Screens of Battlefield 4’s New Phantom Camo on All Vehicles

Yesterday, the Battlefield community managed to solve the hidden phantom trainee challenge, which you can learn more about through here. Now, Battlefield fan, NorwaySpruce, published several images of Battlefield 4 vehicles with the camo applied.

  • Ryupyroa

    I kind of want like.. Skulls all over stuff. But that might be the CoD in me talking, not sure if that would make too many fans happy..

    • Jerry Kehr

      A red and black tiger stripe would be cool.

    • ThatSpeakerOfTruth

      May very well be. Many PlanetSide 2 fans were and are quite outraged by the art direction taken for paid cosmetics: that is, items like camos with Valentine’s Day hearts and St. Patrick Day’s clovers or helmets with skull facades or hockey masks. Not to say the game can’t look good with a bit of silliness, but I suppose that varies with who you ask.

      But, at the very least, you can always make a skull emblem that gets pasted on all your stuff!

    • Katana67


      Fun fact!

      My friends and I used to play a drinking game when we played BO1.

      We had to take a drink every time we saw someone WITHOUT a penis, vagina, buttocks, swastika, skull, or Slayer logo as their gamer icon.

      We were sober a lot…

      • Ryupyroa

        Lol, in Bo2 mine was a butt. Unlimited levels of maturity!

  • Dennis Crosby

    I want to buy BF4 but think I’m going to hold off until BF5 hopefully it won’t be as messed up

    • Aria68

      haha! you are like my grandpa, he was a looser!!!

      • Crossphyre

        Please define ‘looser’.

        • Dennis Crosby

          Aria68 =loser for that failed attempt on trying to troll me

      • leeroy_newman

        He is just smart.

      • Mologiesk

        What’s a looser? That some kind of dried meat?

  • Guest

    Arise Cerpentor! Arise!!!

  • John Evans

    Arise Serpentor! Arise!!!

  • Katana67


  • XFistsClenchedX

    I can’t believe people play this game.

    • Jacob Hannah

      Believe it!!!

    • fargin bastige

      even with its epic problems, its still better than call of doodie

  • Cole deZeiss

    Is it just me, or does the texture look backwards on some of the vehicles? Like the snakeskin look has the scales facing forward instead of backward. The warthog is probably the best example of it.

  • mechcell
    • fargin bastige

      Now ill have my loadout for some epic rubberbanding and shooting at thin air

  • Merciful Domino

    Too bad I’ll never get it.

  • Hot-Wire

    10 more kills to go. *Sigh*. F*ck these jets and everything they believe in.