own both next gen consoles but so far the PS4 has nothing to remotely interest me.

    • lrishjake

      Are you serious? Wait for the Xbox 720 reveal then and see what happens. The news that PS3 games are not compatible is not even a valid point.. will you toss your PS3 the day you plug in your PS4? No. So why even fret? The PS4, based on the press release looks to be everything gamers and devs have asked for, for years. I cannot fathom why you saw nothing that interested you in it yesterday.. that is remarkable to say the least.

      • Donut212

        “The news that PS3 games are not compatible is not even a valid point..” It is a valid point to him. Maybe not to you but definitely to him. Let him speak his mind without you chastising his decision. Jesus dude you got called out 3 times in one thread. Get the picture yet?

        • Dirtknap

          It may a valid point, but the backwards compatibility issue shouldn’t even come close to being a deciding factor in purchasing a next gen console. At last, we’re at the first truly exciting point for the gaming industry in years, and all this phenomenal tech and innovation is being overlooked because of the desire to take a periodic stroll down memory lane.

    • UnknownUser28

      Deep Down?

  • Katana67

    I don’t even own a PS3, but is there not some kind of “Proof of Purchase” whereby a customer can say “Hey! I bought this!”, and be able to download/stream a reformatted version of said game? Seems necessary given the proprietary nature of the PS3’s architecture.


    I understand why people are upset about this, but for me personally I don’t care. I am not buying a PS4 to play PS3 games. And if I did want to play those games, I would just use my PS3.

    • lrishjake

      precisely.. it is a completely moot point. Unless your mindless that is.. its not like your tossing your PS3 in the trash the day you plug in your PS4. And in no way is ANYONE going to buy a PS4 to play old games.. that is silly. My PS2 still works and gets used.. I never fret about backwards comp.

      • Donut212

        ” And in no way is ANYONE going to buy a PS4 to play old games.. that is silly.” That was the main reason I was going to buy a PS4. I have a ton of PS3 , PS2 and hell even PS1 games that I would love to play on my PS4 if it were backwards compatible in addition to PS4 games. Don’t assume that you speak for everyone because clearly you do not.

        • Clayton Johnson

          Well then keep your PS3 and play PS3 games on it. What’s so hard about that?
          PS3 cut backwards compatibility to cut costs yet plenty of people either went out and bought a PS2 or continued using their PS2 to play PS2 games. No difference here, why would you want this feature and then complain about the price of the console? Either blame Sony for using Cell architecture or for not sticking with it.

          • Donut212

            “No difference here, why would you want this feature and then complain about the price of the console?” I never complained about the price of the console. Not once.

            • Elliott

              I like the way you don’t really have any points so you just pick out a random sentence and argue with it haha. Interesting strategy!

          • yupshure illgivemySSNnext

            Sony did not cut PS2 BC to cut costs, that was the lie they told customers.

            Tretton told the WSJ any cost savings were “negligible” and it was done to force new game sales:

      • My PS2 is in dreadful condition so I would love for backwords compatibility. Not everyone is in your scenario, so you can’t say their argument isn’t there.

        • Dirtknap

          I’d like backwards compatibility, especially since the cloud implementation probably won’t work so well in my locale. On the flip side, I’m okay to trade backwards compatibility for dedicated next gen tech.

    • Narc

      Some ppl want to sell ps3’s so as not to keep them once they have a ps4. Minority maybe but still valid.

    • mk

      Really and I suppose nobody buys ps2 or ps1 games on the ps3 psn store, oh wait yes they do!

  • Give them a compatable version for free then! problem solved 🙂

  • lrishjake

    This is not even a valid point.. If I already own games on the PS3, why would I even want them on a PS4? All I have to do is swap my HDMI cable to play PS3 games or PS4 games once I own both consoles. Right now I already have to swap my HDMI from PS3 to PC when playing different games, so its no loss in any way for me. Its not like the PS3 will disappear the day your PS4 gets plugged in.. lol

    • UnknownUser28

      Makes sense

    • T

      and what if your PS3 decides to not work?

      • Or your PS2, that’s my problem, and what I care about more.

        But this guy is really dumb to assume we all can just turn on our 10+ to 6+ year old consoles to play a game, that they’re all in perfectly usable condition.

  • kyuubi_clone

    just ask yourself this one question: how many PS2 games do you currently play?

    i have no problem with this at all. they will release more on Gaikai and include it in PS+.

    • You’d think with Gaikai, they could easily do a PSN account verification and know that you already bought the game and stream it from the cloud. Oh well. You do have a point. I never play my PS2. Actually, I have it accessible just so my little girl can play Dora. However, if I had a PS3 that played my PS2 games, there would certainly be a few games that would’ve made it into the rotation. I can understand people getting upset, but you’re right that there’s few, if any. And if there is, keep your old PS3. It’s still a great Blu-Ray player.

  • Marvin

    Does anyone know if we have to make new psn accounts are can we still use our exsiting ones?

  • RyGuy

    Part of the problem is companies like Gamestop will most likely offer some ‘extra money’ towards trading in your PS3 for a PS4. Don’t do it. It’s a scam in it’s own right. Keep your PS3, start saving up now.

  • if dont get the ps4 u wouldnt get the new games infamous 2nd son watchdogs etc

  • Donut212

    Meh the PS4 so far has shown nothing of interest to me that will make me want to purchase it Day One. Now to wait for Microsoft and their next gen console reveal to see which of the two is going to be the top seller come the holiday season. If Microsoft can woo me with anything that even slightly interests me then I am sold. Also the whole PS4 no backwards compatability is the top reason I will not be purchasing one.

    • Dirtknap

      I think there are a metric butt ton of gamers and media alike who would disagree. Following the PS3 reveal it looks like l Microsoft needs to come out swinging. Sony must also have a little more up their sleeves that just revealing the physical appearance of the PS4.

  • James

    So, do people not think about others that would trade in their PS3 against the cost of the new PS4? Or shoudl they not do this. The attitude of some people defies belief.

  • SGT_Ghost

    Well for me its really important to have backwards compatibility especially because i own an xbox(and pc :P) and on my 360 every year or so me and my buddys re play all the halos 1-4 including reach and odst. If i lost that ability to not play my games and be forced to keep re buying these games i will feel ripped off. I dont want to keep my xbox 360, xbox 720, xbox 1080… etc for ever, i dont have that much space 🙁

  • Josh Williams

    If the new Microsoft console is fully-back compatible like the first edition of the PS3 was I would totally buy it first.

    While I’m disappointed, I’m not sure I can fault Sony to much here. Hopefully the changes are due to Sony wanting to create a truly new, next-gen experience with few ties to the old. No money into back-compatibility, no obligation to pander their system specifications and software to dated games, just new uber-impressive, blow-your-mind awesomeness.
    However, for arguments sake, if they had included it wouldn’t it have incouraged folks who never bought a PS3 to get the newer Playstation 4 to experience the exclusive games they missed last-gen?
    I know I’m more likely to buy the new Xbox if it playes Xbox 360 games. Mine died from RROD and would love to be able to play my old games again with a new system.

  • Just what I wanted, another console sitting on my desk.

  • PS3Fan4abitlonger

    Look I love Sony as much as the next guy, but why the hell can’t this company do anything right? Some PS3’s playing PS2 games and some not is a failure. Vita memory card price is a failure. Now PS4 can’t play PS1,2, AND 3 games without a service that will obviously charge us to stream them. On top of all of that it won’t play our PSN purchases? Just WTF is going on here? I swear if Ouya or Steam box or Wii U or Xbox720 got Killzone I’d happily buy that and just keep my PS3.

    Hate on me if you like, but this is ridiculous.