[Update] Report – Nuketown 2025 Removed From Black Ops 2 Public Playlists

Update 2

Treyarch has added the “Chaos Moshpit” bonus playlist, exclusive to owners of Nuketown 2025: “Small maps with a variety of game modes. Pure Chaos. Includes Nuketown 2025!” So far, the maps we’ve run into in this playlist are:

    • Slums
    • Hijacked
    • Standoff
    • Express
    • Cargo
    • Nuketown
    • Carrier

PC users can expect the update sometime Tuesday, November 20.

Update 1

Treyarch Game Design Director recently revealed that, due to the reaction of Nuketown 2025’s removal, the map will be included in a “small maps moshpit” public playlist so that users will have access to it without completely fragmenting the matchmaking.

He said, “You killed the messenger, but I still fight for the users. RT to #bringbackNuketown2025 and we will add to a small maps moshpit.” He also mentioned, however, that adding it into regular playlists would be impossible, for it would “fragment matchmaking really poorly at this stage.” Though, “It will be back as a single map playlist for Double XP weekends or other events. It’s how we’ve always done it.”

Original Story

With Call of Duty: Black Ops 2’s first double XP weekend having come to a close, fans are saddened to learn that the Nuketown 2025 24/7 playlist went along with it and with no explanation.

Those who purchased first-print copes of Black Ops 2 (which was almost everyone considering the amount of copies Activision sold in the first 24 hours) were given codes to download Nuketown 2025, a re-imagining of the classic Black Ops multiplayer map. Along with it came a 24/7 playlist featuring a mix of game modes solely on Nuketown 2025.

Beginning last Friday, November 16, Black Ops 2’s first double XP was initiated for those who had access to the map. Today marked the end of that double XP weekend, and unexpectedly, it also meant the end for the popular Nuketown 2025 playlist.

Treyarch Game Design Director recently Tweeted, “Double XP weekend is officialy over. That means Nuketown 2025 / 24-7 is as well. I know. RIGHT? Don’t kill the messenger.” He added, “Nuketown 2025 / 24-7 will be back for special events. You can always play it with your friends in Custom Games.”

Many are viewing the map’s removal as false advertising. First, Nuketown 2025 was originally promised as a pre-order bonus (for first-print copy owners, in reality). With the removal of the playlist, Nuketown 2025 can now only be played in private matches, as it does not show up in the regular rotation of public matches. Second, the description of the playlist read, “All Nuketown 2025, all the time. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. We never close.”

What are your thoughts?

Thanks to everyone for all the email and Tweets.

  • Munk

    Treyarch, you are amazing! You really know how to make us second thought buyers want to go out and buy your game!

    • Alkanida

      “amazing”? Because offering a map and removing it after the first weekend?
      Why do player have to stand up first and tell them? Treyarch should have done this on their own, not until the shitstorm arrived them. If your post was sarcasm, ignore mine. I didnt get it ^^

    • there isn’t any reason to say Treyarch you are amazing .. amazing for god damn what ?

      • jahladagaming

        I think sarcasm is lost in type.

    • It really should have been on the disc in the 1st place, i wouldnt thank them, it was just a ploy to get more money.

      • Pre-ordering costs no extra money.

        • Pre-ordering means you basically will buy the game. Alot of people may not have bought the game yet, but a pre-order means they basically have your money before you buy the game. (unless you cancel) but that is very rare.

          • treyarch lies too much

            you have to pay five dollars down for them to hold it

      • xiEatHaters

        i did’nt pre-order and i got nuketown 2025 :))

  • Sonu

    bullshit i pre-ordered the game because of this map and now they took it off

    • Truth teller

      To be fair they could have offered a fresh steaming turd as a pre order incentive and the millions would have still wasted their cash on the same tired, tried and tested formula. I loved COD 2&3, MW1 was the best by far (ground breaking some would say) WAW sucked, MW2 was the last COD that I paid for and that did nothing but frustrate. I played BLOPS and nuke town was quite possibly the worst thing about it walking 2 feet forward for and enemy to spawn in behind and kill you with an RCXD. MW3 was a total travesty eventually people will wizen up to the fact that they are being duped every year activision. Must be wetting their panties with delight as they prepare to sell you all maps that are probably already designed and complete,that could have quite probably been contained on the disc but they know morons will give them even more money for them.

      I am extremely glad I broke the cycle 2 years ago and stopped feeding the monster.

      • AverageBri

        If you left COD two years ago, so why even follow this thread, or comment? You’re smarter than all of us, so go troll elsewhere.

        • Truth teller

          Because I like to read all the stories on here.

          It’s nice to know that something you dislike keeps failing and justifies your decision not to buy. PS3 crashes, aim bots and now this.

          I’m free to express my opinion so blow me. It’s not like I’m ever going to change the mind of the zombie horde now is it?

          • And he’s free to express his opinion that you’re a troll. Take your condescension elsewhere.

            • Scolded child

              I’ll make sure I’m in before dark dad.

            • Guest

              You a

            • inFamous2-VIC

              you are so childish.

            • Ok, son. And you better eat your vegetables!

      • How does WaW suck? It’s basically a reskinned COD4, just takes place in WWII. It’s LITERALLY a reskinned COD4, I repeat, just takes place during WWII. If you don’t like WWII, I could understand why you would hate it. Another reason could be the tanks. If those reasons aren’t the case though, I wonder what’s wrong with you.

  • AverageBri

    Definitely disappointed. Seemed like bait-n-switch tactic to get pre-orders from us. I never read anywhere that Nuketown would be removed after first weekend.

    • BOSS jediZOHAN

      EXACTLY. I have people telling me “you didn’t pay extra for anything” “it’s just a map…” it’s not about the fucking map, it’s about the fact that I preordered to get exclusive content that I no longer have access to.

      • Alpine Maffu

        Think they have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory with these launch issues. I guess the balanced approach is to judge the game, not the retards running the studios.

      • thank you that’s been the whole point.Because when you Pre-Order Madden 13 or NCAA 13 form EA. you get the Content that you pre ordered for. they don’t just take it away like Treyarch and activision did. which makes 0 sense. so you pretty much pre-ordered something that was taken away that they called exclusive but it really was not exclusive because they took it away and now you have to play it randome. which takes the fun out of the game. And really hurts this company in the long run. because when they do this again will they do the same thing? It should not have been taken away and the funny thing they never said it was just for double xp. So that’s a cop out. Everyone pre-ordered this to play Nuke Town 2025 only. Not Nuke town and it’s other maps. well at least that’s why i pre-ordered it. had i know it was going to be taken away no point in pre-ordering.

  • menendez

    i pre ordered black ops 2 on ps3 but the code didnt work

    • FrostBladeX

      Look at the back of the box, which region is the game? If it’s Region 1 then you need a U.S PSN ID, if it’s region 2, then you need a European PSN ID.

  • andyman

    I’m mad

  • this is really screwed up

  • uwantSAMOA

    talk about c*ck tease although they wouldn’t be activision if it weren’t so.

  • Derek Haneman

    I’m pretty annoyed, I’m a PC gamer through and through and I try to stick to them whenever possible as they tend to have dedicated servers where the publishers cannot dictate what settings/maps/styles we play (see BF3 and nearly every other FPS known to man).

    But I had friends who only have xbox’s and I wanted to get it to play with them, one of the selling points was nuketown, because if you like it…its always fun to go play. The fact they can just remove it from the map rotation is f*cking ridiculous and highlights another issue altogether.

    Why with these console games do the publishers dictate what game modes we play. My buddies and I used to play drop zone and we loved it….untill they removed it because the publishers wanted to push some other game mode…..JUST LEAVE EVERYTHING IN and stop f*cking with sh*t.

    /Rant off.

    • asgaro

      Agreed. I’m also a PC gamer and apart from these locked down playlists, I wonder why the following is locked down: the functions that your buttons on the controller have?
      On PC, since the early days you have the ability to choose which key on the keyboard does what in-game. Why isn’t this possible on controller? Why can’t gamers choose which particular key they want to zoom in, to throw a grenade, etcetera?
      I assume it can’t be that hard to implement a system where button functions can be chosen to your own taste?

      • Derek Haneman

        It’s not hard at all from a programming standpoint, My guess is like Apple vs PC for stability. A closed environment where little changes (apple) is generally more stable because it has less points of failure than that of a PC which has vastly more variables (hardware).

        My guess is they try to artificially lock down stuff like that because everything you change from a standard is a possible point of failure. More points of where stuff could break means more chances for bugs, instability and that goes against the consoles primary selling point….it just works.

        Just my guess of coarse.

  • i am not a fan of nuketown . but for people who are this is total BS … should not be removed my understanding was it would always be there for people > <

  • Derek Haneman

    P.S. cuz I’m feeling particularly feisty tonight, i filed a complaint with the BBB for false advertising lol. Not that it will actually do anything.

  • Does this mean my nuketown code wont be redeemable now?! Just got my hardened edition copy..

  • Lizzy

    well here’s the full tweet

    “You killed the messenger, but I still fight for the users. RT to #bringbackNuketown2025 and we will add to a small maps moshpit.”

    So, this doesn’t mean it will come back. And what is a small maps moshpit? I assume Hijacked and Nuketown would be the only maps in that playlist? The fact they even needed to market a remodeled Nuketown just shows how much faith they had in their new maps. I really don’t know which company is run by bigger douchebags, Treyarch or Sledgehammer.

    This is how you kill your game before it’s been a full week since it came out kids.

  • thebulky1cometh

    Wow, this is pretty crappy. Who even plays private matches except for losers searching for head glitch spots? Really disappointed. Hey David, it’s becoming clear the whole “fight for the users” routine occurs after Treyarch has messed up something.


    • nightwing2097

      no slums or standoff in groundwar? sir you’ve been screwed, every other map is slums or standoff on GW for me

  • Alpine Maffu

    “You killed the messenger”

    Man up an accept responsibility for a massive miscalculation. You are on the payroll, stop pretending you are some sort of honest broker. “In Treyarch we trust” – anyone kind of thinking that was a bit naive now?

    • Nappa

      “In Treyarch we trust” – anyone kind of thinking that was a bit naive now?

      Well, you trusted Treyarch for renewing the licence, right? Scorestreaks in place of Killstreaks, gun balancing, Ghost perk (when moving, level 55), eSport stuff, sound and whatever?

      OK, they removed the map and it was lame and false advertising. That sucks. But all the goodies are stilll in the game, aren’t them ?

      And FYI: I won’t play BO2 MP cause I don’t like COD MP at all (campaigns are so fun though), I think BF3 is a more achieved game (campaign sucks though)… BUT I never troll about that franchise. Its success speaks of itself. It can’t be such a bad game with that amount of users! Some like COD, some like BF3, all of them like the same thing: a goddamn good MP FPS 😉

      • Alpine Maffu

        Lol, oh no I didn’t – I didn’t buy the game, for exactly this reason!

  • lrishjake

    At this point all I can do is laugh.. but it is really sad.

  • rubbish

    Since when is Cargo a small map? Hardly a ‘chaos’ map either.

  • Matt

    This is crap. I purchased the new blackops just for this map. I find when I get the game that not only does it not support Nvidia Surround or Eyefinity like every modern game, that it no longer correctly works with widescreen fixer even after the update. Making the game unplayable the first weekend. Now I learn that the extra $30 for preorder for Nuketown was only good the first weekend. You also took out the dedicated server feature that was in Blackops and replaced it with the jacked up MW2 random host? I am thinking of doing a charge back to my discover card.

    • BOII has dedicated servers, it just doesn’t have a server browser which was horrible. All the servers were Nuketown 24/7 and high player counts on maps that clearly shouldn’t be played past 6v6. Also, you purchased the game for a single map? What dumb idea was that?

  • dpg70

    2 days does not equal “7 days a week”. Just leave it up. Who cares if 100,000 of the 500,000 players online on a platform want to play nuketown over and over again?

  • Delta8A

    i love how my comments are being removed. way to go MP1st

  • HD

    Game Publishers and Devs do this all of the time, just for extra sales and money. i.e DLC, Season Passes,Online Pass, like EA done with BF,FIFA etc. its just a marketing technique which people should realise. They have control over customers on there service, but they cant force you into anything you don`t want.

    And for people happy about Ghost at level 55 in BO2, it can actually be bought at level 1 after 1st Prestige for the rest of your MP Experience.

  • More proof that COD is clueless about what the players want.

  • Sarah Jayne Van Bibber

    I’m in total agreement with most of the people on this board. Being a novice player, an easily learned map like Nuketown 2025 was perfect to learn on, and I enjoyed being exposed to every game mode. This was our incentive to pre-order the game.

    Please tell me that nobody out there shelled out almost $200 for the most expensive edition of this game to get the tin box, a couple of coins, and some playing cards? It’s insulting for Treyarch to offer such a grandiose package of….nothing. Do they think their gamers are that stupid?

    The multiplayer connection sucks. Playing with 5 other clan members, we ALL tried starting a run of the mill TDM game, and it took almost half an hour of getting kicked to the menu, matchmaking, and host timed out error messages to start the game.

    Other boards say that the Call of Duty franchise has finally hit a plateau, and won’t be able to release another game that follows the SAME formula as the rest of them, and I tend to agree, especially because they banished this map and game mode.

  • Legitly_Tom-Tom

    Nuketown 24/7 was my #1 Playlist that I played on. I all the gamemodes that were on it were perfect for this amazing map. Now that Nuketown 24/7 isn’t a playlist anymore, I don’t even bother to play Black ops 2 anymore. When ever I play the Bonus playlist, it never picked Nuketown, it was always Slums and Cargo mostly. I don’t like Black Ops 2 at all anymore. Thanks a lot Treyarch, I’ve wasted $60.

  • Edhardy

    What a load of [email protected] removing the map seems like ive been ripped off it was my understanding i bought the game with nuketown for keeps not advertised as a playlist for a few days big rip off

  • Bring Nuketown2025 back
  • annoyed

    All I wanted to play was Nuketown. I don’t want some stupid map where I have to run for days only to get shot in the back before I reach the objective. I don’t want this BS Chaos Moshpit. It’s a piss poor excuse. I want Nuketown 24/7 back.

  • Dosssie

    Give us our Nuketown 2025 back. Thats the first reason I bought the game!

  • PertAndPopular

    Hey guys remember the description for nuketown 2025 24/7?

    “24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year,
    we never close.” And what we got was 24 hrs a day, 6 days a week, 6
    days a year and we close without warning.
    We should sue them for false advertising!

  • At least put it in the rotation, that’s what I’m mad about. Screw the 24/7. They had Nuketown 24/7 in Black Ops, that was always in the regular rotation.

  • Like a Boss

    Killed the messenger eh? Not our fault that there was no mention of a fan favorite pre order bonus being removed, and our outburst at that puts us at fault? Shut up Treyarch. Good thing you came to your senses and made the chaos playlist.

  • Bullseye

    Man you guys need to fix the dead silence shit and awareness crap that shit doesn’t even f-n work. What’s the purpose of have a good headset. What are you bringing that stuff over from MW3 for

  • why is 2025 back i got tell it was hacked

  • Mark

    Will the chaos moshpit be there for players who didnt pre-order?


    Awsome! First they present the map etc. and than they delete it?
    They already have a bad image , now they have the worst image!

  • namnams55

    treyarch u r so f***in stupid i feel like killing or SUEING you right now

  • A lot of people hating on Treyarch here, but I would bet money that this was pushed down on them by Activision!

  • 1990banks

    I had no Idea Nuketown 2025 24/7 playlist was removed, I was busy restarting my PSfreeze every 4mins.

    Personally I didn’t play much of Nuketown 2025 24/7, it was total chaos.

    Adding Nuketown 24/7 into regular playlists would fragment the matchmaking because a lot of players don’t seem to like most of the maps in Black Ops 2, hence why Nuketown 24/7 was so popular.

    Most of the maps in Black Ops 2 seem more suited for MLG players as oppose to casual players, understandably so, seeing as Treyarch is making a big push towards competitive gaming.

  • Katie

    This is complete BS. Taking Nuketown down is freaking lame. In Black Ops it could be played in random maps. And so why can’t it be in with the other maps now? What is so wrong with playing Nuketown 24/7? People enjoyed COD more . I’m so pissed at you guys. CAN’T YOU SEE PEOPLE WANT NUKETOWN? Don’t offer it then take it down!!!! So much for making your gamers happy.. Jerks

  • Katie

    Oh and btw it’d its SOOOO popular why would you take it down?!?! I’m a girl and I’m probably more pissed about this then anyone else

  • joshyg78

    This is just unbeleiveable to me. Thats like starving for a year to only get to lick someones plate.. why? Why would they do this to the extremely loyal fans that have waited so long for just this map… go back to b.o.1 and play nuketown. The rooms stay full for a reason. This park just downgraded its roller coaster if u ask me…

  • treyarch lies too much

    yah that sucks u would think by now they would know how to please their customers thay actually fuckn lied

  • freaking does not work nuketown 2025?? why do explain thanks mate

  • Matt

    My oponion is that they removed it because people where leveling up so fast, due to the map being small and recognizable to people from BO1. Now they nerfed guns, took out nuketown, and the game stutters so much when im playing PS3…this really may be the last COD I purchase.

    • Matt

      *opinion. Sorry officers

  • whereisnuketown?

    for fucks sake treyarch! i wanted to play nuketown 2025, that was the sole reason i preordered but nooo! steal from the buyers, what a great idea, advertise diamonds but replace them with rocks after a couple of days, i feel so ripped off, and betrayed. this makes me want to commit to infinity ward

  • Mad dog lee

    Treyarch you have made me mad what you done to us fan taking nuke town out I’m bloody fuming I just brought the season pass and finding out I couldn’t get nuke town all I got was the nuke town zombies which I don’t like zombies I think it’s [email protected] what have you the right to rip your fans which are loyal I shall never get another cod game again if there another comes out you are losing a lot of your fans you should put back the nuke town or you will be facing a lot of sue claims of your customers I hope you realise what you doing its fraud and false advertising

  • my nuketown recently stopped working and it wont let me re download it

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  • ripper

    It IS false advertising. I LOVE COD but after that then they don’t include dlc in standard game rotation. Only mosh pit, team deathmatch, and domination…..They don’t give a fuck about their customers.

  • dllight

    I dont know about you but i bought the dlc from steam (season pass) and the fricking thing only gave me the bo2 title and the nuketown zombies map… WHERE IS THE MULTIPLAYER MAP!?!

  • Nate

    Nice job Treyarch, False advertisement.. ! You took away the best playlist in the whole game? and the map? nice one probably getting black ops 3.